iPad calendar users rejoice! Fantastical 2 is on the way!

iPad calendar users rejoice! Fantastical 2 is on the way!

Flexibits has announced plans to release an all-new version of their popular calendar app for iOS for the iPad. They've posted a teaser page on their web site with the news.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone on your iPad is good. Fantastical 2 for iPad on your iPad is even better.

And it’s coming soon

A graphic embedded on the page shows a blurred-out screenshot, so we're left to imagine what it might look like. Flexibits is encouraging vistors to sign up for their mailing list for more details.

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Reader comments

iPad calendar users rejoice! Fantastical 2 is on the way!


I'll just be glad when it's actually available. Apparently, I signed up to be notified a while ago (don't remember doing it, so it's been a while). I understand about trying to raise the excitement level, but geez, seems like I've been waiting for this for a quite some time.

I use it on my phone, don't really use a calendar on my iPad since I always have my phone with me. I suppose I would probably repurchase it for my iPad if the two would sync.

Since Apple redesigned its calander in its latest update, I don't use Fantastical anymore. Maybe I will go back to it but as it stands now I am calander content.

Yay, a "finally" is well deserved here. One of the few apps I will buy blindly, could not be without it on the iPhone or my Macs. Have been using Readdle's Calendar on the iPad in the meantime, which is at least better than Apple's desperate downgrade in iOS 7, but seriously ugly. I hope it won't be long.

(Yawn). I only use it on my iPhone for the easy event duplication feature. If the native iOS calendar had that, no more Fantasical. The native app's day view is far better than bulleted lists. It's always amazed me how Fantasical gets so much hype.

I think Fantastical really got its reputation from the iOS 6 app. It was a beautifully designed app that had a unique take on displaying your events. It was the first calendar app I ever found myself making any use of.

Unfortunately the design doesn't translate as well to iOS 7 and other apps have either borrowed ideas from Fantastical or come up with their own unique views. I honestly wouldn't have bought Fantastical 2 had it not been for the fact that my wife wanted it anyway.