iPad 2, iPhone 5, Apple TV (2011) detailed?

Engadget -- which doesn't just run any old rumor mind you -- claims they have the goods on the next generation iPad 2, iPhone 5, and Apple TV (2011). The big news, if accurate, seems to be a blazingly fast, dual-core ARM Cortex A9-based Apple A5 system-on-chip (SoC) and a switch to dual GSM/CDMA (but not LTE) Qualcomm radios that can run on both AT&T and Verizon. (Which our buddy Mickey Papillon first heard were Apple-bound back at CES 2010.)

iPhone 5 is said to be a complete redesign, which would be very different than the identical casings used for both iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. A "total rethink" that's being tested but only on Apple's campus (so it won't turn up on the blogs, obviously). Apple has thus far introduced new iPhones in June.

iPad 2 still seems set for an April launch as expected. In addition to being slimmer and sleeker, it will include a higher resolution screen similar to but not the same as the current Retina Displays (yeah, we're confused by these back and forth rumors too!), front and rear cameras (FaceTime, of course), and an SD card slot (though no USB, sorry). It'll also have that Qualcomm chipset and Apple A5 proc.

Apple TV (2011), courtesy of the A5 chipset, will be able to play 1080p HD video "like running water". Whether or not this is also on a yearly cycle, meaning we'll have to wait until September 2011 to see it alongside the next generation iPod touch remains to be seen.

Again, these are all rumors and while Engadget is typically solid things can and will change. Apple reportedly had a more conservative "backup" iPhone 4 in case the one we got didn't pan out, so they could have a more conservative "backup" iPhone 5 as well. Also, Apple has been known to spread disinformation. It is fun to speculate though so let us know what you think -- are these the next generation iOS devices you've been waiting for?


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tom says:

It won't look like that. I'd bet money.

kayno says:

Ugly.. Apple wouldn't make something like that

9thWonder says:

EVERYONE said the same thing when they saw the iphone 5 that was left in a bar. Everyone changed their mind as soon as they saw it in real life.

fayek says:

awwww bummer!!! just when i was about to buy an iphone 4!!!!! now i dunno if i should wait or not... i thought the next phone would be a refresh, not a complete rethink! arrggh!!

Greg Foster says:

i didn't think so either, definitely puts the old "cycle" to bed.

Darkstar says:

If you've waited this long, why not wait a little bit longer? The latest and greatest will be out soon, and then you won't be bogged down by the older technology. :)

varucell says:

Now the question is do I wait for the iphone 5 and pass up verizon iphone 4.

Gaius says:

What kind of question is that? Of course you wait for iPhone 5.

Victimsofgravity says:

I want something revolutionary in the iPhone 5.. Sick of apple being behind every other phone!
How about button to delete all text messages!

JA says:

There is a button to delete all text messages (by msg recipient)

TreSupreme says:

The iP4 is not behind. Other than 3g what other useful features are all of these android phones coming out with? The only thing that stands out is the Dual Core action who is really gonna use that laptop docking system on the Atrix?

mike says:

Real multitasking, flash, larger screens, nfc, widget...just to name a few

Glenn#IM says:

All sounds good, but can they keep the cost the same? If iPad gets too costly, might as well get the Mac book air. It will come down to features.

kayno says:

Apple won't raise prices, they know better..

Darkstar says:

If the iPad 2 has a higher resolution (almost retina) screen, then I'll probably break down and buy one. As far as the iPhone 5 goes, I'll probably get one just to get rid of all the antenna issues, but I honestly can't think of one killer app that would make me really WANT to upgrade to the 5. One thing, 1080p video recording and more camera controls. Otherwise, I guess I'm still happy with my 4. Oh, and maybe a slightly larger screen. Not much, but a little bit larger.

J mars says:

if there's no lte, then umm, im gonna just go with the verizon iphone 4... i hate how apple and verizon puts us in such hard situations... just change the cycle.

rgar3388 says:

I'm obviously staying with AT&T and I upgrade on the yearly cycle. But that is a tough decision for Verizon people. Either buy the iPhone 4 in February and risk iPhone 5 coming out in July, or wait until July for iPhone 5 and risk having no iPhone 5. By then you are faced with another dilemma: get the verizon iPhone 4 in July, or wait till february 2012 for iPhone 5 on verizon.

Shrike says:

Like with computers, one should buy if you need one now. If you don't need one, wait. Thats "need".
The next big thing is always coming. If you always want the latest greatest. Spend the time and money to see one's existing device and buy the new device. There are lots of people who do that and get an iPhone every year.

(Copy of) Dev says:

More people need to follow this advice.

9thWonder says:

if "need" was the biggest basis for getting an iphone people wouldn't even get an iphone cause all most people "need" is a cheap feature phone. The rest is luxury.

J mars says:

ugh i just want apple to stop being so secretive. yes or no? verizon iphone 5 coming this summer. thats all i want lol. they owe it to their customers

Jim Halpert says:

That's not how it works bud... iPhone will be release in *June as per every other iphone.. and it will be available on Verizon and AT&T.. no waiting till february.. Up here in Canada, it's available on 5 carriers so far.

toddfsu says:

Apple won't do a full redesign. The iPhone 4 was such a huge success, they are releasing a NEW iphone 4 next month.
They wont screw over those buyers with a complete redesign for the iPhone 5 months later.
Also, the competition has calmed. No new must have features in other phones. My guess will be some big OS changes. Not hardware changes.

