iPad Air online sales begin globally, get it while it's hot!

As expected for the U.S, but later than expected in Europe – no Midnight launch here – the iPad Air has gone on sale at Apple online stores. Retail stores open the doors at 8am local time, but if you're not too keen on braving the cold you can now snag both colors in all size and WiFi or cellular variants for shipping within 24 hours in Europe, and within a few days in the U.S.

Pricing has been known since the launch event, and so far all models are available. The new iPad Air Smart Cover and Smart Case has also gone on sale on the online store if you're looking for that official Apple way to keep your new iPad protected.

If you grabbed one from the online store, drop us a line in the comments and tell us what you got and where you are!

Source: Apple Store

iPad Air

iPad Air
Apple's full-sized iPad gets slimmed down. Features include:

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November, 2013

Retina iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad mini (original)

iPad Air 2 (iPad 6)
Fall, 2014

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iPad Air online sales begin globally, get it while it's hot!


Ordered a 64gb White Wifi (with red smart case) through the Apple Store app. (3am EST USA)

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128Gb wifi cellular via iOS store app. Don't mind waiting until Tues. for delivery. Away this weekend so won't get a chance to play anyhow. :-)

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Just ordered a white 16GB WIFI ONLY from apple! As soon as tmobile gets there then I am taking it back for a bigger one lol!

Despite what I said on the podcast, i've also gone for the 16GB. I've no intentions right now of keeping it, I want the Retina mini. That said, if I fall in love with it it'll be replaced by a larger one :)

Yay! I have my iPad Air from the Perth City store, Western Australia. Bought the 128gb wifi cellular Silver model, with a yellow Smart Cover. I arrived an hour before opening and was 33rd in line. By Opening there were approximately 100 people in line. There was plenty of stock of each model, so it was stress free and good fun. I was out the door within 20 minutes of opening, so Apple were as organised as ever. Very Happy!

For some reason apples website is declining my card. I have plenty of cash in hand and was even able to pay a bill online with the same card. WTF!!!!!!!!!!

Instore pickup all the way!!! No waiting in the cold and rain. 128 att space gray and red Smart Cover. Let's hope the red Smart Cover is better than the Red 5s case and actually stays red.

Ordered space gray 32GB wifi for in store pickup today. No waiting in line for me. Yeah! Raleigh, NC here.

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@markm929--awesome, man! I'm in Raleigh as well. I figured the Apple store would be crazy today so even though I need to pick up my smart case there I may wait until later this weekend.

I ordered a 64G white iPad Air early this morning, I'm in Canada and they're still available is 24 hrs from the online store here at the moment.

Ordered a white 32GB WiFi for in store pickup. Yippee! My first iOS device. Barton Creek Mall, Austin TX, USA.

I had acquired some gift vouchers for John Lewis, a large UK Retailer. It Seemed like a good idea to buy my Ipad Air 128gb Cellular from them.
They publicised a special event to open the store 1 hour early this morning for anyone eager to purchase the new iPad Air.
It all started well enough with a rather attractive lady asking if I wanted to buy the new ipad Air today.
Unfortunetely they had not received even one 128GB ipad Air in store.
John Lewis online store is also showing the 128GB Ipad Air is also out of stock:(

I've just seen the UK Apple Store is quoting 5 to 10 days for the 128gb cellular model. A bit of an odd one as it's not a big seller...

Was finally able to order my very first iPad at 12:40 AM (here in CA). I bit the bullet, spent an extra $100, and got the 64GB iPadAir WiFi+Cellular (Verizon) in Space Gray & Black (with free engraving on the back), and the Blue Smart Cover. Estimated delivery is Nov 12-14. I then went to bed counting apps instead of sheep. LOL. I be happy!!! :-)

I (will) receive a new iPad Air for my birthday (already ordered) from Sam's Club. Of course they didn't have any accessories, and I wanted the smart case. Luckily, Apple had plenty in stock so I'll be picking up my blue smart case in store later today....I'll have to wait for the actual iPad until sometime next week....but, hey it's coming!

I woke up last night and ordered a 16 gb grey for pickup today. No line when I got there and barely anyone in the store. Uh oh - that doesn't seem right for an Apple launch. What's wrong...?

Got mine at a local best buy store here in Toronto, Canada, about 15 people in line with some limited supply (no 64gb models at all) but luckily i got my 128gb wifi black and space gray model with the black smart cover, very happy with it.

I ordered for Ipad Air along with Ipad Air smart cover..but unfortunately i only got Ipad Cover due to declined order.I don't even open that cover as well.Can any one pls suggest me how to sale ipad air smart cover? or suggest me how to cancel shipped items as i called apple customer care but they were not responded me.pls help me out