What do you think of your new iPad? [Poll]

So what do you think of your new iPad? Whether you waited by the door for UPS or FedEX, or waited in line like iMore and Mobile Nations, if you scored a new iPad today we want to know what you think of it!

Did it blow you away and make you think you were finally holding the future in your hands? Was it better than you expected your eyes not believing the quality of the Retina display or LTE speeds? Was it just what you expected, no more, no less? Did it disappoint you in some way? Or was it just simply the worst thing Apple ever spat from their cauldron?

We want to hear your take, so vote in the poll up top and then jump into our iPad forum reviews thread and give us your full take.

(Who knows, if you say something just so completely spot on, we might even have to quote you in the official iMore review!)

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What do you think of your new iPad? [Poll]


When it adds: Senseg haptic screen, Magnetic power connector, 3d Cameras, and better built in stereo speakers then it will be perfect.

Loving the LTE. You don't realize how much better a Retina display is until you have one. This thing is a joy to use.

New iPad worth the extra $100 compared to iPad 2, if you are just buying one for the first time. May as well shell out $499 instead of $399 and just get something with a better display, camera and faster GPU (but not CPU which is still 2x like iPad 2).
But... if you have iPad 2 already and happy with it, don't bother with new iPad. If you sell your iPad 2, probably get about $300 for it, maybe even less now, you will have to shell out at least $200 for the new iPad to cover the difference. What is that $200 going to get you? Not worth it if you already have an iPad.

There are advantages to living in the flyover states. Ordered online this morning at Nebraska Furniture Mart ( a Berkshire Hathaway company). Went to the drive through order pickup. Waited two minutes, had my pad and drove home.
Thanks Warren, you're the Best !
Wife was very happy.

Just awesome.....
I was at Mall of America apple store and they are still in stock there...I had to pick up an Ipod dock after being on the fence over
the weekend. I have also chose not to always have my flip cover on it
as well.....

I am not that happy with my iPad I have and 32 gb 4g Verizon white is way heavier than iPad 2 and it gets hot in the back and to be honest I am not really impress by the "retina display " I have and led tv and 1080p hdx 18" hp laptop and maybe is because of that that I am used to it , but I don't really see many difference and I do t get why everybody is so exited about it , I am start thinking that maybe mine comes with some problems I will check on an apple store later the display and see ig it is different then mine , can u guys pls tell me if u having same issues .
I start feeling that the 729 that i paid is not worth it :( that's makes me feel sad couse I have been watting so long to have the new iPad on my hands .

You are not alone, mines does the same thing and I even went to another store to get another iPad and yet it still gets ridiculously hot. I hate it so much, I am taking it back tommorow and get an iPad 2. It sucks because I sold mine 2 weeks before announcement of the new iPad and had I known it would be like this I would have kept it, good thing I sold it early on eBay for $435 for a 16gb. So I am not losing nothing but my 5 hours I waited in line.

Yes we r in the same page I am totally disappoint couse I love my iPad 2 . I just don't feel like the new iPad worth that I sold my iPad 2 , i spend like 8 hours on a line only for this I am not agains apple i love their products i just want to be happy to have my new iPad and don't miss my iPad 2 but that's not the case I am very disappointed

Played with one, trying to decide. If I don't have to activate 4g at purchase, I will buy the new iPad to use with my clear spot.

The display is better but I'm not wowed by it. Seems to suck the battery down faster as well. I sold my refurbed iPad 1 a mount ago for 350 so the upgrade was about 200 considering taxes. Seems an ok upgrade but like I said not wowed by it.

I couldn't tell ya, I've yet to turn it on. But surprisingly, I believe there wasn't that much hype for this new iPad this time around. Maybe because Glendale (CA) has 2 stores right next to each other. The Glendale Galleria line had about 80-90 people tops by 8am and no one else got in line by the time I left (maybe about 35-40 others waiting). Don't know how the Americana was though. Funny, I was really looking forward to it but now I just feel "meh" about it, almost like I'm better off with the iPad 2 instead (Which I already sold for $520).

I was a little underwhelmed with it honestly. I gave my iPad 2 to my wife and was expecting more from the display. Side by side it is hard to tell the difference but that might be because many apps are not optimized for the 'new iPad'...I don' know. It's good but I loved my iPad 2 also. I will say that with an eBook the text is somewhat crisper. In iPhoto the photos do look a little more brilliant. A little faster...not noticeable yet.