J mars says:

i hope your right, man... they shouldnt even make a new model... they should just have the wireless carriers hand out ios 5 upgrade discs, equipped with new features. something iconic, but then again it sounds dumb because apple doesnt really involve wireless carriers when they give a software update.

cardfan says:

They could do a redesign. There's that antenna gate thing not to mention problems with glass backs. They may have thought a bigger screen for iphone is needed (desired..though i'm fine with current).
Plus they've already mentioned an LTE chip would require a redesign. Not sure what this other chip would require.

rahjahz says:

How is the Apple product cycle with other cell providers in other countries (Canada, Asia, and Europe)?

Mr.mars says:

No, they mention NOT having LTE

Ant says:

It s end of august or early sept in singapore

Shrike says:

I'm in the market for the iPhone 5, maybe an iPad 2, maybe an iMac. So hopefully, Apple turns it up to 11 in '11!
What I'd like to see over the iPhone 4:

  1. 2x the CPU performance. I prefer a 1.6 GHz uni-core over a 1 GHz dual-core.
  2. 2x the GPU performance. Rumors of a SGX 543 floating around, but hopefully it is a 2-core SGX 543 MP.
  3. 2x the RAM. 512 MB is pretty much a look. 1 GB would be pleasant surprise.
  4. 2x the storage. I need 64 GB.
  5. 3.8" 960x640 screen.
  6. 1/2 the MP/cm^2 density camera
  7. 10 hr battery on 3G browsing.

Yes. Pipedream. Hopefully Apple gets close.
For iPad 2, I think the biggest number is:

  1. 1/2 the weight. If it is less than 1 lb, it will be the biggest usability enhancement for the device.
  2. See above for internals
Mr.mars says:

I would love to see contact apps on the new iphone 5... Picture going on your contacts and seeing a set of icons, exactly like that of the home screen, but with pictures of the person on the icons, and their names under the icon... Yes, another pipe dream lol

moi says:

meh .. lets hope battery life is reasonable ... whats the point of a "blazingly fast" phone if the battery dies in 4 hours

Macboy74 says:

I think they will do a different design in both the iPad 2 and definitely the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 4 was a sweet redesign of the iPhone 3G/3GS. The antenna thing didn't work out to well. I think the screen will be bigger on the iPhone and the iPod touch. Either way unless there huge bump in specs in both iPad and iPhone I see no need to for me to upgrade.

BL says:

iPhone 5 needs s bigger screen over 4 inches thinner bezel and thinner phone. 1080p video, 64gb storage, 1gb ram,2 stereo louder speakers, dual core CPU, 8-10 mp camera with Sony optics(the best). Taking notes Apple? You need to...

Wierdninja says:

SD card slot makes no sense at all. Just does not sound like apple.

Gmac82 says:

I'm hoping for a faster proc, definitely more ram. But most importantly more memory. 64GB is a must for me. I love the screen size. Don't think they need to go bigger at all. I would really love to see more of a overhaul to the os.

mikeed8986 says:

they should definitely work more on the operating system side. maybe that's what they should mean about a "complete redesign".
a subtle redesign would be nice too for the externals but no one is really expecting that so they could really wow us with not only bumped up specs but with a totally upgraded ios 5. not just little tweaks mind you...

Ryan Rife says:

A retina display on a 10" screen would be higher resolution than any of Apple's monitors (or any monitor for that fact), so I don't see this happening.

jwstratton says:

I would really like to see an update on the calender that allows you to tap the time slot on the day of the appointment and start typing instead of having to change the time every time a new appointment is entered.

N/A says:

Sooo ugly... I understand if it came out in the 90s, but now.....

Olli says:

@ wierdninja: Sd card slots are so Apple yes. Th iMac I bought this summer has it, and other devices. Wether it makes sense, that's another point: no, I never used it. To me it's a camera media
Jeez, yes that calendar thing made sooo much sense!

Al says:

This is very minor, but I do hope the iPad 2 has a flat back like that. I don't like the fact that it rocks when I set it on a flat surface. Also, I hope Apple has bigger plans for an SD slot than just the ability to pull photos off. It seems like a waste if that's all it's there for. Maybe they're finally going with a wireless sync, thus eliminating the 30-pin, thus necessitating an SD slot since the old camera kit would no longer work. If that were true though, they would need inductive charging though. I guess we will wait and see.

Tristan says:

It just comes to show the level of money and innovation in these companies nowadays, that they are able to even announce an iPad 2 and an iPhone 5 so soon after releasing the iPad and iPhone 4!

Bman says:

OK so I'm in quite of a dilemma, as im sure many of you are as well. I have a 3gs and have been holding out and i have to admit its been pretty tough. my contract for att is up in july but im not sure if apple will release the iphone 5. idk what to do as far as which iphone to purchase and with what network. i was wondering if any of you were in my shoes and what would you guys do. be good guys =)

Tom says:

Bman - I'm in the same boat as you. My 3gs contract is up in July. I'm hoping that in June or July we will learn of the new iPhone 5, and whether or not it will be both AT&T & Verizon simultaneously. Then that will be my dilemma - choosing between them. I'm leaning towards Verizon as I find many areas of poor coverage and it's frustrating, but time will tell. Oh, and I'm holding out for an iPad 2 also. :)

kate says:

for the ipad.. i REALLY want them to allow you to "add" words into the spellcheck dictionary. i use abbreviations all the time, but they always end up being changed with the spellcheck on. it's really frustrating.

TheObserver says:

I am not impressed.
Apple's A4 was crappy for it's time, and the A5 is crappy for it's time.
There are cell phones now that use dual core and a much faster GPU then the Apple SOCs.
Now that Apple is being greedy towards their developers, I see most of them jumping ship and going to Android.
Free and open platform.
No usury fees.

ali says:

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henry says:

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