iPad pre-orders officially sold out, response "off the charts"

iPad pre-orders officially sold out, response

Apple has officially stated that pre-orders for the new iPad are sold out, which probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's watched the "shipping by" date at the Apple Online Store slip by a week or several weeks over the last few days. According to a statement Apple gave several media outlets, including CNET:

Customer response to the new iPad has been off the charts and the quantity available for pre-order has been purchased. Customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date. Beginning Friday, March 16, the new iPad will be available for purchase at Apple's retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers on a first come, first-served basis.

So if you haven't pre-ordered yet but still want to grab a new iPad on launch day, you'll be lining up outside an Apple Retail Store or hoping your local big box has sufficient stock of the model you want.

No word yet on when sales will start on Friday, but they're usually either early in the morning or at 5pm local time following a brief store re-dress. Hopefully Apple will provide that information this week.

If you're still not sure which new iPad model to buy, here's some help:

Source: CNET

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iPad pre-orders officially sold out, response "off the charts"


I just ordered from the Apple Store app. It was still saying delivery date March 19. Guess we'll see...

Thus Microsoft staff begin loosing sleep.
In other news, fandroids say that Android is dominating the market...please! The numbers speak for themselves.

All depends what numbers you look at. For phones, Android is in the lead. For tablets Apple is destroying them. There isn't a clear cut level of dominance in either camp.
Just a question, do you really need this sort of info to validate your purchase? I love my iphone and my android tablet. The extreme fanboyism on this site from commenters is really sad. Unless you're some kind of stockholder you have no reason to give a damn how many units Apple or any Android OEM sell.

In case you hadn't noticed, iMore is the Apple-centric site under the Mobile Nations umbrella. We're just cheering for the home team here.
Do you cheer for both teams when you go to a baseball game? We don't.

Hey rICK, if you don't want to see Apple fanboys you shouldn't come to an Apple Fan site! Really! get a clue dude! Your comment was just plain absurd !!

I think his original comment was stating that you appeared narrow minded in making a uninformed comment about Android. No need to make the rest of us Apple Fan boys look bad... Most of us, even though we all praise Apple, are still open minded about the realities of the technology products out there... And sometimes we do purchase non-Apple products to make our lives better.

As great as the new iPad is, MS won't be losing any sleep. They have a great OS in Windows 8 & Windows Phone. Windows 8 is considered, by many, to be the only legit contender to iOS (in some cases better), and I'm talking tablets specifically.
On traditional enterprise / business desktops / laptops, MS has pretty much secured its place in that area so that's a huge upgrade opportunity for Windows 8. Come this time next year, when Win8 & Android 4.0 tablets and iDevices running iOS 6 are in full force, we'll have a much better idea of how well the iPad will stand up and maintain it's market dominance. Success is never guaranteed.
In the meantime, enjoy your new iPad when it arrives. I know I will.

First of all, what numbers?
Second, why would Microsoft, who does not even sell tablets, lose any sleep over this? Their OS sells by the hundreds of millions.
Apple fanboys will never forgive Microsoft for lending a helping hand during Apple´s semi-bankruptcy. It is a mortal wound on their pride. Every time Apple does something right it has to be measured by a Microsoft failure.
In case you haven't noticed, not only Jobs and Gates were good friends, but lately Microsoft has been one of Apple'a staunchest partners. Do you know what powers Apple iCloud? Microsoft Azure. Sleep on that.

This must be regionalized. I checked a few minutes ago and the store is showing the ship date of 3/19. I just made the decision to upgrade this morning after getting a commit to buy my iPad 2 from a friend. I live in a small town so I'm gomna roll the dice with Walmart who shows they will have stock on the 16th.

This is gonna be my first time for the line. How early do you think do I have to be ready before they sell it? I am not planning to stay overnight! Thanks for the help :)

I got there 5 minutes before and was 2nd in line at Walmart. People usually overlook walmart.