Haha. It is true I wear glasses and have thought that might be part of the problem. Don't misunderstand. I love my new iPad and maybe I do need new glasses.

Well, I just left the Apple store and returned the new iPad. Couple of things: I'm not a gamer so the retina display is kind of lost on me and also the battery recharge time was quite long compared to the iPad 2. The real kicker was I didn't much care for the way it gets hot. My iPad 2 doesn't do that and it charges much faster. Also, there is no appreciable change in speed for most tasks. All in all, I love the iPad but this was too small an incremental change for it to work for me. Cautionary tale for those iPad 2 owners who have to wear glasses and don't game: Stick with the iPad 2. It's still a fabulous tablet.

Exacto......me too....I also wasnt sure I wanted one and until the retina display came out for Iphone, I wasnt sure I wanted one.
Now I am so glad I waited 2 years...

Finally got my first ipad and I was loving it until it started acting possessed. After a few hours of playing around with it, the iPad got glitchy, randomly changing apps, typing random letters. Does anyone know why it would be doing this?

Got my new IPad 64g Verizon...up from iPad 1 and...First the disappointing news: 1) It gets very warm, both front screen glass & back on wifi...and hot with 4g LTE cellular data on even if using wifi...was never an issue with iPad 1. 2) Noticed some slight light-bleed on side left of home button. The Good news: Retina display is great, color accuracy is great, speed is great, battery is great. But concerned about the heat issue in the long run, thinking about exchanging it...

Specifically the 4G version of the iPad has a tendency to get hot. I've read that elsewhere in other reviews. It seems that when using LTE & with the added increase in GPU power it can get warmer.
So it's possible your device is not defective.

I have wifi only and it gets so hot I can't hold it for to long, wonder if this is something that is going to be fixed since this is the second one today to heat up on me like that :-(

Return any handheld device that gets too hot to hold during normal use. That sounds like a hardware concern - and possibly a widespread one at that.
Whatever you do, I hope you don't wait past your return window.

Heavier, thicker, runs VERY hot, less battery life and the retina display is better but not amazing as we all keep reading. Dunno. I don't think Steve Jobs would have released it.

You'll probably notice the improvements more once the apps you use have upgraded to take advantage of the retina display. This will take time.
I understand people have spent a good chunk of coin on their device & want to see results instantly but software development doesn't work that fast most of the time.

I am 95% sure Steve saw this model. A prototype at least.
The flip side to the "being on top of the world" coin is that sometimes, expectations and hype are so great, nothing in the worts could ever live up to that hype. The Star Wars prequels are good examples. These movies are actually really good, but never had a chance at being viewed by most on a fair playing field.

Take a look on first reviews from independent companies like PhoneArena & MobileTech Reviewes & you can see that no one is blown away by this iPad. Its definitely good decision to wait for iPad 4.
iPad 1 - dont take
iPad 2 - take
iPad 3 - hold on
iPad 4 - definitely take
So every 2nd generation from Apple is definitely worth taking.

Hya all spme of us in europe have to wait a week more then you guys. I have to say before it was announced i trully was exicted, was a bit dissapointed about the same formfactor. Liked the idea of a ipad retina display, but still i think i first need to see it to look if it really make such a diffrence with an ipad1. An also seening my brother getting an ipad 2 from someone at work 4free for services rendered then maybe we dont really need to upgrade. We shall see if this new pad can really blow away with retina...

Many of us have heard people saying that seeing would be believing. Then we saw it.
I'm not afraid to say that from MY perspective the emperor has no clothes. It's nice. It's a solid upgrade. It is not the mind-blowing experience that some suggested.

Looooove it!!!! It's my first iPad and well worth the wait. iCloud moved most of my important info from my phone with very little effort. Thought it was weird that it gave me the option to restore from my phone or iTouch backup, but I choose new setup since I wont be using it in the manor. Getting MC3 on sale for .99¢ the same day was a great bonus, and a great retina screen test. Numbers app is way easier to use on a 10" display, and of course the retina screen makes all those tiny numbers easier to read (less zooming needed). It's fast and really responsive. Soooo glad I sold my Asus Transformer for this!

I would have liked to have Siri on this version but other than that I have no complaints. I upgraded from the iPad 1 model to a white 64g wifi LTE Verizon model and the speed, display, dictation, all are fantastic. I think it's a great upgrade for me and I'm glad I bought it!

