iPad Live 55... video!

For strange reasons beyond my comprehension, not all of you out there in the TiPb nation can join us when we record our iPad Live or iPhone Live podcasts at 9pm EDT on Sunday and Wednesday nights... so we're experimenting with offering the video later as well. (This would be in addition to our regular audio RSS and iTunes feeds) There are a lot of bugs to work out still (could the audio delay be any longer?) but if enough of you are interested, let us know and we'll keep at it!

(You should really show up live though, that way you get to join in on the show, ask questions, correct us when we're wrong, and sometimes win fabulous prizes!)

Note: Due to YouTube's length limits, we're breaking it up into four 15 minute segments. First one is up top. Let us know if you want the rest! Also, what would your preferred format be, YouTube like this, iTunes video, something else?

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iPad Live 55... video!


Definitely. The you tube format seems to play fine. There are times that I think it would be great to put the voice to a face. Thanks.

I'm in the UK and I thought that 9PM EDT was an unthinkable time in the AM over here...but actually, it isn't, it's just 2PM, so you know what? I think I'll join you guys next time! :) But yeah, a video format would be great, a podcast is ok BUT sometimes you need to SEE and not only HEAR...even better if you can interact too, reason why I think I'll start seeing you guys! :)

For strange reasons beyond my comprehension, not all of you out there in the TiPb nation can join us...

It's not a strange reason at all.
Many people, like myself, listen with the Ustream iPhone app, which still doesn't allow Chatroll login.

Actually, my bad: 9pm your time is 2am GMT our time, so I can't! :( That's the issue, many of your followers do NOT live in the US, so we've all got our different time zones, and because of that it might not be convenient for all of us. :(

Well, I prefer to see the video and become disappointed when I have to listen to the feed. You know not seeing the expressions and reactions has an impact, and who in the world would not want to stare, gaze and drool at Georgia??? Sry Rene.
I also think you could add some video ads to support the cause, short very short commercials or
"sponsored by"
I like the video and most people are visual learners, so this would appeal to them.

I definitely think iTunes video would be better than YouTube, and reducing that audio delay would be even better.

Love being able to watch the video at a later point. I miss the shows sometimes because of teh kids and I enjoy the next day boing able to watch it. I big vote for YES on the video for me. Also like the itunes idea. :)

Please continue with the videos! I try to make to the live shows as often as I could however cant always make it. Im sure others will agee. Keep up the good work. Looking fwd to more vids.

Please add the other parts as well!
I'm in Europe (add 1 hour to the UTC/GMT time!!) 3am in the morning is way to early/late for me. Especially on a week-night!

I have seen the show live a few times. I can't always make it because of work. I do ustream live on the iPhone ony way home from work on Wed. Would love to be able to see you on video. The interaction between all of you make the show even better. Thanks for all the hard work.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I have church on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights are bad as well. It is rare I get to actually see the shows, but only listen. Please continue to make the video available after the live show.

This would be supreme if it was iTunes so I could just download it. I currently am just able to listen but being able to actually watch would just make it that much more enjoyable.

Count me as a vote for iTunes. I would love the convenience of subscribing to the video podcast for those times when I can't make it to the live show. Plus then you would not have to break up the show into bits.

I like this review format. I work night shift and can't always tune in live and i like to see expressions rather than just hear the voice.

iTunes would be great. I like to download a few podcasts and play them when I have time. Being in the UK makes live unrealistic.
iTunes please.