iPad Live 46: Flummoxed

iPad Live 45: Hardcore

Georgia and Rene ask if you're getting an iPad 2, where and how you can get it, what Apple missed giving us, if you can keep your unlimited data, $100 refunds to recent iPad buyers, and iOS 4.3 goes GM. This is iPad Live!

Complete show notes for the week in iPad after the break!

Hey everyone, this is Georgia from TiPb.com. It's March 6, 2011 and this is iPad Live!

Introduce Chad and Rene


iPad 2






Thanks to the TiPb iPad Accessory Store for sponsoring the podcast, and to everyone who showed up for the live chat!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iPad Live 46: Flummoxed

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Hi there, I just listend to the grate show (as always) and done some math for bezels based on pictures of the iPad 2 and 1. I found out that comparing the bezel (just the black no border) with the screen on iPad 1 the left and right bezel represent 27.43% of the visible screeen's width, where for iPad 2 it's just 23.34%. For top and bottom bezel it seems the same 21.62% of the screen's height for iPad 1, 21.57% for iPad 2.
So yes it seems like left and right bezels are smaller.
We'll see soon if my numbers are right.
Keep on doing the great job !!!