So I've been playing with this thing for a solid 24 hours now and I've still yet to unwrap the charger and plug it in. Amazing.

I have used it for 24 hours. Still have 60 % battery power left. I purchased an new iPad 2 a week ago and exchanged it for this new one. The screen IS a major upgrade. Mine does not get hot but I do not have LTE.

I feel conflicted. I read all the rave reviews , CNET Donald Bell -et al about the new retina display, that made extravagant claims that this display out spec'd every form of display on the market, including high end specialty monitors costing thousands of dollars. I get in line before 8am and buy the new wonder, sight unseen. I get home and compare it to my iPad 2 and notice a slight difference, not the radical difference that Apple and some reviews led me to believe. English websites such as the Guardian were more skeptical. I am a painter and photographer . I rely on the iPad as a mobile portfolio . The new retina display was the main reason I bought the iPad sight unseen. I have only owned it for 26 1/2 hours, hopefully more will be revealed

I love the new iPad. This is my first one, and I specifically waited until the retina screen was available. I have not been disappointed. I also have the LTE version and have not noticed any major heating issues. I'm starting to think that all of the replies on here from being complaining of heating issues are just Android trolls.

16 GB WiFi only
I'm comparing my iPad 2 with the New iPad. The New iPad's screen is noticeably sharper and easier on the eyes. But the background on my old iPad is noticeably whiter. Both are set for the same brightness.
An accidental discovery was that placing the bottom of one iPad next to the top of the other, when held horizontally, causes the iPad on top to black out. Some kind of magnet issue perhaps.
No heat or battery problems here.

I love the screen on the new iPad. The New York Times looks like reading from a finely printed coffee table book. With the improved contrast and color saturation photographs jump off the page.
My AT&T LTE unit does get slightly warm along the sides where I hold it with my hands. I'm wondering if that subtle bit of warmth is related to the improved backlight on the retina display.
As a final note, this message was dictated using the built-in Siri dictation. That's pretty cool.

I did notice a bit of blue light "bleeding" just above the home button, but I'm hoping that goes away in a few days. My iPad didn't get warm in the first full day of usage, but perhaps that is because I bought the 32GB WiFi model. Fully recharged battery from 5% to 100% in approximately four hours.

Screen is amazing, but right now the number of apps that take advantage of it is very limited. Looking at text be it in email or web pages, it's a huge difference, if u can't see that then there is a problem with your eyes..
Another plus with extra memory versus ipad2 - www pages load at the same speed as far as I can tell, but once you start loading multiple tabs, pages don't reload again when you move back/ff between tabs ,
As far as device getting hot, it's normal people, stop freaking out,, have you ever user gps on your iphone4 or 4s for extended period of time? how hot did it get? Anyone used older laptops? After a while they would almost burn your legs..
I love the comment above about a guy not impressed with the display bcz he has a 1080p led tv... Well at below 10 inches iPad screen has much higher resolution than that, but yea, tv looks so much better, right :)

I love the screen. Reading books and web pages is awesome. I don't even need my prescription glasses too much. I haven't noticed the heat issue after some, but not heavy use. Pictures are also great to view on it. I can't wait to get an HD movie and for more apps to update.

My reason for the upgrade was of a different reason....AT&T. I am done with those s$&tbags and decided to go with the Verizon model, as service with AT&T on iPad 1 and 2 was horrible. I'm happy as a clam now and my service has been 10 times better since the upgrade.
At&T blows, and BTW......the screen is killer.

I never had an iPad. My pc is getting old, and I felt the iPad would be what I need. I was already using the iPhone 4S for enterprise work, but as nice as it is, the screen size was getting old. I looked at laptops, but really wanted the iPad. The retina display, and better camera are a great feature. I scan a lot of docs, and a betters camera was needed. That is why I never got the iPad 2. Our IT people let us set up our iOS devices to ues Citrix to read MS documents, and exchange along with our city net which is all windows. It is nice to be able to do work on the iPad with windows via Citrix. For me this iPad works. I am impressed. For others it may not fit your needs at all.

