Rumor: Next iPad coming in February with Retina display?

Take this one with a 9.7-inch grain of salt, but according to Citi analyst Richard Gardner, Apple has overcome all technical hurdles and will be releasing the iPad 3 in February sporting a full 2048×1536 Retina display.

According to "several sources" the next iPad will launch in February, and it will sport a screen with double the resolution of the current model. Gardner says, "there do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining" to prevent a launch of a high-resolution iPad, despite rumors to the contrary.

TiPb previously heard Apple had considered moving iPad 3 up to a fall 2011 release but due to scale issues with the Retina display had moved it back to a spring 2012 slot.

Bearing in mind analysts are often only as reliable as flipping a coin, this shouldn't dissuade anyone who wants a current generation iPad 2 for the holidays from getting an iPad 2 for the holidays. If you can hold out, however, the original iPad was released in April 2010, and the iPad 2 hit in March of this year, so the cycle could well continue. (Or Apple could move iPad 3 to the June slot, keeping iPhone in its new fall position -- there's simply no way to know until Apple makes the announcement.)

Source: BusinessInsider

Andrew Wray

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HungWell says:

So basically when you run out of rumors you just pull an old one out of the trash bin?

cardfan says:

"this shouldn’t dissuade anyone who wants a current generation iPad 2 for the holidays from getting an iPad 2 for the holidays"
Perhaps, but paying full Apple price for an 8 month old product should be dissuading enough that will fall 200-300 in just a few months. I'd recommend a used first gen ipad or Fire in the meanwhile that should hold better resale values.

anon says:

Sure hope there is no loss in 3d performance to meet the fill rate on that large screen. Otherwise, thousands of apps will not work.

counterculture says:

I'm really trying to hold out on getting an iPad 2 for Christmas to aid in my 2012 semester of college (note taking, ease of use and transportation, etc.) but if the 3 is right around the corner, I may as well just continue to wait? My birthday is in February too.

jaysinha says:

That will be 4 times the resolution, not double.

jafo818 says:

Any speculation on pricing? Same as current model?

Jessica Ramos Edholm says:

doing happy dance Really really hope this pans out. February isn't that far away! I already asked my family for Apple store gift cards for christmas to put towards my iPad 3 next year. I'm so there the day it comes out!

Shameer Mulji says:

If you're right then Apple would also have to announce the beta of iOS 6 in March and then GM of iOS 6 in summer to coincide with iPhone launch.
Personally, what I see happening is iPad in the spring, new Macs in the summer, iPhone / iPod launch in the fall.