iPad 2 competition heats up: BlackBerry PlayBook, new Samsung Galaxy Tabs get priced

iPad 2 competition heats up: BlackBerry PlayBook, new Samsung Galaxy Tabs get priced

Just as Apple brings us iPad 2, RIM finally reveals pricing and release information for the BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung unveils new designs and lower price points for a couple of new Galaxy Tabs.

The 7-inch PlayBook Wi-Fi, which is available for order now from retailers like BestBuy and will be in stores on April 19, matches the iPad 2's storage and price points with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB at $499, $599 and $699. Do the features make the smaller size worth the same price? (And does the BlackBerry logo on the bezel annoy you as much as it does Rene?)

The Android Honeycomb Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi, which is actually going to be cheaper than the iPad 2 at 16GB and 32GB for $469 and $569, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi, which is the same price at 16GB and 32GB for $499 and $599. Oh, and both are thinner than the iPad 2 at only 8.6mm (Oh yes, it's on!)

Interestingly, Samsung is one of Apple's largest manufacturing partners. Now that they're competing so directly with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, could we see Apple try to separate themselves the way they did with Google after the Android launch, or is Samsung too big and too important for Apple to even think about cutting the cord?

Galaxy Tab video after the break. Watch it and let us know what you think, has the competition caught up faster than Apple expected, or are they still bringing specs to an experience fight?

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iPad 2 competition heats up: BlackBerry PlayBook, new Samsung Galaxy Tabs get priced


Surround sound, LOL, talk about brining specs to an experience fight! That speaks volumes!
We'll have to wait until we see some apps in operation. Hard to tell much from a couple home-screen panels. UI isn't as nice or well laid out, but that is to be expected (same with Win or Unix in the desktop sector). I'm also really curious about battery life on the various models... especially if Flash is used.

The iPad sound is horrible. I have to hook mine up to external speakers just to watch shows or listen to music. This is inexcusable for a media consumption device. How much more would decent sound have added to the cost. That good sir is a integral part of the experience, and the sound experience on my iPad sucks.

I like the Ipad in-app UI .. but come on let's be frank .. THE HOMESCREEN UI IS HORRIBLE .. especially for a tablet with that much real estate.. I think Android got it better but there is still room for improvement on the Android Homescreen.

Yea, I guess it is a bit sparse, but I'd rather have that then cluttered. I'm sure Apple will come up with better uses of the space for the home-screen down the road. But, I don' think there is anything bad-UIish about it.

you'd rather have it... and then cluttered? Your sentence makes no sense.
Also, other tablets allow you to have 'non-cluttered' as well. just don't put widgets on. easy.

Apple needs Samsung (or someone) to compete with them, unless there's a problem with component supplies. The Galaxy is equivalent to the Droid, the only other recognizable brand name.

I actually like the widget experience, it looks great and works very well on a tablet format. Sometimes iOS on the iPad feels too much like Windows 3.1, with the static, spaced icons staring at you and the terribly confusing "multitasking". Of course, the apps are great and make the device shine, but I would not say that iOS is better laid out than Honeycomb.

Samsung is too important to let go.
Jobs couldn't even begin to speculate and postulate about letting them go.
Sometime frenemies are all you can be.

If the new Galaxy Tab's are 8.6mm wouldn't that make them the same thickness as the iPad 2 which is also 8.6mm (0.34" is 8.6mm)?

They are all nice looking tablets. But until they bring a great of an experience to the user like the iPad does. There really isn't going to be a fight.

I don't see the play book being much of a challenger to the ipad. With no dedicated email, calendar, Contacts and tasks, Rim has essentially taken the Palm folio and given it a make over. I understand where they were coming from, the idea that you need to tether to a blackberry is a possible way to securing your existing customer base and potentially drawing in new ones. But the risk for a backfire is just as bad. Why spend 499 on a device that is missing integral functionality when for the same price you can grab an ipad with better specs? Sure ipad doesn't do flash but, but is Flash so important you can trade off dedicated email, Calendar Contacts and Tasks?

The pricing for these devices is interesting, but in order to compete against an already entrenched device like the iPad, they will have to eat profits for a bit and siginficantly under cut Apple's price (may have MIRs or some other enticement). I would say undercut Apple by $100 on price with similar specs and now you are talking!

Good thing about non-Apple products is that the prices drop or are subsidized by third party sellers. I could see Amazon doing heavy subsidizing on wifi Android tablets now that it has its Android App Store.

The ipad is.34 and this is .33. The difference is day and day. Meaning there is no difference at all. Were as the ipad 1 or xoom thickness to the ipad 2 is night and day. Anyway as far as all these tablets go it's all about the software working with the hardware. Which IMO this will never happen with android os.

This will never happen with Apple: launch of a crippled product. The slowness & jerkiness of this crippled tablet from Samsung!
The jagged edges of Android in general is something that really makes me smile. If you want to be the beta tester of Google with getting paid, be my guest. I just want to experience the finished product.

THe Samsung tab 10.1 is what I'm interested in but I need to see a lot more tablet apps in the Market

I definitely think Playbook has a shot at the corporate market. It's tie-ins with Outlook will be tighter. It has cred with IT managers. It has an installed base of people who were begging for something cool when iPhone started trouncing them. They also have Flash, arguably better multi-tasking, webOS-type gestures and a good brand name in the corporate space.
They won't do much in the consumer space at first, but like HP, they will have a chance in corporate.

I can also see a lot of IT Managers steering away from the PlayBook. I have seen a large shift in thinking due to budget cuts (I work more with public sector entities) and they don't want to deal with the maintenance and upkeep of blackberry and BES servers and their integration with exchange. You will see a lot more people moving to the galaxy tab and iPad than PlayBook. I'm already noticing a difference.

I agree with Daniel B. The iPad is already a force in the corporate world. Didn't apple say like 80% of the fortune 500 were already deploying the iPad for testing?

Going to hold off judgement until I see reviews start pouring in / can go to the store and play with these myself. Until then ipad has no real competition (Xoom priced themselves right out of the competitor category).

hey fanboys
no offence
im a fanberry so there we go
but back to the topic
YES your ipad is tablet king
YES it will out sell my fav tab the playbook
but dont you think that android will eventually take over your market share in the next 2-4 years?
also there is no need to worry about the competition as long as your not a stockholder. remember competition places pressure on the other companies such as apple and RIM and in tern they are forced to make better and cheaper devices ....see the bug picture we all win.
yours truly,
a fanberry

Now, not considering your thoghts onthe fact of Android taking apple's market share (seriously, they're way different shares right? Almost like Windows and Macs) I totally agree with u =)

was it significant enough to price them according to its capacities ? I mean...is it worth it ? 100 dollars gap each of the difference...