UPDATED: iPad 2 having problems connecting to Verizon 3G?

TiPb Asks: Is your iPad 2 having problems connecting to Verizon 3G?

Verizon iPad 2 owners are complaining that if they turn off 3G in settings they can't reconnect to Verizon's 3G network unless they reboot. Restoring hasn't helped and apparently swapping devices hasn't helped either. It's unclear how many Verizon iPad 2 3G users are suffering with the bug but an Apple Discussions thread has already filled with page after page of complaints.

UPDATE: Apple issues the following statement concerning the Verizon 3G connection problem:

We are aware that a small number of iPad 2 customers have experienced connectivity issues with the Verizon 3G network and we are investigating it [All Things D]

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[Apple Support via CNET]

So here's what we know:

Bug symptoms

  • Turn off 3G cellular data
  • Try to turn 3G cellular data back on
  • It won't reconnect to Verizon network

Bug work-around

  • Turn on 3G cellular data
  • Reboot iPad
  • iPad should reconnect to Verizon

This is annoying to say the least and hopefully Apple and Verizon will address the issue in the rumored iOS 4.3.2 update. In the meantime let us know if you have experience this bug and if so, whether the workaround worked or if you've come up with any other workarounds!

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UPDATED: iPad 2 having problems connecting to Verizon 3G?


Draw my ass, this is a bug which can be fixed with a software update. AT&T drops calls on all AT&T phones and no software update will fix that.

While I did go to art school, I won't just drop what I'm doing and draw your buttocks just because you commanded it! How rude!

Sorry mike your wrong the only time people talk about dropping calls is on the iphone. I have a bb bold and a iphone 4 on AT&T. Now while I don't get many at all but when I do the dropped calls are on the iphone 4 never form my bb.

You must have be sitting right on top of a cell tower. I have a bb9700 and I drop calls ALL THE TIME on AT&T. I've actually gotten them to send me a Micro Cell for my house also and it drops calls with that as well. AT&T sucks. It always has, it always will. Apple was silly to sign an exclusivity agreement with them, and they soon learned and will never do that again, I'm SURE. AT&T - Less Bars in More Places.

Amen. Hallelujah. The problem with the iPad and Verizon is Apple's, plain and simple. AT&T coverage in many parts of the country for phone service sucks. They drop my calls on a BB Bold all the time. My friends who jumped to the iPhone on Verizon LOVE IT. The truth is, it all depends on where you live and which service dominates. For those of us who travel for a living, we know that every carrier can suck depending on the location. We just have to live with it.

My iPad 2 doesn't connect to Verizon after turning off cellular data. Really annoying!!!

I've had no issues, but I haven't turned off 3G or left my normal area of coverage to test it either. Used several GBs worth of data since launch day on VZW.

Tried to connect to data network for the first time and I keep getting message stating network server timed out...try again later. I have tried restarting with data turned on, data turned off, (wifi off both times), tried hard reset and still cannot connect to Verizon.

The words "rushed" and "half-baked" come to mind, but we should reserve those for the competition, of course.

Really, flawless? I'll dedicate my next dropped call to you. Don't worry it's no bother, my iPhone 4 does a lot of those. Free bumper anyone?

I have had this issue, a few times. Rebooting is the most effective work-around. Though it is everywhere the Verizon network hasn't been wowing me.

I had this problem the first time I tried to reconnect to Verizon's 3G network, but it hasn't happened to me since. I wish I would have gotten an AT&T iPad. I just couldn't go away empty handed after waiting for six hours. Apple shouldn't have allowed people to buy two iPads at a time. I know some people in front of me were buying two of the models I wanted. I wanted white 32GB for AT&T and ended up with black 32GB for Verizon. Obviously I'm still upset about this.

Your care-free spirit is so envied in minds and hearts of commenters in the tech. blogs that you subscribe to. I'm drunk off the irony.

I'm needing to reboot to get 3G as well. I just leave mine on and switch to wifi when it's there as I do with my iPhone. Works fine.

Nope. No issues. Loving my 3G service by the way. And for the Verizon hatred saying their 3G is slow...my iPhone 4 and iPad load web sites faster than anyone of my friends on their iPhone 4 AT&T 3G...I do load apps slower though. Weird

When did you by your phone? Was it a Friday? Those are notoriously known as 'opposite days' and have plagued several people with unfortunate symptoms (ie Lindsey Lohan "Freak Friday").

This has happened to me on AT&T as well--on both the 3G and iPhone 4. My take on it is that it's not a big deal -- if you have to micromanage your power usage so much that you turn 3G on and off repeatedly throughout the day, the iPhone probably isn't for you anyway. But anyway, it is a bug, it is annoying, and it happens on both versions of the phone--and has been happening to me in strong signal areas since the iPhone 3G.

To get onto 3G with my iPad 2 I have to turn on both the cellular data and roaming buttons to on. It doesnt say Verizon 3G at the top left it only says Roaming 3G.

This has been happening on my Verizon iPhone.. There is another work around.. It works for my phone.. I'm not sure about the iPad.. But after you turn cellular data on put it in airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn airplane mode off and it should work. You should try it.. It works good for me. Also.. Has this been happening to anyone else with a Verizon iPhone?

No dropped calls on my AT&T iPhone and no issues with my AT&T equipped iPad. I live in Portland OR. I'll never switch to or recommend Verizon as the customer service is terrible and the data is ssssslllooooooo........wwwwwwwwwwww.

Funny you should say that... never had At&t because I prefer having 3G service where I live.
Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't Verizon have awards for best customer service, quite a few years running? Oh wait, yeah they do...

Doubt it. Verizon's ipad has a CDMA chip while AT&Ts have a GSM chip. I believe that CDMA radios stay on while GSM radios pulse.
So in conclusion, same device but much different 3G radios.

Sitting in class last night. First time I had ever seen or heard of anyone with a Verizon iPhone. He hits speedtest 497kb down 373 up. I hit speedtest 5252kb down, 1263 up. Never have dropped calls in the easy bay area. Then he says, "but I have unlimited data" haha! "So do I" and unlimited calling to any mobile any carrier.

I consistently get 2-3MB down on my Verizon 3G in rural southern Indiana, as well as 1-1.5 up. Would love to see At&t at its finest on EDGE here.. if you can even find it ;-)

The problem is not that it won't connect to Verizon, it's more like sometimes it won't power the radio on when turning on "Cellular Data." the connection is always great once connected. It's hit or miss for me turning cell data on.

Count me among the numeric po'd. It is bad enough there is a bug...happens all the time and most get fixed. BUT I and really angry at Verizon..they know there is a problem ...and refuse to help their customers. I am away from my desktop for two weeks without access to itunes. I asked them to cancel my service or give me a credit and they refused. It is against company policy! So I asked the tech from Verizon, you mean I have to pay for service that I can't use?" And he said, "I am afraid so"!!!! What BS!!!!!
Just to give you an idea how stupid this is, I am typing this on my Android Droid. Incredible."