iPad Coverage Round-up -- Everything You Need to Know About Apple's New Tablet!


With the iPad, Apple introduced its fourth business, TiPb welcomed its newest, biggest sibling to the iPhone family, and we worked our apps off to cover it right. To make sure you didn't miss anything in the deluges of news, views, and posts, here's a handy reference to the story so far:

Big Picture

What iPad means for iPhone

Drilling into the Details

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iPad Coverage Round-up -- Everything You Need to Know About Apple's New Tablet!


If they add Microsoft OneNote functionality and the ability to annotate PDF files, this would be perfect for my use. I would love to have a digital notepad that is this small for meetings with customers.

Hope to see the iPad madness on here limited to how it relates to the iphone.
Bottom line though is this is no netbook killer and doesn't come close. Apple needs to focus on books & media and position it as such. iBook would've been a much better name. Or even ipod pad. With one version being the high end ipod.

I think most of us complainers would suddenly find a real use for one of these around the house if we were given one, or won one, or found one abandoned in a coffee shop.
But, I'll wait for the MacPad to take my money.

could you explain to the new itablet, it have only 3g do this means the ipod touch 64gb have more gb than the itablet????

Ok now that I'm have vented from yesterdays disappointment. I have to say that this big iPOD touch is perfect for people who
1. Don't have a smart phone.
2. Don't have a computer.
3. Don't have a iPOD touch.
Some people will buy but I truly feel that this is a slap in the face by apple to every consumer out there. 64gb really ? My ps3 has double that. Obviously this thing is not going to replace a computer or a smartphone. It might take over the Mac mini though.

@Macman it's not an iPod touch, and honestly? i'm sick of hearing this bandwagon direction towards bashing it. it only shows ignorance on your knowledge of the gadget in general.
Here you go www.apple.com watch the videos, check out mail, and surfing the web, and the gallery, and jesus christ literally everything ON IT except for the app store apps, and it's not an iPod touch.

Not trying to argue with you, if you can find use for it great. Myself I cannot, between my 13 inch macbook and my blackberry I have no use for this. I agree that the OS looks better.

So, I've been trying to understand the disappointment surrounding some "gadeget" fans. I came to realize that some are disappointed because they were expecting a full laptop crunched into a touch-screen only computer. This is ridiculous! The iPad is not meant to replace your computer OR your smartphone. Just like they did with the iPhone, Apple is "creating a necessity" by introducing this device. All of us lived without our iPhones 4 years ago. Now we cant live without it.
I honestly think it seems like great device to browse the internet and read e-books. The later is definitely not something you can do on your smartphone or laptop. It seems much more convenient to use this device for web reading from the couch, I read the news every morning before leaving for work from my computer. The iPad would serve this purpose better. If I decide to buy one, I'm planning on leaving my laptop at work and have an iPad at home. Whenever I need a full computer, I'll bring the laptop home (I seriously doubt I'll do that). As for using your smartphone, it'll do the trick when on-the-go like on the bus/subway, in a meeting, etc where having a large device is either inconvenient or unfeasible.
In the end, I think the iPad will signify the end of "desktop" computers for most of us.

With shazaam, I was able to find out the apple used Goldspot's "Clap Clap" in their ipad video on apple's homepage.
Then I bought their song and album on iTunes and it's amazing.
Next step, I'm buying the iPad when it comes out.
Apple knows how to pick the best music!

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