iPad 2 tear down

Right on schedule the feisty folks at iFixit got their hands on an iPad 2 and tore it down to its constituent parts. Doesn't look like there's any word yet on whether or not it uses an ARM Cortex A9 and PowerVR SGX 543 but hopefully that's forthcoming. Highlights include:

  • The thickness of these components -- especially that of the glass -- could drastically reduce the durability of the device, especially the glass' resistance to shattering. We'll see in due time if the percentage of folks with broken iPad 2 front glass is dramatically different than that of the original iPad.
  • Lifting off the LCD exposes the iPad 2's battery. We found a 3.8V, 25 watt-hour unit. That's just a hair more than the original iPad's 24.8 watt-hours, so any improved battery performance should be attributed to software and other hardware improvements.
  • We confirmed via software that the iPad 2 indeed has 512 MB of RAM.
  • The markings on the 1 GHz Apple A5 dual-core processor appear to be Samsung's, but Chipworks will investigate in the forthcoming days to find out for sure.
  • Other components that power the iPad 2:
    • Toshiba TH58NVG7D2FLA89 16GB NAND Flash
    • Broadcom BCM5973KFBGH Microcontroller
    • Broadcom BCM5974 CKFBGH capacitative touchscreen controller
    • Texas Instruments CD3240B0 11AZ4JT touchscreen line driver
    • Broadcom BCM43291HKUBC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM tuner combo chip
    • S6T2MLC N33C50V Power Management IC
    • ST Micro AGD8 2103 gyroscope
    • ST Micro LIS331DLH accelerometer
  • There's also an Apple-branded 338S0940 A0BZ1101 SGP chip. This looks like the Cirrus audio codec Chipworks found in the Verizon iPhone, but they'll have to get it off the board to make sure!

What you expected or did Apple slap any surprises inside iPad 2?


Video after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPad 2 tear down


Yea. 1gig would future proof it for sure.. But this thing is flying even with the ram only being 512.. I'm satisfied for sure right now. Let's just hope iOS5 runs buttery smooth on this beast

I was hoping for a real remote wipe feature. Say about 5 cm of detcord laid next to the flash RAM module. Enter the passcode wrong 3 times, or try to pry open the enclosure, and POW. (J/K.)

Lol "if one drop things, one needs to seek help"
Sadly I know children who have the first gen iPad. Luckily parents are smart enough to buy them a strong case.

Just got mine last night and I can tell you that the experience is different from the iPad 1. Feels lighter, and it doesn't need the 1GB of RAM. This thing is fast! I just did a quick song on GarageBand, export to iDisk, and it was super fast.

I'm amazed at how fast 512mb of ram is, this thing is blazing and hasn't lagged once!!! Apple did it right!
I'm in love with the new design as well, it doesn't feel chunky at all.
I <3 my iPad2

I have a video camera where the LCD cracked and was ruined (dark blotches) because it was flexing while being rotated. So that iPad 2 being so thin, I'd be worried about the same thing, since there's bound to be added flexing of that very-expensive, very-fragile display panel. I'd buy some kind of rigid case for it, for sure.

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