Ok so I have my new iPad, I owned the iPad 2. Now I will agree this is not a major upgrade and if I knew in Feburary what I know now I would not have sold my iPad 2. What I will say is that my iPad does get warm, my iPad 2 never did, so that worries me a little but I also know that my iPhone 4 gets warm and so did my iPod touch along with my laptop and other mobile devices so I'm not too concerned. But I am spoiled because I never experienced this with my iPad 2. I'm torn because the screen is gorgeous to me, my wife even noticed the difference and she could care less about HD anything. I love the way my news looks on this thing and when I look at my wife's iPad 2 it is hard for me to want to return this and switch back. In the last weeks I have tried the ASUS Prime, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and The New iPad, I have to say that outside of the warming issue The New iPad is better. But I also know that the ASUS was a good tablet because it has a quad core processor and no warming issue. The only reason I didn't keep it is because the app experience on Android does not compare to Apple, plus I figured the new iPad would be better. I'm really torn because I want the screen but I do not want the warming issue.

I'm in love with the gorgeous screen, but not enough to drop another $500 on the upgrade. I like my iPad 1, but I'm ready to let it go now, and don't see any good reason to replace it with another iPad. Frankly, iOS has grown very stale, and Apple is showing no signs of doing any significant modernization of the UI any time soon, so later this year my iPad will be replaced not by a new iPad, but by a Windows 8 tablet.

So you are going from a proven ui/os to a windows 8 platform that has no apps and for all you know could be worst os ever created. Way to be different;).....
PS: there is nothing stale about all the new retina games, which look like they should be on a ps3 or Xbox 360. RETINA GAMES!!! .(3.1 million pixels)

Good luck with that. Personally, I can't get past the Matel inspired color scheme of Windows 8, but I suppose some like you may actually go for that sort of thing.

Interesting thing is you can tell an iPad2 from an iPad3 in the apple store just by touching the back. IPad3's are all warm in a way that the iPad2 never gets. I reckon it is because they run the display constantly so I wonder if this will happen in 'normal' use. It is, however, very noticeable.

I have an iPad (3rd gen.) 32 gig wifi only and my back does get warm but it is nothing to worry about. I'm sure the iPads in the store are on chargers which will create extra heat. People need to remember that the battery on the iPad 3 holds twice as much "juice" and lasts the same amount of time as the iPad 2. When anything consumes large amounts of energy it is going to get warm due to lack of perfect utilization of the energy. The back of the iPad is probably suppose to work as a heat sync and is just doing its job. Until reports come out of iPads melting down, the heat is probably not going to be an issue and shouldn't be a deciding factor when looking at whetherr or not to buy an iPad.

Hey Shawn, yes it is always warm or getting warmer. I just returned mine, but not just because of the heat issue. The display isn't off the charts IMHO as others say. I have an iPad 2 and we watched ABC player (which is Retina display optimized) and neither I nor my wife (who doesn't wear glasses) noticed much difference. A tiny bit crisper but also dimmer on the iPad 3 so you need to crank up the brightness and then you get even more heat. The iPad 2 is still a great tablet and for $349 refurbished that is a terrific buy. The iPad 3 is just too small an incremental change I think. It was nice that Apple kept the price at $499 but if you have an iPad 2 I'd stick with it. Same speed CPU as the iPad 3 and still a nice display and I don't know about you but i rarely used my iPad to take movies or pictures.

You guys don't know how to shop for electronics. Never buy them right when they are released because there are gonna be problems with the first batch. Wait a few weeks.

I’m loving the new screen. Not only do I find the extra resolution a clear improvement, I also see a clear improvement in the colors.
I’m happy to finally have cameras, though I won’t use them as much as my iPhone’s. I’m happy that it is thinner and lighter. (I’m coming from an original iPad.)
My one disappointment is only having 64GB of storage like my old iPad. I understand the issue there, so it isn’t really a complaint. I just need more space as soon as it can become practical.
I voted “good” because all that is exactly what I expected.

Anybody who doesn't love the new iPad is simply kidding themselves. I had the 2, sold it and bought the new one.
First of all, the retina display is a huge difference especially for people with character based languages.
Sure you can read a newspaper and in fact, nobody really NEEDS an iPad but everything is amazing on the new display especially for people reading character based languages.
If you actually use the new iPad for a few days, and go back to the old one you will se a huge difference in clarity.
People right now, simply underestimate the achievement of the display.
If you are not convinced. Here are a few suggestion to change your mind.
Try the 'google maps' app and go to street view to compare the difference in what you see.
Try the actual 'google earth' app to see the unquestionably better clarity. View any photos you've taken with the camera.
Realize that as soon as developers scale their apps and images to the retina display the difference will be staggering.
If you don't have the new iPad, you still don't have the new iPad.

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