iPad passport scan enough to get photopgrapher into the U.S. from Canada

iPad passport scan enough to get photopgrapher into the U.S. from Canada

Noted Montreal iPhone photographer and videographer, Martin Reisch, better knows as *safe solvent™ on the internet, used a scan of his passport displayed on an iPad as identification while passing through the U.S. border from Canada. The man was visiting friends in Vermont when he realized that he had forgotten his passport. Luckily he had a scan of it saved on his iPad so decided to use it at the border.

Martin Reisch is certain that if Steve Jobs was alive, the tech innovator would have something to say about him.

“I hope the biggest thing to come out of this is that it becomes a catalyst to change the rules,” he said.

Unfortunately not everyone shares those sentiments. Federal critics claim border officers failed in their duty by accepting digital proof of identity. MP Brian Masse claimed that it was troubling because a scanned copy of a passport is not a secure document and could be altered. He did however accept that electronic passports could be used in the future if the correct safety features were implemented.

After a certain TiPb editor-in-chief bothered Reich about his passport photo missing his trademark hat, Reich also added:

i get in with an iPad, i break technological ground but the comments are about my haircut...

Source: Montreal Gazette

More: about.me/safesolvent, @safesolvent

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iPad passport scan enough to get photopgrapher into the U.S. from Canada


Never Leave Home Without it: a U.S. Passport Card.
U.S. citizens can simply order a "Passport Card" (a credit card-size $40 option) with their application for a "Passport Book," slip it into their wallet like a license, and never need to worry about not having their passport with them (limited to crossing boards by land in North America).

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This is not cool. I spent the better part of half a day with US border services and Canada Customs being interviewed, printed, retina scanned, and questioned so I could get my NEXUS card - All AFTER a 10 page application was reviewed by Homeland Security. The fact that US Customs let this guy through is laughable and disturbing. I'm gonna scan my NEXUS card and see if that flys (spoiler - it won't). As a Canadian that travels to the US frequently, I find this very unsettling.

Why do we even have borders? Is it so governments can tax more people by making them fill out "official" forms?

The US army is to protect the 1% from outside menaces, homeland security is to protect the 1% from inside menaces, the 99% of us.

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