iPad 4 might replace iPad 2 tomorrow as well, Lightning to reign supreme!

iPad 4 might be set to replace iPad 2 tomorrow as well, Lightning to reign supreme!

The iPad 4 could be set to replace the ancient iPad 2 as Apple's lower-end, full-sized tablet as early as tomorrow. Combined with rumors of an 8GB iPhone 5c, if everything plays out, we could see an end to the venerable 30-pin Dock connector, and the new Lightning plug run the Apple line. Mark Gurman writing for 9to5Mac:

With the $399 iPad 2 seeing extreme supply constraints, it seems likely that this fourth-generation model is designed to re-ignite iPad growth at the $399 price point and it will replace the aging iPad 2. The iPad 2 remains Apple’s last tablet with the legacy 30-pin dock connector, and the return of the fourth-generation iPad would bring Lightning parity across the Apple tablet line. With the 8GB iPhone 5c incoming tomorrow (in all of 16GB/32GB colors), perhaps the iPhone 4s will see discontinuation as well.

About time. Now that just leaves the iPad mini as the only non-Retina device in the lineup...

All that said, it's still hard to get excited about an 8GB iPhone or 16GB iPad in today's day an age. Or, at that price point, is it appealing enough despite the lack of storage?

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iPad 4 might replace iPad 2 tomorrow as well, Lightning to reign supreme!


A reduction in onboard storage is not an option I'm willing to entertain.

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True, I can somewhat agree with this. But, an 8GB iPhone 5C would be available for $0 on contract. And, I'm pretty sure, a decent amount of people would spring for it. It may not be the 5S, but it's kinda difficult to argue with free.

I know a few of my friends that would spring for this, when their contracts are up on their 4S's.

Disclaimer: I'm assuming it would be available for free on contract.

I'm probably the opposite of most people, but for several iPhone generations I've opted for the 64gig option. I only recently purchased an iPad (retina mini) and opted for the 16gig, and for now that's plenty for me. The reasons? My iPhone is ALWAYS with me AND serves as my camera and for all intents and purposes my computer most of the time too. My iPad is often with me, but used much less often, I've only taken a pic and a vid to see how the images compare to the iPhone 5S, and only preform specific tasks with the iPad unless my iPhone battery dies or is busy charging, then I use iMessage on the iPad. I keep a limited number of apps on the iPad because I know space is limited, and frankly with how much more often my iPhone gets used. I really don't need too many apps on the iPad. I'm sure in 1-2 years I'll upgrade my iPad mini to 64 or 128 gigs, but for now I'm fine with 16. I would NEVER buy a 16gig iPhone in today's world, let alone an 8 gig anything!!!

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The way I look at it, in addition to the lightning aspect Rene points out, it effectively provides a better value than the same price points do today. And it could also, if you look at last years iPod touch mid cycle/low point change, signal that the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S will not get iOS 8.

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I would be shocked to see them get iOS 8 regardless. Both devices have had serious lag issues on iOS 7.

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I bought the iPad 2 16GB model a month ago. It was not two days and I returned it and starting looking for one with more storage. I settled for an iPad 4 32GB and AT&T LTE for about $550.

The iPad 2 has been on sale for $299 @ walmart for a few months now. I guess they were clearing inventory.

Yeah, about the storage, I kinda regret buying the 16GB iPad Mini. I wish I would have gone for the 64GB version at the minimum.

I may trade-up, if/when the iPad Mini receives a refresh this fall.

This is what they should have done in the first place. Keeping the ipad 2 around never made much sense. I also don't understand the 8 gig phone model. I know it provides a cheaper price point but apple has to make a lot less money on app sales don't they? My wife had an 8 gig iphone 4 and it filled up fast. She pretty much quit buying apps until she upgraded to her current 16 gig iphone 5C. Apple lost several dollars in app sales due to the fact that her phone was full.

It's a gateway to the ecosystem. The primary target of an 8 gb iPhone 5c is the first time smartphone buyer or the teenager who is mainly using it for Facrbook and Instagram anyway.

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I can understand that. I'm sure there are a lot of people who use their phones that way. It still seems odd that Apple would effectively cut off the app market in case these people ever do get comfortable and open themselves up to the app market.

I may be dreaming but i've been waiting for Apple to drop the 16 gig option and start at 32 for the lowest model while keeping the price at the same $200 on contract.

It's about time the iPad 2 dies out. Seriously, that things has been here since 2011. It's like the 3GS

I was wondering how long they would continue on with the 30 pin devices before they move to all lightning. This isn't surprising with the iPad 4 at that price, it is a much better option than the very old iPad 2.

Hey Rene, you forgot! If all this happens tomorrow there will still be ONE product with the 30-pin dock connector: the venerable iPod Classic, as is fitting! The FIRST out of the gate---and in this area also the LAST---in a long line of incredible Apple iDevices!

In all honesty, I kind have been hoping for an update to the Classic.. but then I guess it's name wouldn't make much sense, now would it? Haha

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i've been hoping for an update also. My iPod classic is aging but I still like the ability to keep all of my music in one place. My biggest complaint is the lack of wifi because I can't add content on the go. When my classic finally dies, I still haven't decided if i'm going to just use my iPhone for everything or replace it. I really do like having a separate device that has great battery life but keeping my podcasts synced is a pain since I have to remember to bring the classic in every night and make sure it gets connected to my PC.

Unless they decide to finally kill off the classic I'd think it's inevitable at some point. Keeping different cords around is a pain and seems un Apple like.

iPad 4 at 399 is way better than an iPad 2 at 399. Should have done that in the first place. I just feel kind of sorry for the folks that recently bought an iPad 2. Hopefully Apple offers some sort of reimbursement if they do that kind of thing..

i'm happy they're going to stick with the lightning connector. Let's please stop fiddling with the connector for every new generation of hardware that comes out. That goes for Sony too.

Apple used the 30-pin connector for 9 years before introducing the lightning connector. In fact, I don't know of a single Apple product that changed power cables for every new generation.

iPad 4 costs more money to produce than the iPad Air. I don't see how they're going to bring it back unless they change the manufacturing process.

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