iPad 2 event meta liveblog

You know the drill folks. Come 10am PT, 1pm ET we'll be here to give you all the color, commentary for Apple's iPad 2 event. We'll see the new iPad, but will we also see a new MobileMe? We'll see iOS 4.3 but will we also see iOS 5? We'll get Phil Schiller but will we also get Steve Jobs? One more thing? We'll find out in just a few hours!

(No word on a live video stream yet but we'll post the link here the minute we find one.)

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iPad 2 event meta liveblog


We have to wait a whole day until 18.00 to find out what's gonna happen here in the UK!

It specifically says in the article that if they find a live stream they will post it. Read before posting.

I just want to go back to bed and set my alarm for 1:00pm ET. They sure know how to make us squirm.

I'm with you Caryl, my baby is only three months old. I'm just warming up to all the potential things I'm discovering every day to do with it. Hope for some cool firmware upgrades. I also Steve shows up!!!! In addition to following Apple, I like to see how Steve is doing physically. We all focus on the hardware, but part of Apples philosophy is about people and making their lives easier.

IPad 3 in September rumors will still be around unless they squash them during this event. Personally I suspect that rumor came from Tablet competitors trying to get people to hold off purchasing an IPad 2 and keep the sales figures down a bit. Of Course time will tell.

The one more thing will be that iPad 2 can FaceTime with multiple iOS devices at once. Steve, Scott, and someone from the BBC event will FaceTime.

As an extremly happy owner of an iPad 1 I could actually care less for the iPad 2 . I'm more interested in iOS 5 preview and announcement of a cheaper iPhone

Hopefully, we don't really know, because apple never announced it. it may happen it may not. thats how apple likes to keep things, secret. :)

If they have 16, 32, and 64GB sizes. Which one would you order? I have the 32GB iPhone phone and have about 7GB free, (about 6GB is just pictures and video from the camera). But I think I'd probably load more video and media on the ipad, so I'm torn between either the 32 or 64. Decisions, decisions.

Looking for a live stream for the iPhone 4 introduction, I couldn't find one online, but then I stumbled across one on CNN, not on TV, but on CNN's iPhone app, which has a Video channel which is marked LIVE whenever they're taking a feed from somewhere they deem interesting. As I am writing this, the live stream is currently of the Shuttle Discovery mission. Unedited, raw video. Those astronauts had better hurry up. We have about an hour to go until that thing in San Francisco starts. :D
Hey, I just checked the CNN app for the iPad and Steve Jobs is pictured right in the middle of the various stories that they have on tap right now. Reading through the article revealed that CNN will cover it live and that interested parties should check out its Twitter feed (@cnntech) and on CNN.com/tech.
(Quick tip: For those unaware, Apple usually makes available its keynotes available for streaming (Quicktime only) shortly after the event is over and it will also be posted to iTunes in higher quality under "Apple Keynotes" in the Podcasts section sometime tonight.)

Is there any way to follow the liveblog on my phone? Can't stay in front of the computer. Links if possible to the software needed. Thanks

Just get the CNN app from the AppStore. I think it's free now, so go get it. Then keep checking the video feeds where it says LIVE in all caps. They broadcast the entire iPhone 4 event, for example, but no guarantees, obviously.

I'm very satisfied with my current iPad. However, I really want to avoid lusting after an awesome iPad. I'm interested to see if the new iPad will be a "must have" or if it will just be an incremental upgrade.

No USB, SD slot or retina display... not enough for me to upgrade I'm afraid. Nope. This is definitely a 3GS type upgrade and I think iPad 3 is the one to wait for.

Ditto, there has to be an iPad 2.5 this year. This was mediocre to say the least. I was waiting for the iPad 2 but I'll just buy a used iPad 1st gen for cheap and wait for 2.5 or 3, whichever it is.