The new iPad and Bluetooth 4.0: "Smart Ready" for even better wireless accessories

The new iPad is the first Bluetooth 4.0 tablet

One quiet little addition to the new iPad is Bluetooth 4.0, complete with a little something called "Smart Ready". What does that mean, exactly? For one, it's lower-energy than the last iteration, which is always good news. This opens up the door for peripherals running on a simple coin-cell battery, like you might find in a watch. The "Smart Ready" designation will allow the new iPad to connect to smart accessories, like heart rate monitors, by providing a channel for all sorts of different data types. Bluetooth 4.0 also has better range, though it's not clear how much better it is.

Apple had already got on the Bluetooth 4.0 bandwagon with the iPhone 4S and some models of Mac. That's interesting because, despite all of the high-horsepower Android tablets to come out of the woodwork, Apple is still going to be the first one in the tablet space to include the Bluetooth 4.0 spec.

Motorola is tackling Bluetooth 4.0 fairly aggressively too, namely through the Droid RAZR and the MOTOACTV watch acessory, but so far, they're the only ones.

While the slight change in thickness may irk extremely size-concious iPad accessory makers, those that provide any kind of wireless connectivity will likely be interested in the new Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, and may be able to do some new and interesting stuff with the spec, like Find my Car.

Source: Businesswire

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Reader comments

The new iPad and Bluetooth 4.0: "Smart Ready" for even better wireless accessories


I've heard "Heart Rate Monitor" used far too much to describe potential BT 4.0 products and I just think it and fitness related or health accessories are really not going to get the attention of masses I think they just need to market it in more simple terms.
"How would you like your Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard to last ALL year with a single AA battery?"
Consumers aren't thinking about what HRM they plan to buy today they are encumbered with input accessories that have to be managed every 30-60 days. They want relief from the basics. They want Bluetooth earpieces that don't have to be put on a charger every night. Few people even know what a Heart Rate Monitor is and why they'd want one.
Bluetooth has always been marketed in the most odd way.

I have a 2.1 bluetooth speaker adapter, will there be any difference from streaming music from my ipod touch or from the new ipad with bluetooth 4.0 to the speakers?
Sound quility? battery? ramge? anything?