iPad receives Which? magazine award for must have gadget!

The iPad has won a recommendation from Which Computing magazine. Which? Magazine is a highly respected UK publication known for its unbiased and extensive product reviews. The iPad came out on top of the pile in the must-have gadgets' and the tech buys that make great Christmas gifts.

This was one of the most-hyped gadgets of 2010. Its sleek design, slick touchscreen interface and those all-important apps mean it’s the tablet that's on almost everybody's wish list.

Which? carry out extensive testing of products to provide consumers with information to enable them to make correct buying decisions, the process is extremely thorough. Which? do not accept any advertising in their publications; to ensure all of their reviews and recommendations are legitimate and without bias.

Every month, we conduct independent and extensive tests on hundreds of products and services. Every aspect of product performance and specification – price, running costs, efficiency, and reliability – is compared against exacting criteria. The highest scoring products or services are awarded Which? Best Buy status, and the test results are published in the magazine and on Which.co.uk.

So there you have it, according to Which?, the iPad makes an ideal gift for the holidays. Are you planning on splashing out on an iPad for your loved ones? If you are let us know in the comments!


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iPad receives Which? magazine award for must have gadget!


"Which? Magazine is a highly respected UK publication known for its unbiased and extensive product reviews"
Ha! That's one view I suppose.

I can't comment on Which?, as I'm not familiar with it. But I do think we'll see more of this sort of recommendation from magazines as the holidays draw near. What astounds me is that the entire computing industry was caught so flat-footed by the iPad. Everyone knew they were working on a tablet for years, and after the success of the iPhone and Android. I do expect Android tablets to catch up eventually, but I can't believe everyone just sat on their hands so long and let the iPad become another iconic device like the iPhone without competing.

"iPad receives Which? magazine award for must have gadget!"
this headline is confusing without punctuation. it should be:
"iPad receives 'Which?' magazine award for must-have gadget!"

Interesting. 'Which?' magazine is read by a much older readership than most gadgety magazines. This could be the start of a revolution in computing for older users. I'm already recommending iPads to parents and grandparents to try and reduce the "can you help me load the internet on the computer" type questions!

Encore une fois Apple avirre a faire passer pour neuf quelque chose qui ne l'est pas du tout.Et le pire c'est qu'il y'a des gus pour penser qu'Apple a invente le monde avec un telephone qui (apres 5 ans) ne necessite plus forcement l'activation via un logiciel tout pourri.J'ai un seul produit Apple (ipod touch) et c'est bien le dernier, tant je suis decu par itunes, la iPolitique et l'ergonomie de mon iDevice.Le jour ou Apple arretera ses conneries, proposera un truc officiel pour l'utiliser a 100% sous GNU/Linux, proposera un telephone sous lequel je peux changer la batterie sans avoir a envoyer mon appareil aux 4 coins du monde par la poste, la, on en reparlera.Je rassure les fanboy : actuellement aucun operateur ou constructeur ne propose un truc qui reponde a mes besoins pourtant tres simples (phone avec wifi, apps, photo/video, qui ne traque pas ses utilisateurs dont l'OS soit ouverte a des apps tierces ; avec un operateur proposant carte pre-paye ou je ne sois pas oblige de finir mon credit en moins de 7 jours, bref un truc respectueux du client, tout simplement).Et c'est bien pour ca que j'ai pas de numero de portable actuellement, et j'en suis pas mort bien au contraire.