iPad Live 65: Flash fight

iPad Live 65: Flash fight

Georgia kicks Seth and Rene in the Flash! Also, iOS 5 beta 3, iPad 3 manufacturers, volume pricing, App Store re-alignment, the Amazon tablet, and iPad as a second screen. This is iPad Live!



Thanks to the TiPb iPad Accessory Store for sponsoring the podcast, and to everyone who showed up for the live chat!

Music Hear me Roar by iPad Live theme song contest winner, DieselJesus!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iPad Live 65: Flash fight


You knew full well going in the iPad didn't and wouldn't ever support flash, so why are you complaining now?

Wow, what Georgia rises over Chad in the rant sector :O. She is right, flash is doable on tablets now because the touchpad shows it. I use that to watch live podcasts, watch movies from Crackle/Hulu, and watch youtube videos. They playback great. The touchpad is my 2nd screen as I'll let the videos go fullscreen while I browse the web on the computer.

i completely agree with georgia about the flash issue. i'm the consumer. i paid money for ur product. so DO NOT force me NOT to use something. and most certainly DO NOT limit my options. this is AMERICA. land of the free. if i want to go to a website that uses flash, it is MY CHOICE. flash on mobile devices is fine. if it over heats the iDevice i'm on, then i was to blame to have gone to that flash-enabled website, not apple. we won't blame apple. we are not stupid, apple. stop babying us. we want options.

Yes we do live in America, that's why you don't have to buy an iPad. People have the choice to buy other tablets but obviously they don't care about flash as much as you think.

the ipad's the best choice. great hardware and software. also best UI and experience too. but it's flaw is that apple is forcebly pushing away a (dying) standard (but still, a standard nonetheless). unfortunately, that limits the experience.

No, the correct response is to stop "babying" sites that insist on using Flash. When you encounter a site that won't work on your iPad because of Flash, bitch to the owner of the site. It's totally unacceptable to keep foisting this Flash crap on the public at large. It needs to go away, pronto. And this will only happen if people put pressure on the owners of these sites to get rid of Flash, and move to to standards-based web technologies such as HTML5. Site owners who persist is using Flash are only hurting themselves, because an increasing number of Internet-connected devices will not be Flash capable moving forward.

Wow Georgia I was completely shocked by your rant on this whole flash dead horse thing. I will be happy when flash is dead and gone. At least when I pick up a iPad I know what my experience is going to be, I know flash won't work, I don't get a sometime, or maybe it will work this time experience. You lost a lot of cred with me today, I hope you redeem yourself soon. I want to think this is some kind of joke. Maybe you should sell your iPad and go get a playbook. In fact please do. I would love to know what your experience is like on the dark side.

Georgia's "rant" was more like a tantrum.
uwood241, you nailed it and took to words right out of my mouth.
Rene, somehow/some way, give Georgia access to a TouchPad or a Galaxy Tab or a Playbook and ask her to do exactly what she says she does with an iPad, browse and watch videos where appropriate.
Let's have her do that for a solid week and then come back and share her experiences. Afterwards, does she still say this is Apple's problem?
7turn1, I liked your comment too. I've listened to every iOS podcast you guys have ever put out...MobileNations and many, many Crackberry & Android Central ones too. Listening to Georgia rant without logic and any substantiation other than "it's how I feel" really rubs me the wrong way and I hope this was just a "bad day".
I listen to you guys to get straightforward, rational discussion and review of the mobile space. Your site and your podcasts are unique because you are balanced and fair when discussing all of the players in the mobile space.
As I said at the beginning of my post, Georgia's "rant" was more like a tantrum.
It was not appreciated and I sure hope you guys don’t decide more of it.

Wow I am so disappointed in Georgia after this podcast. I feel she totally embarrassed herself with that rant. It seems like she just wouldn't listen to reason. It reminded me of a little kid taking their ball and going home. Sometime I think she just plays devils advocate to make a more interesting show. I have never missed an episode so far and hope we don't have many more like this. I guess we can just chalk it up to "a bad day". Great show guys.

Georgia: you are insane if you want Flash on your iPad/iPhone. And Apple will never put it there in any event. Flash is an outdated, inefficient, bug-ridden bag of security vulnerabilities that no longer serves any useful purpose on the modern Internet. Apple made the right decision not to allow this garbage on their iOS devices. Flash needs to go the same place where pet rocks, mood rings, and the floppy drive now reside: oblivion.
And anyway, you don't really want "Flash" on your iPad; what you really want is for all of the video that you encounter on the Internet to play back on your iPad, which is a perfectly reasonable expectation. However, instead of directing your anger at your iPad when you encounter Flash video that won't play, you should instead direct it at the operator of the site in question. Send them a complaint e-mail and ask: why do you insist on serving video using this outdated technology that requires an inefficient, proprietary client-side plug-in, when non-proprietary options are readily available that produce video that is viewable in any modern, standards-based browser on any platform, without the need for a third-party browser plug-in? Why are you willfully excluding millions of mobile devices from viewing your content? Particularly when mobile devices are becoming an increasing large percentage of all Internet-connected devices?
It is not just iOS devices that cannot display Flash content, but also millions of Blackberry and Android devices, particularly those with older versions of the OS that do not support Flash. Said content is also not viewable by desktop users who wish to maintain some semblance of a secure browsing environment by not installing the Flash plug-in, which is notoriously ridden with security holes, in addition to being a resource hog.
Bottom line: any provider who publishes video content using Flash exclusively in this day and age is fundamentally lazy and/or incompetent. Period. Send them your hate mail.

One thing I didn't hear in the discussion about the Kindle is how small and light the Kindle is. I agree that the Kindle app for iPad is actually considerably better than the actual Kindle (although lacking in features), but one can actually lay in bed and read with a Kindle. The iPad is kind of heavy for that. Try laying on your back and holding an iPad above you with one hand (so the other is free to navigate)... it can be done but isn't comfortable. With the Kindle it is easy. I'd never trade my iPad for a Kindle, but that is one thing the Kindle really has going for it (aside from the price).