Walmart had 1 iPhone on launch day in my neighborhood. Luckily I was at the apple store instead. It took 6 hrs but I got one.

Wal Mart seems to be hit and miss. When I bought my iPad 2, I checked both my local Wal Marts and I was able to snag the last one.
After I bought it, the person selling to me told me they only received 3 of them... I was insanely lucky to get one. I had to take an extended lunch to do so... And by extended, I do mean I went past my allotted time. Ha.
Luckily my boss at the time knows my love for Apple gadgets, and he was fine with it. :D

I went at 2 p.m. the day prior to the launch last year and got one of the final ones at the Apple store in Tampa Fl. Pre-ordered this year. Delivery on the 16th.

Even though the status says shipped, Apple typically has the shippers hold packages until the day they are scheduled for delivery, in this case March 16. On one rare occasion I seem to remember a product getting delivered early, but thats not the norm. I hope you turn out to be another exception. :-)

I ordered mine at 6:30pm last Wednesday when it was announced. My friend ordered his on Thursday afternoon, the next day. He already got a notification saying his has shipped, but mine is still being processed. I'm getting worried.

I'm in the same boat. Ordered mine around 6:30 pm (est) on launch day...it's still "preparing for shipment". Still says delivery on 3/16, so I'm hopeful that anytime now it will ship.

People do realize that Android is not a phone, it is an OS. It always bugs me when people try to compare something that is nearly always given away to something that's is rarely ever discounted.

I love the new additions to the latest iPad and I love the fact that it will still fit in my iBackFlip Somersault sling pack. this thing is awesome and I couldn't part with it! If you have never seen it check them out at ibackflip.com !

For the people who are getting worried about it shipping. The shipping type is overnight - standard through FedEX and I guess they don't ship things on weekends. So my guess is that everyone's should be shipped by tomorrow who's status us saying 'Processing'. Don't worry though I pre-ordered it around 3:30pm EST and mine shipped Friday night around 10:30 and hasn't moved. I think because it's overnight. So it's gonna wait Thursday morning to start actually going anywhere... This all just a guess... But it makes sense from what I hear. So no worries. BUT! I, too, wish I get mine early. :) This is gonna be my first ever 'new' thing and tablet. So i'm very excited to get some 'state of the art' even though I understand within 6 months it'll be surpassed. Was a long time WebOS user but we all know what happened there.. So i'm moving to IOS. :) Well good luck everyone. Hope this was a good buy.

but this is an incremental upgrade at best... I don't get why so many are buying it? Has herd mentality taken over?
This is not a troll post and I have every right to voice my opinion against the socially accepted norm.

"I have every right to voice my opinion against the socially accepted norm."
You sure do as long as you provide a coherent argument backing up your claim. And people are buying this new iPad because it actually has features people genuinely want. If you this product is not for you and you're not buying, that is your right.

A hardware upgrade and a few new software feature additions. I'm just not impressed. That is a perfectly coherent and plausible argument, from a Naval Electronics Engineer at that.
Its great that you guys like it, I am just unaware of any other company who can upgrade a product incrementally twice in a row and still get so much hype, especially when there are surprising options all over the place.

I don't see how this is an incremental update.
Retina Display (this is a huge new feature).
Plays videos at 1080p.
5MP camera that now records at 1080p.
Voice Dictation.
4G capability.
I understand that it's your opinion that this update is incremental, but I think those are some big new features.

Every tablet out there can play video at 1080p for over a year now. Most have at least one 5 MP camera that can record in 1080p. Most have voice commands and talk to text apps just as iOS did. Everything is transitioning to 4G anyways.
So, I ask again. What about this tablet is setting the bar?

