The last iPad Live ever hits the 'net tonight at 9pm ET -- Be there!

The last iPad Live ever hits the 'net tonight at 9pm ET -- Be there!

The final episode of iPad Live comes your way tonight with a look back at CES 2012 and all the non-CES news that hit the web last week. Historic! Join us!

(And yes, we'll explain that whole final episode thing live on the show. No spoilers!)

Time: 9pm ET, 6pm PT, 2am GMT.


If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss, just leave them in the comments then come be part of the show!

(And yes, you can watch from iPhone via Ustream Viewer app (here's how) -- just search for "mobilenations" and iPad (we recommend Duet Browser.)

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Reader comments

The last iPad Live ever hits the 'net tonight at 9pm ET -- Be there!


So giving up on iPad live to include it into iPhone live once a week in an effort to make more room in the schedule for more of these podcasts that have been launched? I imagine there are probably some new shows in the works as well.

One can only hope the Girls Gone Gadgets has a similar fate. A foul mouthed, fake breasted blowhard does not make a show.

Sorry to hear that iPad Live will be no more, but it makes sense. I don't think there's enough iOS news out there to warrant two hours a week. I'm looking forward to listening to the show when it's uploaded and to hear what the now iPhone Live will be called.