Still on iPhone 2.2 and Want Emoji? FrostyPlace Free Right Now!

Act fast, because this ain't gonna last, but if you're still on iPhone OS 2.2 and want to activate Emoji as detailed by iJustine (see previous post for details), act fast and scoop up FrostyPlace now. It's FREE for today only (and who knows what time zone today ends for them!)

(Via Daynah on Twitter)

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Reader comments

Still on iPhone 2.2 and Want Emoji? FrostyPlace Free Right Now!


I downloaded this even though I'm jailbroken and already enabled emoji and I pretty much have no use for them...
Am I the only one who downloads every temporarily-free app even if they don't need/want it? It's like convention swag: "Hell, it's free so why not."
Or maybe I'm just greedy.

what if its already unlocked? will it still work in 2.2.1? otherwise, well, that was a titanic waste of .59p for a weeks worth of emoji's

I've upgraded to 2.2.1, and my previously unlocked emoji's still work. 
But this post seems to say that is u upgrade to 2.2.1, then download the app, the unlock won't work.

I still have 2.2 and I've installed it but is japanese. How do I use this app? And better yet how do I send text or get the icons? Cause all I see web site links and a forum in Japanese.

I just tried downloading the app and it says I cant cause its being modified right now... tisk... I want the version that works on 2.2.1 cause thats what I have!

What the hell a i doing wrong? The free version that was up seems to have worked for people but not me. I got it yesterday and have been trying all night and morning yet it won't work! HELP!

YES! it finally worked after a day of opening and reading articles. just have to keep trying if it won't work

emoji is a scam it already is on your ipod touch its in international langauges under japenese i dont wanna pay for something i already have