iPad 3 mark II pricing reportedly leaked, same configurations as before

Way back in August iMore learned that Apple was planning to update the existing iPad 3 with what's now known as the Lightning connector, as well as some internal improvements, and re-release it alongside the iPad mini this fall. Well, it's fall now, the iPad event has been set for October 23 and lo and behold, new iPad 3 SKUs are reportedly starting to appear. Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac has the info:

Apple will announce a refreshed version of its full-sized, 9.7-inch Retina display iPad at its media event October 23rd, according to our sources. These people say that the new version of the iPad will retain the same $499, $599, and $699 WiFi-only price points, and the LTE line will retain the current $629, $729, and $829 pricing. With no price changes or additional storage capacities, we believe that the storage options of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB will also be retained.

To be clear, I don't believe this to be an iPad 4 by any stretch of the imagination, and while just a guess, I do expect Apple not to market it as a "new" iPad 3, but merely as the same iPad 3 now with a Lightning connector and LTE options for international markets. Any and all other improvements under the covers would just be opportunistic and likely not even mentioned.

If you bought an iPad 3 in the last 6 months, it won't be obsolete, and Apple won't be "screwing" you over. The iPad 3 was the best tech Apple could sell back when it was released, and now they can sell slightly better tech and give faster speeds to people in more parts of the world.

If you squint and turn your head just so, think of it as a similar situation to the Verizon iPhone and its new antenna. People in Australia and parts of Europe are getting an LTE iPad 6 months later than North America and, by-the-way, Apple has just happened to improved a few other things as well.

Of course, nothing is official until Apple holds it up on stage.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

iPad 3 mark II pricing reportedly leaked, same configurations as before


This sounds interesting, though more evolutionary than revolutionary. In our opinion Apple will release something to do with home entertainment, something that will revolutionize the living room. We have seen a lot of interest in the Ipad mini so far, that we will carry on debut. Lets see about the Ipad 3.

This is ridiculous, and is only tolerated because people have no sense of criticism when it comes to Apple.
First of all there is no "iPad 3", and the consensus here was that "new iPad" was a great name, so let's keep using it, although it still confuses the hell out of everybody.
Second, this is in no way of form a similar situation as to the Verizon iPhone, a CDMA device that worked with a different technology. There is no different iPad, it's the same device with a new connector and yes, people ARE getting screwed over after having just upgraded. It is a sign of disrespect and a complete disregard of the upgrade pattern that Apple worked so hard to establish, a breach of the unwritten contract it has with its customers, that new devices come yearly, and your investment will not be lost before then.
Let's wait for the 23rd, but I still find it hard to believe that Apple would do something like that

As one who preordered the new iPad, I don't see this as a breach at all. I doubt it will get an A6. Maybe the battery will require less power and therefore, throw off less heat. But since there will be 4-5 months until the next new ipad, I don't see much changing. Maybe part suppliers. Yes, lightning.

Australians got the new iPad 6 months ago, and now Apple is saying "oops, here is what we meant to sell". Will they be able to return their "old" new iPads? Yes, they got screwed over as well.

Well, I would be a little frustrated if I lived in the UK or Australia and had recently purchased a new iPad. But what is Apple supposed to do? Not sell the best iPad they can make and give android another six months of an open market for LTE tablets? That's not going to happen And shouldn't.

Call me crazy, but after owning three Android tablets (Xoom, Prime, and now Nexus 7) I really doubt that Apple even loses a minute of sleep when it comes to Android and tablet market share.

The price of progress is that your new gadget doesn't stay the newest for long. I bought an iPad 3 and don't see why I should be annoyed just 'cause this update has a new connector. it makes more sense to me than continuing to sell the old one with the old connector.

The new connector is a sensible change, the only mismanaged element is that suppliers were not prepped in time for iPhone 5 launch (I assume due to technical problems with the lightning adaptor, hence the delay in Apple's adapters becoming available.)

I wouldn't consider an LTE model anyway (I can use my iPhone 5 as a hotspot if needed)

I got an iPad 3 and I don't feel like I'm getting screwed. I expected to get about three years of use out of it before looking at replacing it and I still believe that will be the case.

Assuming Apple does go with the A6 processor, I would look at this more like an early release of the iPad 4. I doubt Apple will have any major upgrades beyond that for the next regularly scheduled iPad revision in early 2013. Seriously, where else is there to go? Super retina display (you can't make out the individual pixels even with a manginfying glass)?

I don't feel screwed. It's impossible to always have the most up to date tech.

But this leaves me wondering, if the new A6 will be introduced to the iPad as a "refresh", then, what is in store for the fourth gen?

This past week I went to San Jose for a tech summit. While I knew the iPad would be around I had no clue it would be everywhere! I felt out of place not having one. At this point though, they are still just too expensive. It's why I'm trying my hardest to get the company to pay. :)

When should I sell my iPad 3 and get the new iPad 3 v2? Hmmm, anything to buy from Apple, they got me by the zipper on my jeans.

j/k about getting the new one. Mine is still the best tech device I own....

I don't want an iPad 3 with the lightning connector, yet. There is no adapter to plug it into the hdmi port of my tv.

It would have to have a lot more under the hood than an A6, and the lightning connector for me to upgrade. I am more concerned that Apple will stop supporting the new iPad sooner than normal. I would also like to see a major bug fix of iOS 6, before any new products come out.

I'm sorry, but I'm really getting sick of iMore tooting its own horn every time a rumor is going to / did come true. We get it, you knew back in August, or March, or September, you don't have to repeat it. The same thing is done in the podcasts; it's like one big brag-fest and it's starting to bother me. I used to thoroughly enjoy your content, but it has really gone down hill lately.