iPad 3 release date [Poll]

Okay iMore nation, we'll keep this one short and sweet -- when will Apple release the iPad 3? As in, not when will Tim Cook or Phil Schiller show it off on the keynote stage (we think that will be March 7), not when can we pre-order, but what will be the actcan we line up, buy it, and get our geeky little hands on it?

Apple traditionally put the iPad up for sale on Fridays, at least they have the first two years with the original iPad and iPad 2. But which Friday?

Will it be the same week as the event, only two days later on March 9? Will they need a week to coordinate, and aim for March 16? Will they want time for pre-orders and wider distribution and go on March 23? Or will they make us wait until the end of the month and hit March 30?

And will it, once again, be U.S. only at first, or will they be more aggressive, like the iPhone 4S launch, and hit more countries, faster?

Vote in the poll up top and share your predictions in the comments below!

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iPad 3 release date [Poll]


Bah. Completely unscientific poll. Of what use is this? It only tells us what the TipB readers that also click on this story and also vote in the poll think. The same validity as throwing poo at a wall.

jeebus, it's friday afternoon. take a chill pill and have fun with your life. y errybody gotta be so surious all the time.

Damn, all these years I've been following this site assuming it was a scientific journal that only publishes expert, peer reviewed & evidence-based material. Thanks so much for clarifying!

the quality of this site has gone way down hill since i first started reading it. even the people in the forums arent that helpful anymore.
but back to the subject of this pointless poll, they will release it when they release it. who cares? i cant help but to laugh at everyone who updates every time when theres little change in what the device does, or little change to the design of the device.

We've been running exactly these types of polls since the site launched. Nothing has changed. Nothing has gotten any more or less pointless. In fact, we're producing more, better content now than we ever have in the past.
The one thing we need to work on, more than anything, is better engaging with our commenters. Sure, we get our fair share of trolls, or anonymous users, but even you we should be doing a better job motivating and encouraging more productive, commentary.
This is a fun Friday afternoon poll, designed to get readers to put on their Sherlock hats and sleuth out their best guess as to when Apple will release the iPad 3.
It's the question we're getting asked most often these days, so this is a nice way to collect everyone's excitement and energy in one place.
And if it's not you're cup of tea, just skip on to a different post. Just don't be lazy, don't be mean, and don't be rude. Be a real human being. Cause boy the quality of the trolls here has gone way down hill since we first started banning them :p

Well said. Apart from the new name (sorry Rene I still don't like it - but until I think of something decent I won't moan) this blog is improving.

Report heard today at work (Verizon Wireless), that iPad 3 will be out end of May. The iPhone 5 will be out end of June with a larger screen and also 4G, hope that helps!