If the iPhone goes 16:9, how do you want Apple to get there? [Poll]

Apple may or may not have decided to go to a 4-inch screen in the iPhone 5 (or whatever they end up calling it), and they may or may not have decided to do it by going to a 1136 x 640 pixel, 16:9 aspect ratio, but let's just assume for the sake of this poll that they have and they will -- how do you want them to get there?

Do you want Apple to simply add the extra 117 pixels to the display and let developers and apps have their way with it -- wider, bigger, fatter, longer?

Or would you want Apple to keep those extra 117 pixels for iOS 6 and introduce some fancy new widget/notification/gesture space?

Rather than repeat it all here, you can go and read Rene's monumental 4-inch iPhone breakdown, and his phenomenal 16:9 aspect ratio iPhone follow up to see what all the options look like.

Then come back here and vote up top, and tell me why you voted the way you did in the comments!

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Reader comments

If the iPhone goes 16:9, how do you want Apple to get there? [Poll]


You think adding that extra height doesn't affect your one handed use and just enlarging the screen does, WRONG.
Enlarging the phone to 4" keeping the same Aspect Ratio would accommodate one handed use much better than adding all that extra height. If you enlarge the entire screen you only add a small amount to the width and height but the entire screen is larger. By adding all of the extra screen to the height it adds a lot larger area to reach on handed.

I never considered the use of the extra space for widgets. I like that idea. Though I think just elongating the screen is a STUPID way of giving in to a bigger screen size.

Another option: ditch the home button and use the extra space as a gesture/notification area. The way Palm Pre did it.

I'm with you on that one. I've had Android phones and, while I enjoy the larger screen real estate, I still come back to the iPhone every time. With that said, a slightly larger (longer) phone, same screen size, and an area down below (with no home button) to include gestures and/or different capacitive touch buttons would be fabulous.

Maybe, but i don't know if it'd work so well on a tall 16:9 iphone. The Pre was made for it. I will say the Pre was the most comfortable phone to use when not using kb. The webOS UI was a joy to use.
That said, i'd love the current iphone with a palm like gesture area at bottom with more rounded sides instead of the metal edges.

Exactly! There are so many pros to replacing the home button - you get a whole lot more functionality, the physical size of the phone stays the same, devs don't have to redesign the UI of their apps, we can have unobtrusive notifications, etc, etc.

If they do go 16x9 I hope the also enlarge the screen's width. It does no good to go through all of the problems of changing the aspect ratio to still have the same size text and icons. I want a bigger screen so I can read it better not so it can be taller and make it so I have less content on screen in Landscape mode. So go to 720 in the width if you are going to change the ratio and enlarge the whole screen.

Read it better? Yep, Apple needs to design an iphone for the vision impaired. These must be the same people who can't see the difference between an ipad 2 and retina ipad 3.

16 x 9 is great for media but it's not a great ratio for a workspace. I would rather keep a 'squarer' form factor and letterbox video.

For the third poll choice, did you mean to put "Do both, so I can show or hide the dock like MacOSX!"?

I believe that should be "show or hide the dock like OS X."
I also believe that putting a dedicated OS-only or "widget"-only area on the iOS screen would be a terrible idea. Simpler is always better in the consumer space. Adding visual clutter simply for the sake of "information density" or "glanceability" for the tiny minority who think they need either of those things is a mistake. Even if that visual clutter is optional.
I think the best way to add "widgets" to iOS is to either add them to the existing notification window shade or to add a new bottom-up window shade for them. In other words, from the home screen, you swipe upward to bring up the "widget" window shade, and it could stay up if you want it to. No extra pixels needed. No extra clutter unless the user discovers it and wants it.

I have a new idea. I know its a kind of crazy idea, but i feel like sharing.... Why don't apple keep every thing same but just add a small projector between the power button and earphone plug. people can project their screen on wall, blank TV screens, cupboards, etc, etc.. anywhere, while able to use single hand to navigate projected big screen through IPhone which is in the standard size.

Apple loves bragging about battery life. Putting a projector on that tiny phone (especially a bright one that can be used in normal lighting conditions) will give you minutes at best.

seems like a pretty lame way to me to get into marketing for a bigger screen. doesn't seem like it will enhance my experience of what i expect an Apple product to keep up with. for people who want bigger, in terms of both height and width, this could be a disappointment.

If the screen is not made both taller, and wider, I will be switching over to a Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X or S. A 3.5" screen is just too small for today's technology, and I feel like just simply making the screen taller is cheating.