More iPad Apps Sneak Peaks: Bento, Twitterrific, Yahoo, The Pinball!

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More sneak peaks at upcoming iPad apps, this time Bento, Twitterrific, Yahoo!, the Pinball (Tap or click the images above to see the full versions).

MacRumors showed off Bento for iPad, big brother to the iPhone version and little brother to the Mac's. Made by Apple's FileMaker subsidiary it will be available at launch and feature the great look and feel and ready made templates we've come to expect. $4.99.

App Advice got their hands on Twitterrific for iPad and it's gorgeous. I'd go out on a limb and say it looks better than both the iPhone and Mac versions. One of the original Jailbreak and App Store apps (in general, never mind simply Twitter apps), we kind of hoped they'd be on the iPad day one and as usual the Icon Factory doesn't disappoint. There looks to be both Free (with ads) and $4.99 in-app upgrade (no ads, multiple accounts) options, just like the iPhone.

9to5Mac has several screens up for Yahoo!'s iPad app. Why would a website need an iPad app? Other than to tie-into the launch-day hype, a dedicated native app is likely giving them more power and control to present their data than the platform-agnostic web. They're also using style elements like wood and shelves, along with the iPad-like combination of top-screen graphics and bottom-screen lists. We're guessing it will be free.

TUAW shows off some screens from The Pinball for iPad from Gameprom, which they say is a "vast improvement" over similar iPhone games. It combines Jungle Style, Deep, and Wild West into one game with camera modes, realistic physics, camera tilt, 3D sound, and shaking! No word on price yet.

Looking forward to them?

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More iPad Apps Sneak Peaks: Bento, Twitterrific, Yahoo, The Pinball!


The pinball game looks absolutely amazing, the graphics are gorgeous. If it has halfway decent physics, I will be buying it if the price is even remotely reasonable.

These look awesome! 3rd party apps really make the iPad a must have. Naysayers ignore or trivialize at your own peril...

Good to see some non-game screen shots.... I'm looking forward to Tweetie on the iPad. Plus, an iPad version of NetNewsWire. Will they happen?

Pinball looks amazing.
The rank is wonky, though. "Seamen" is plural while the rest of the ranks are singular. It should be "Seaman."