iPad starting to infiltrate classrooms throughout the UK

We have heard quite a few stories recently about the iPad being used in schools in the United States. It now appears that a similar roll out is starting to happen overseas too, with the UK leading the way.

According to The Telegraph, Longfield Academy in Kent will start to use iPads from the start of the new school year; which starts next month. The scheme was announced to parents earlier in the year with the school informing them that young people enjoy learning through technology.

The school said that the weight of the iPad and its battery life made it ideal for children to use for learning at home as well as through the school day. In return for a donation from parents, children will have access to an iPad 2 with a protective case, a range of apps plus insurance and technical support.

Another school in Northern Ireland has announced a similar system. For a cost of £170 ($277) a year, parents can provide their children with an iPad. More than 500 children are eligible for the scheme. The Cedars School of Excellence in Scotland has also already started its own scheme last year.

The reason the iPad has been chosen is down to the range of applications available, battery life, life expectancy of the hardware and the size and weight of the device.

[The Telegraph]


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iPad starting to infiltrate classrooms throughout the UK


Very surprising, I would have thought with the cuts the Government are enforcing everywhere but on themselves, that this would be the last thing schools could afford to do, maybe it's just rich schools and private schools, I don't see too many inner city schools doing this lol

If the UK government get their way the students will be teaching themselves soon enough anyway with all the cuts lol

There are a large number of schools in Australia already using the iPad. The school I teach at has nearly 400 of them. They are very well suited to both primary schools and early secondary school.

Hmmm I used the iPad for a while, but found a Macbook air to be much more productive. Maybe iPads would be fine in K12 tho

The UK? The country whos out breaking the law rioting? Setting a bad example on the rest of the world? No thanks. I'l lstick with my racist country. People who hate obama