Will Apple's iPad Get Jailbroken and How Long Will it Take?


When Apple announced the iPad last week, TiPb's email quickly filled up with readers and forum members who wondered if it would be possible to jailbreak it and, if so, how long it would take? First, it's important to remember that, while we're all excited, the iPad doesn't even ship until March at the earliest, so it is pure speculation at this point. We do hope the likes of the iPhone Dev-Team and/or Geohot will try their hardest to get it accomplished and that it will only be a matter of time.

The good news is, unlike the iPhone, Apple is selling the iPad 3G carrier-unlocked, so there'll be no need for redsn0w or blacksn0w. Just pop in a Micro-SIM and you can use it on any network you want.

The bad news is, Apple has really stepped up to the plate when it comes to combating the jailbreak. With their new iPhone Platform Security Manager and hardware changes and the patching of software exploits like the 24kpwn, which no longer works on the latest iPhone 3GS and iPod touch G3 models, there is no doubt in our minds it will take a good while.

So, to anyone looking to pick up a iPad and jailbreak it when it is released, we hope you have a good amount of patience.

We'd also like to know -- presuming the iPad is jailbroken, which Jailbreak Apps do you most want to see ported over?

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Reader comments

Will Apple's iPad Get Jailbroken and How Long Will it Take?


It will be jailbroken by summer at the latest.
The most in-demand jailbreak app will be backgrounder/pro switcher, by a long shot, unless Apple surprises us by adding multitasking on its own.

What I'm wondering is this: if they are shipped unlocked and give the user ( hopefully) the ability to alter themes and styles... What need would there be for a jailbreak? Seems that most people jailbreak mostly for cosmetic reasons and a few things for added functionality. Maybe apple has finally figured the best way to beat the jailbreakers is to give them what they want after all?

After 3.2 or 4.0 or whatever update is in the future I don't think there will be a need for jailbreak.Is there still a need to jailbreak now? And if there is for what? Themes? Multitasking? Things that will be addressed in the next update.
@jeremy sikora Cool picture but I think the ipad needs a pegleg.

iPad will get a jailbreak. It will get a jailbreak 1-3 months latter after it is out. The questions that I have is how many rezones are we going to have to(want to) jailbreak after "iPhone 4.0"

My birthday is in late march! Can't wait!! Does anyone know if the UK will have them on launch day? Will they be everywhere on launch day?

Can you guys make a different blog for the ipad because I visit this site to hear iPhone news. Not news on some stupid ass iPad that is extremely underwhelming.

Of course it will be jailbroken - my guess is that it will happen within a week after the release. Why so fast? Simple - because it's iPhone OS-based, and so the actual jailbreaking process shouldn't be much harder/different than on the iPhone.
Why jailbreak, you ask? Simple:
- Device tracking over the Internet (in case it gets lost/stolen, much cheaper than MobileMe)
- Changing appearance (would you really settle for 20 icons per homescreen if there's enough room for at least twice that much on that big screen)
- Backgrounding (Backgrounder and Proswitcher)
- Easy access to essential information (think weather in status bar, or mail/calendar/whatever in LockScreen)
- Localization. If you're like "WTF", let me explain: I'm Latvian, and, out-of-the-box, Apple offers an extremely poorly localized keyboard, totally incorrect date formats and no UI translation at all. I host a popular Cydia repository where I offer all of these in great quality. I wouln't be able to do so without jailbreaking.
- SBSettings. 'Nuff said.

Agreed, no need for jailbreak? WTF, are you living on a different plant? Apple has intentionally dumbed this device down! Ever hear of proswitcher? Ever hear of sbsettings? Ever hear of weathericon? Ever hear of fontswap? Ever hear of bitesms? Wow, either you are jailbreak illiterate, or just plain don't understand that apple has hijacked your device!

24 hours boom
we always here we don't know if 2.0 is hackable don't upgrade well it was and so was 3.0 and all the other firmwars. The rest shouldn't be any different

I haven't really cared to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS, and I don't expect to jailbreak an iPad either. I see the benefits, but I don't care enough about those advantages to go for it myself, mainly because every OS update requires another jailbreak. For me, it's just not worth the hassle.
Also, the iPhone OS 4.0 is likely to get previewed around March, and there's a good chance that it will continue the trend of progressively eliminating the benefits of jailbreaking.

