Does your new iPad get warm? [Poll]

We first noticed our new iPads were getting a little warm on the lower left side right after we got them, but only because previous iPads had always stayed so cool. For years our MacBooks have burned under Flash and our iPhones have become tiny space heaters when tethering or using turn-by-turn GPS, so no big deal. You can't pack that big a screen, that high a capacity battery, that screaming a graphics chip, and that fast an LTE radio into a case almost the same size and not have all that power go somewhere, right?

The new iPads higher running temperature been confirmed by scientific testing now, and addressed in a quote from Apple, but that hasn't stopped the headlines tripping all over themselves already.

Luckily, iPads will cool down when we stop downloading or stop playing, but the dumb headlines will last forever.

In the meantime, we wanted to do our own poll of the iMore Nation and find out what our community of iOS enthusiasts thought of the issue. How hot is your iPad running? And is it too hot?

Is this just one more mainstream media attempt to get Apple into a fake-gate, or is the heat a real issue that deserves attention and will need to be further addressed?

Vote in the poll up top and let me know your thoughts in the comments, and in our new iPad forums!

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Does your new iPad get warm? [Poll]


Mine gets warm but it's not hot. Common sense, stick a bigger battery and LTE into it of course it's going to get warm. Media is hyping this up, I'm far more concerned with the slow charging over the warmness. Of course, the slow charging is common sense as well but I'd much rather Apple have amped up the charging block knowing this.

Warm to the touch would be an accurate statement.  Hot is overstating things. Anything beyond warm is being typed by someone who doesn't actually have the device.

Mine is perfectly fine with extended use, including 2 Mbps live video streaming over wi-fi for about an hour+.
LMBO(!!!!!) at "Real problem! It's burning like a laptop running Flash!"

"Luckily, iPads will cool down when we stop downloading or stop playing, but the dumb headlines will last forever."
Great quote Georgia. It's ridiculous how much the media just can't wait for some "perceived" problem with each new Apple product release.

Mine gets a bit warm... noticed that for the first time today; playing a MMORPG for an extended period of time.

"manageable" is an apt description. With it set at full brightness the one corner is uncomfortable to hold when you're already warm (out in the sun). But if you turn down the brightness it is just as cool as my iPad 2. The problem is I want full brightness on a hot sunny summer day. But it is far from a deal breaker.

I was just in the apple store. Played some video and felt the back. Its slightly warm. Warmer than my iPad 2 but not an electric stove.

Just traded mine in - we'll see how this one does. My screen has a yellow-ish cast to it also. Anyone notice that?

It gets hot. At least hotter than the iPad 2. Not that it should concern you. But it's a brief shame that it has to get hot , I completely forgive it when I see me stunning retina display.

Most of the display iPads I have played with are rather warm to the touch all around the back, not just in the left hand corner.
Even after they have been sitting for a while doing nothing. It could just be the security lock thing on the back generating some of the heat, but it's still quite noticeable.

Not much of an problem for me cause it's just an little warm but I wonder if it'll get warmer when it's stuck in side an hard case that seals the whole Ipad in or maybe I'll just not notice it at all.

It will get warm if running everything. When setting mine up, I did not want all the data from my iPhone transfered, so spent several hours downloading the apps, and data I wanted on day one. It did get overly warm. After that, just gets a little warm. The charging plug also gets warm, but withe the battery it's charging, that is normal. Compared to a MacBook Pro, the iPad is running cool. Other products do this, and the media is not all over them.

I have my 3GS, sometimes when my room temperature is a bit higher and i'm playing some hardcore high power game or using edge and gps and constantly using it, it gets 47 degree Celsius HOT Upto the point that my batter doesn't even charge no matter the phone is connected to the charger.
If requested , i can take the screen snap of my battery temperature.
So my point is if the NEW iPAD is going 47 degree celsius, does the battery gets the charge or slower or something...
I recommend, BATTERY LOGGER on a jailbroken device to know exactly what i am talking about.

I started playing Real Racing 2 HD on my new IPad 3 (wifi only 16gb) Monday evening with a full battery charge, got quickly addicted by both the game and the device, and played all through the night, nearly 12 hours straight, non-stop till my battery was at 3% power and my contacts were solidly stuck to my unblinking eyes.
I never noticed my device to be warm at all.
For what it's worth, I have been consistently noting higher than advertised battery life (don't understand how that is possible) and am very, very impressed with this device.
Only thing I Have noticed that annoys me is is WAY TOO MANY crashes of the Atomic Browser if I attempt to open too many tabs on sites like IMore or Gizmodo.

Mine got warm when I used it in direct sunlight (on the couch in front of a window). It got warm, but it was still okay to touch. It was no worse than a MacBook Pro when running flash for something.
I wouldn't call this a non-issue... it' still something to keep an eye on. But it is NOT as big of a deal as Consumer Reports is making it out to be (Apple must have forgotten to pay off CR like everyone else does!)

Mine warmed up when initially restoring from iCloud because of downloading all the apps but that's been about it. I haven't run any real big games on it yet though. My iPad 2 got just as warm. I don't see any problems. It's actually kinda comforting. It's like exercising; you're not working hard enough if you don't sweat. I know it's doing its job if it's heating up a bit. :)

Warm, but not hot. My iPhone 4 gets warmer when streaming Internet radio over 3G, than the new iPad ever gets.
More pixels, beefer CPU, much bigger battery = slightly warmer.
No reason for concern, imo.

I haven't really noticed my iPad getting hot but I do have to say that both the charger and the cord (at the ends) are getting much hotter than I thought they would. And it takes much longer to charge my iPad then I thought it would. I am new to the iPad scene but I still think that these things are worth mentioning

My got hot to the point that I almost returned the unit. I turned down the brightness to about the 40% level, problems solved (retina display still bright and gorgeous). Did online work on Verizon LTE for 2 hours last night and did not have the problem.

It does get warm to the touch, after using it for like 30 mins. I have to stop using it for a while to cool it down.