iPad crushes other mobile PC and tablet manufactures in market share

iPad crushes other mobile PC and tablet manufactures in market share

NPD recently published the results of their Q1 2012 mobile PC market research, and as you might expect, Apple's iPad has dominated competing mobile PC manufacturers. After shipping 17.2 million iPads in the quarter, Apple has claimed 22.5% market share, compared to HP's 11.6%, Acer's 9% and Lenovo's 7.7%. Among tablet manufacturers, the iPad commanded 62.8% market share, followed by Samsung with 7.5%, Amazon with 4%, and RIM tied with ASUS with 2.3%.

It's still a little weird putting the iPad in the same category as netbooks considering the wide gap in form factor and software, but let's face it: the use case is identical, so you aren't going to be seeing a lot of people willing to buy both a mini laptop and a tablet. Samsung leap-frogged Amazon to the number 2 tablet manufacturer spot, which just goes to show that a low pricetag is far from the deciding factor in adoption.

"Post-PC" has been a fun buzzword for the last couple of months, but after seeing how well the iPad is doing versus more traditional portable computers, one can see why the idea is gaining traction. Do you guys see a point down the line (or even today) that you would ditch a MacBook Air or Windows ultrabook for a tablet? Do they even belong in the same product category at all? At what point does one leave the tablet at home and bring a laptop, or are we still waiting for another product category to merge the two in a practical way? My vote goes to the latter; I'm a  huge fan of the ASUS Transformer Prime form factor, and I think ultimately tablets with laptop-style docks with real keyboards and extra battery are going to be the way to go.

Source: NPD

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iPad crushes other mobile PC and tablet manufactures in market share


Unfortunately, for my line of work (software developer) a tablet won't cut it...yet. But there are quite a few professions that have already replaced the laptop with tablets for their day-to-day activities. I would have loved it if I could have replaced my laptop with a tablet back when I was either traveling a lot or cycling to work (even a macbook pro gets heavy when it's on your back for 20 miles on a bike).

@ Harko - Me too. Even if there were some multi-touch version of Xcode (what a nightmarish thought) I'd still prefer a legacy laptop configuration for mobile development (and most other kinds of actual work.)
I use a MacBook Pro now when I'm out of the lab, but the MacBook Air is probably fast enough for reasonably fast builds and fast enough to run the iOS simulator etc.

Re: "Among tablet manufacturers, the iPad commanded 62.8% market share, followed by Samsung with 7.5%, Amazon with 4%, and RIM tied with ASUS with 2.3%."
Apple needs to tread the fine line between profits and market share. So far, they've managed to do well to reach both of those goals. But Tim Cook has said this:
"One thing we'll make sure is that we don't leave a price umbrella for people."
(Tim Cook, 2009, on the iPhone)
Now there are 3 iPhones at every price point all the way down to free on-contract. Apple could easily apply the same principle to the iPad line. Keep selling older models (and possibly smaller lower-cost new models) at lower prices to stamp out the low-end competition.

As of now, my iPad is my primary device. My iMac is getting about the same use it was, and still serves up mt media to the Apple TV. Where I see my shift happening next is the iMac moving. It is the 2008 model, and in the next year I see it being replaced by a MacBook Air for everything but iPhoto library and iTunes library storage.
In April I didn't bring a laptop on vacation for the first time in a long time. Just the iPad. Between that, my iPhone, my digital camera and the camera connection kit, with iPhoto on the iPad, I was able to keep everyone back home up to date with the trip, and was not limited to iPhone pictures only. And with Photo Stream, I don't remember the last time I actually connected my camera to my iMac.

And the iPad will continue to spank everybody... until Samsung figures out that they need to make a top-spec Android tablet in 3:2 format, instead of 16:9.
Then, the tablet market will start to look a LOT more like the phone market....

I am rushing like a madman into the iPad as the all encompassing end user device. The iPad supports IPSec VPNs natively so I can connect to work remotely and securely. As a network engineer there are a plethora of telnet/ssh clients that allow me to connect to devices and hosts. Occasionally I need a serial connection to connect to a device. I used to have to use a laptop and connect that way. We recently found an app and a cable that allows any iOS device to connect to a serial port so no need for a laptop there any more. And for those times when Windows is necessary, we use VMWare View. Combined with the VPN client, it works great. I wouldn't want to work all day long on a virtual keyboard and a screen that's 1024x384 (the keyboard takes up half the screen) but it does work.
I recently went on a business trip with two other people and we decided to take only our iPads with us and leave the laptops at home. It made travelling a lot easier since we didn't have to lug a 20lb laptop bag with an AC adapter, cables, papers, eyc in it. Our second night there we were asked to completely redo several budget proposals. I connected and started up the View client, edited the documents based off of input from all three of us, and save the day. Again, it wasn't the most comfortable of solutions (yet) but it worked and worked quite well. Now I rarely take my laptop home with me. I can do almost 95% of what I need to do on my iPad.

I've used laptops for around two decades. I hate them. I hate the form factor. I hate the undersized keyboard. I hate the open and shut screen/lids. I've been waiting for a more practical device and it finally arrived in 2010.
I love my iPad!! That is what I've been waiting twenty years for.
Apple got it right this time around.
Am I alone? Probably not. I bet there are multitudes of people who use laptops that don't realize how much they don't like them. Once they use the iPad they see just how bad the laptop experience is.
It's about time.

Uh, I forgot to mention just how much I hate a laptop's little 'trackpad'. That thing is for the birds.
I guess the best way to categorize a laptop is that it was a compromise device which fit the portability market until technology allowed a more practical and usable form factor to come along and eventually take the market over. It will happen.