I assume that Apple tried to do something clever in the design of its chipset to discourage jailbreaking.

current jailbreaks take less than a minute and are no way a hassle. Could not be easier. I am always perplexed at the reluctance of people to add major functionality to their device. (multitasking, tethering make it reason enough) Themes, customization are a bonus but being able to stream Pandora and send an email for example makes this a great phone. Without the JB, I'd likely be using an Android device now.

My heart bleeds for Apple's iPhone Platform Security Manager, whoever it is. He is going to be the ultimate whipping boy for Steve Jobs and the rest of the execs. Good luck my friend.

Picture using 3g unrestrictor with Slingbox app on iPad. Watch TV anywhere with 3G service. I already do this with iPhone and it ROCKS! Also you do not need to buy 3g service because you can tether your iPad / iPhone with MyWi LOL

Which Jailbreak app do I want? The one that transforms the iPad into something I would actually consider buying.

Tethering - I'm not double-dipping to get 3G access (Why do you think they went with Micro-SIM? So you can't just drop your iPhone SIM into the iPad and start surfing.)

Easy question. The answer is:
1 Backgrounder for multitasking (since Apple won't
2 3G unrestictor for Slingbox (and others) over 3G
3 MyWi to share the 3G connection over wifi

You havent jailbroken sounds like. Its super easy especailly with redsn0w really anybody could do it with not knowledge of how.
Why we jailbreak. Let name some apps. Sbsettings, 3G Unrestritor, Tethering, Lockinfo, Music Controls, Backgrounder on and on the list goes.
I feel if I dont jailbreak im getting only partial of use of my phone. Its an OS it should be open not dumbed down.

I wonder if using custom apple silicon (A4) will create an even larger barrier for jailbreakers.

If it can be jailbroken I would like to see how our team of beloved hackers can do to really defferientiate the ipad from the iPhone and iPod touch rigth now it just looks like a itouch on steroids with 3g capabilities and would like to see it being able to support flash and take over the market as a tablet pc simple just without a cd tray my best regards to iPhone dev team and geo hot for your dedication and time for taking this devices further

if u don't want to JB, think it's possible to use the data package 3g already bought and paid for on the iPhone sim card-all it'll need is to be cut down to micro-sim size, them use an adaptor to use back in the iPhone.

The Need For JailBreaking Is To Recieve all the ipod apps for free. Also For THEMES AND NUMCH MORE!! I For one Would Like To See The Jailbreak Availiable for the Ipad I THink it will be very useful, i agree with the jailbreak nuff said.

well,it will soon be jailbroken just the matter of time,and how i wish i could get one in m'sia.nyway m'sia is still on waiting list,mayb 6 or 12 months late be4 we could really get our hands touch on ipad.so sad!from i have read on other site,ipad is running on 3.2 fw where apple allows 3rd part apps to be fit in,themes and etc.am i right?

i completely agree with the poster " to run snow leopard" , that will be phenomenal, will the A4 chip handle it?!

the ipad is junk. i bought it just so i can prove that its junk compared to my palm pre. who needs jailbreak when you put in the contra code and get 30 guys.. come to where the real freedom is.. get your contra code on!!! i'm taking my iPad back tonight. Please palm make the same thing but with webOS

Hey guys just thorught i will let you know GeoHot has already jail broke it. it took him like a day!?! See his blog

It is Palm Pre that is Junk and they can't sell more than a handful of phones. Their sales are so poor that they are trying to sell their company but nobody wants the Junk. The Ipad far exceeds anything Palm has ever made. Nobody buys an Ipad to prove it's junk, that is a made up dream that only a tooth fairy would buy. It's ok to buy an Ipad, it's a wonderful device.

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So ipad or not? Im tempted, but not quite. The limitations mentioned are pretty significant. I'll wait for more widespread HTML5 adoption, multi-tasking, the next wave of apps and a webcam. Great review though, surprisingly balanced.

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