iPad mini with Retina Display hitting resellers in the UK, 4G LTE models still look scarce

When the iPad mini with Retina Display first launched, here in the UK there was no initial reseller availability – as indicated on the GSX portal. It was either Apple or don't get one, but thankfully that seems to have changed with several major retailers now offering Apple's latest. However, if you're wanting a 4G LTE model then you'll be looking much, much harder, as it seems that WiFi only is about all that's available in a lot of places right now.

There's also a mixed bag of how you can get your new Retina iPad mini. For example, Currys will let you reserve online for in-store pickup, while Argos is currently showing home delivery only on its website. The best thing to do as always, is check with whichever retailer is closest to you. Supply is pretty tight, but at least there's now a wider scope on where you can snag one here in the UK.

Have you managed to pick up a new Retina iPad mini from a UK based Apple reseller? Let us know in the comments what you got and where you got it from!

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Reader comments

iPad mini with Retina Display hitting resellers in the UK, 4G LTE models still look scarce


Is the tech that advanced that I makes production so difficult in that Apple truly can't make volume enough for new devices? Is this a trend that will be repeated with increasing intensity with future Apple device releases?
I don't seem to remember Apple ever having this tough if a time making units.

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I think Apple is still doing reservations only at the Apple Stores. Supply for the holidays is gonna be tough...

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At least, even by little by little, it's getting more accessible to get one at different locations. Maybe by next year, the supply should be enough worldwide that you can buy one without having to get a reservation.

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I managed to order a 32GB wifi only online from John Lewis a couple of days after the launch. Same price as Apple but with a 2 year warranty included. They're still showing stock of all wifi only models except 32GB in white and the 128GB in black.

Oh - and it's saying 3 year warranty included now.

I guess I'm glad I ordered the Cellular model on day one. Having to wait would've been disastrous like my friends across the pond are now having!

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