iPad Live tonight 9pm ET! AT&T-Mo, iPad 2, more!

iPad Live podcast tonight 9pm ET! Come chat!

iPad Live hits the air tonight at 9pm ET, 6pm PT, (1am GMT we think?!). We'll be talking iPad 2 one week later and of course the bombshell that is AT&T buying T-Mobile. Come join us. Bring a friend. Frak, bring an enemy! Just bring people!

Place: http://www.imore.com/live/

If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss, just leave them in the comments then come be part of the show!

(And yes, you can watch from iPhone via Ustream Viewer app (here's how) and iPad (we recommend Duet Browser.)

Chat with you soon!


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UPDATED: AT&T acquiring T-Mobile US, what does it mean for iPhone?

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Mdpatsfan says:

iPad live is the iPad 2 screen issue wide spread? If so I'm becoming a concerned apple fan. I say this bc of the iPhone antenna problems, at times buggy iOS releases, and now iPad 2 screen issues. In your opinion should we be concerned that apple is growing to quickly, and loosing there great quality control? Thanks and keep up the good work everyone!!!   

petaf says:

Hmmm. I might bring an enemy! :-)

robes1 says:

I don't have a screen issue. My screen is perfect. No light leaking anywhere and no yellow spots..

dom lopes says:

since at&t bought out t-mobile what will happen to all the people who currently have t-mobile? will they be able to keep there plans and what if they never got credit approval by at&t, will they be forced to pay AT&T a deposit

dom lopes says:

it seems like it would be a big MESS!!

Crystal RIvera says:

will verizon's ipad be held from iOS software updates?

Stephanie Licciardello says:

do u think Mac OS Lion will be released the same time iOS 5 is released?

Jerry Juste says:

i wish photo booth on ipad recorded video!!

phil rizzo says:

just got the ipad 2...how do u guys organize ur folders? do u keep a lot of your apps in or out of folders?

IPad2 says:

Yes,that is really works