iPad Air goes on sale in Australia, Hong Kong and China via online stores

Right on cue, the iPad Air has gone on sale in Australia, China and Hong Kong via each nations respective Apple stores. So far shipping is looking good for Australia and China, with shipping within 24 hours currently available across all models. In Hong Kong, shipping is 1-2 weeks at the moment.

So, iPad day has begun for some of us, so if you're somewhere where the iPad Air has now gone on sale and you bought one, drop us a line in the comments and tell us what you got, or jump into the iMore Forums and carry on the discussion! Better still, if you're about to head out somewhere to get in line, then do it with iMore!

iPad Air

iPad Air
Apple's full-sized iPad gets slimmed down. Features include:

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November, 2013

Retina iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad mini (original)

iPad Air 2 (iPad 6)
Fall, 2014

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iPad Air goes on sale in Australia, Hong Kong and China via online stores


In Singapore, it is also shipping within 24 hours as well. But wondering why HK is shipping in 1-2 weeks as both countries share the same model number.