Just get an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G? Here's what you need next!


Today the day Apple's iPad Wi-Fi + 3G finally goes on sale which means a bunch of you are waiting by the door for the delivery truck or getting ready to head out to the Apple Store and pick one up. While you're waiting, or once you get it and come back, you might be wondering what's next? Don't worry, TiPb's got your back:

  • Get apps and games. There are thousands of iPad specific apps already (seriously, we've stopped counting!). You can find them -- all of them -- on iTunes, either on your Windows or Mac, or right on the iPad App Store. We've covered a ton of iPad apps here already, and we'll be reviewing more each week, so keep your eyes peeled!

  • Get accessories. The iMore Store has just started offering iPad accessories and more and more are in stock every day. If you want to protect that big, beautiful screen or wrap a case over that pristine aluminum shell, be sure to check them out!

  • Get talking. If you just want to talk about your new iPad and all those apps and accessories, or if you need help getting started (or to trouble-shoot bugs), or advice and recommendations, we have two new discussion groups just for you: iPad Device and Help Forum and iPad Apps and Games Forum.

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Just get an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G? Here's what you need next!


Its not nit picky ,,, it doesnt make sense..
No one is perfect my friend,,and we all have our typos and mis-spellings,,, but this is the headline news on frontpage and it'll make it look unprofessional.

@Art VanBuren:
"Just get an iPad Wi-Fi 3G?" is a question (short for "DID YOU just get an iPad Wi-Fi 3G?"). Notice the question mark. If it were a statement, then "got" would be correct.
No, you're not picky. Just wrong.

So what's so special bout the 3g ipad ??? Isn't it the same thing as the wifi ipad?!? Only that u have 3g on it?! And I'm assuming it's running like an iPhone so no point on a review.... Or am I wrong ?!?

@Art VanBuren:
I'm quite confident that ad slogan isn't used as an example of a grammatically-correct sentence by English professors throughout the world. :roll:
On topic, I was considering buying the 3G. But, I think I'll wait to see what comes out next year.

@ghostface147: You don't seem to understand what "assisted GPS" is. It is actually better than normal GPS.
Assisted-GPS makes use of the known longitude and latitude of the stationary cell-towers to do the initial triangulation while the phone is pulling down information from the GPS satellite system.
Here is part of the Wikipedia article...
"GPS operation uses radio signals from satellites. In very poor signal conditions, for example in a city, these signals may suffer multipath where signals bounce confusingly off buildings, or be weakened by passing through walls or tree cover. When first turned on in these conditions, some non-assisted GPS navigation devices may not be able to work out a position due to the fragmentary signal, rendering them unable to function until a clear signal can be received continuously for up to 40 seconds (the time needed to download the GPS ephemeris).
An Assisted GPS system can address these problems by using data available from a network."
So based on this, your idea of "True GPS" is really "limited GPS"

Another accessory suggestion?
Buy the next generation iPhone! Simply transfer the mini-SIM from the iPhone 3G-HD to the iPad 3G whenever you need to update, surf while traveling, etc. (Have to wait for the June launch, though.... Bummer.)
Will AT&T allow this? Would they even know?
I wonder how strongly constructed those SIM trays are? Will the warranty cover damage to that part?

@sfwrtr: Why wait until the HD launch? Just cut your mini SIM down to micro size and throw it in one of those adapters. I'm waiting for someone to prove that this works. This is the first good reason I've seen that would make me want to buy the 3G iPad over the Wifi only.

Hey man thats nacho cheese. Go getz your own. I gotz my own. Should I buy an iPad or put that money towards an iMac 27" instead?

There is no "did" in the sentence.
"I got" = " I did get "
if you use the GET without the DID , then it's not refering to past sentence but rather Telling you to go Get it .
Got it ?!
Good :twisted:

I have a question for anyone abpout the new iPad wi-fi + 3G.
The biggest expense and hassles many people have is that the AT&T system has a maximum monthly limit of 5 GB. They also have other limits like NO DDNS allowed etc.
The New iPad Wi-Fi+3G however has a new AT&T TOS. This says UNLIMITED DATA per month! UNLIMITED MEANS UNLIMITED! But to throw another barrier in the way they use a Micro SIM chip instead of a regular SIM chip. The only other Micro-SIM chip in the USA is in a small kids GPS locater using the T-Mobile network.
The other change in the AT&T TOS is they have NO CONTRACTS required using this Micro Sim with the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.
There are available adapters to convert Micro Sim to Sim. They work like Micro SD to SD adapters.
Q #1) Here is the first question: Can I take the Micro SIM chip from the iPAD Wi-Fi+ 3G, place it into an adapter and use it in my iPhone 3GS? This could potentially save thousands of dollars on 3G charges per year. In addition, the new TOS does NOT require any contracts. If AT&T starts double talking me, I can shut off the service without being a hostage for two more years. Also, the month to month is good because when I asm in a LOUSY AT&T area for an extended time, I don't have to pay for lousy service, I can use another device on Verizon or Sprint until I am out of the BAD area. I can just disco with AT&T until I am back into a decent AT&T coverage area. I have seen some AT&T areas at 38 kbps. Try sending email. ha!
Q #2) The new AT&T iPad network contracts also SELL a replacement Micro Sim chip for those people who have damaged one, or want a second SIM chip. The thing I don't like about the iPad Wi Fi+ 3G is that it is bulky and will be a hassle in the rain. The ONLY thing I don't like about the iPhone 3GS is that the monthly data charges are outrageous. What if I bought ONLY the "additional" Micro Sim and told them it was for my iPAD. I could save money by not having to buy the iPad 3G, since I won't use it much anyway. I have other notebook computers, but HATE THE HIGH AT&T wireless charges. I could buy ONLY the extra Micro-Sim chip and put it in the microSim to Sim adapter and install that in my iPhone 3GS.
Q #3) I usually don't like the poor quality of most cellphones---BE HONEST EVERYONE. Most of them are TERRIBLE. I hate paying high cell phone charges when most the time the voice quality is BAD...BAD...BAD And that is when I am not driving a car. It gets worse from there. I was thinking of using a MAGICJACK plugged into a USB port of any MAC portable device. This way you get what you pay for WITHOUT the HUGE BILLS. Has anyone tried it?

Sorry---On Question #2 the Question is. Will this work? Using the NEW iPAd 3G AT&T contact to buy an extra microSim chip. Use it in a microSim to Sim adapter in my iphone 3GS to save BIG BUCKS on my monthly data AND have FINALLY a REAL unlimited plan.
I use about 20 GB/ month and have been as high as 60 GB/month. No movies or games or software downloads. 90% is uploads of my encrypted data. I usually download less than 10 GB/month.
Q #4) I have lots of data to upload, and could EASILY upload 7 terabytes/ week. I was thinking of bonding two or more uplinks. But that is another project.
Currently Qualcomm has been running experiments with Sprint EVDO Rev C at 24 megabytes per second in downtown San Diego. That is starting to get some serious speeds. NO WI-FI or WIMAX was used. It was a method of bonding wireless cell links seemlessly.

This news is pleasant, continue like that. I add your web site to my bookmarks !
Best Regards