The Retina Display itself is a major feature especially if you read a lot a lot or use the tablet for media consumption / creation. But in my opinion there are two major innovations with the new iPad that haven't got much attention;
First, that Apple was able to include a Retina Display, quad-core GPU, 4G LTE, improved camera all for a starting price of $499. This is huge.
Second, that Apple was able to include all of the above and still retain the same battery life as the iPad 2. Considering there's a lot of battery-hogging technologies in the new iPad this is also a big deal.
If you want, you can add a potential third - that Apple is able to produce around 15 million of these every quarter.
How many other tablet makers are able to offer a tablet with these same features, at the same price, delivering the same battery, produced in the same quantity while simultaneously retaining the same quality? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know of one. That's not to say there won't ever be one but currently there is no one.

"So, I ask again. What about this tablet is setting the bar?"
I'm not saying it's setting the bar, I'm not evening claiming that it's raising the bar. My point is that, for Apple, for iPad, this is not just an incremental update. It is an update that provides many new, big features, many of which are reason enough on their own for people to want this new updated iPad.

Your 1st- the "retina" display is actually manufactured by either LG, Samsung or Toshiba. I cant remember which. It makes only a slight difference that most people wont even notice. 4G LTE is becoming the new standard, plus they scavenged the plans and patents for it from a revolutionary Canadian company called Nortel. Everyone will have 4G LTE within the next few months regardless. Quad core GPU's have been out on tablets for some time now. Some models have even more cores. Also, the 499 model you speak of will not have 4G LTE. It is WiFi only.
So summing up your first argument, all of which has been done before on a tablet aside from the display. All of which is available for less than 499 on most other major tablet manufacturers.
Your second point: Nothing has proven the battery life is the same yet, so you're running on heresy. Plus, it's not much of a feat even if it is proven true by an independent source.
Your third point: Apple is the largest tech company in the world right now. Of course they can outsource more manufacturing. This isn't even an argument.
So I ask again. What is setting the bar here? The OS looks almost exactly the same as it did years ago.

if i remember right, you asked why people are upgrading to the new ipad. its because of those reasons. it now has the retina display, now it has 4G LTE, better processing power and more. thats the reason why people are upgrading to this one. for me, im getting it because it is my first tablet i have ever bought. I feel that it now has enough features that i want so now i can buy :) but you do have every right to voice ur opinion. if you dont think its enough to upgrade, that is your choice.

Heard mentality is right carlos, Its also their admittance that the ipad 2 was underwhelming and lackluster (feature wise) thank god for apps.

There are some of us (like myself) who don't have an iPad yet and have been waiting for one that will provide us the hardware features we're looking for, like the hi-res display and 4G LTE.
As for the "thank god for apps" remark, you're right - thank god for apps. After all, what is hardware without software to drive it? The beauty and purpose of ever-improving hardware is to help manifest more innovative software.

"Your 1st- the “retina” display is actually manufactured by either LG, Samsung or Toshiba. I cant remember which."
Non sequitur. Outsourcing of parts is common in every industry, especially consumer electronics. If it's so easy to make retina displays, why is Apple the only company to offer them to consumers on two different products?
"It makes only a slight difference that most people wont even notice."
Really? This is your opinion and you're certainly entitled to it. I, on the other hand, will definitely notice the difference because I am looking forward to enjoying the dramatically increased resolution while editing photos and videos.

I would rather walk into an apple store to buy any products than order it with shipping; These days you can never trust those ups/fedex guys to handle your package, have ya seen how they throw small pkgs into their trucks before setting out? You'll be amazed.

Yes, but when they are delivered to the Apple stores and big box stores, they're usually on pallets with many units. Like to see a FED-EX/UPS driver that can toss pallets around.

QUESTION....I have a 24hr walmart and im going to go ahead and try to get one from there but what time will they start selling? at midnight???

my iPad has been shipped, its in Ontario, CA and i live in San Diego, CA meaning they could get it to me by tomorrow but they have to hold it :(

I preordered my New iPad and have been tracking the shipment. It has been at the fedEx terminal in Lexington since Friday so they must be holding pre-orders there and will release them for delivery on Friday.

I just got the email that mine has shipped. Yippy. I am glad it shipped before I came to my senses and remembered that I didn't need another IPad.