iPad etiquette pro-tips

iPad etiquette pro-tips

Rather than table manners, Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz at CNN have written up a not-so-new list of tablet manners -- the dos and don'ts when using your iPad in the office, on a date, or around others in public spaces.

And of course, among the droves of somnambulant screen-tappers are a goodly portion who have no manners. The confusion about what constitutes good "tabletiquette" is understandable -- they're a weird hybrid between smartphones and laptops, and they're still novel enough that we haven't as a society agreed upon some codes of conduct.

Pro-tips include dealing with stares, clearing porn links from Safari's history before handing your iPad to a client ([we've got you covered there[(http://www.imore.com/2011/01/03/daily-tip-clear-porn-ipad-iphone/)), and keeping it in a case when you're out on the town. Of course this is nothing particularly new as we've all had to deal with rude people talking loudly in restaurants, playing videos without headsets in coffee shops, and the turds in movie theaters who think that it's perfectly acceptable to check email in a pitch black room while hundreds of others trying to enjoy a movie.

I digress. Ehrlich and Brartz try to address these with some instruction. I address it by becoming more of a recluse. How about you?

Source: CNN

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iPad etiquette pro-tips


Re: "and the turds in movie theaters who think that it’s perfectly acceptable to check email in a pitch black room while hundreds of others trying to enjoy a movie."
Kinda surprising that an etiquette themed post so casually drops "turd" into the conversation, but yeah, I'll check out the list.

Yes, brilliant reference to "turds in movie theaters" checking their phones. I have caught myself being the rude tool with the iPhone/iPad who splits his attention (in a disproportionate manner) between device and conversation.

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