Which iPhone do you use?

I'm curious as to just which iPhone exactly TiPb readers are rocking these days. Have a lot of you upgraded to iPhone 4? Is iPhone 3GS the most common? How many find iPhone 3G or even the original iPhone 2G perfect for their needs? And if you don't have an iPhone, which alternate iOS device are you using the most, iPod touch or iPad? And if you have multiple iPhones or iOS devices, just let us know the one you use the most, your daily driver.

Vote up in the poll above and then give us the details in the comments below!

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Which iPhone do you use?


I don't find the 3G perfect for my needs but it's what I can afford right now. I'm dreaming of a white(iPhone 4) Christmas though. ;)

iPhone 4 here. My first iPhone, wasn't that I didn't like them, just couldn't afford one on my own until recently. Battery life is awesome.

iPhone 4. Got it at the midgnight launch in Aus! upgraded from 3g model & sold it to a friend. :)

Just sold my Samsung Captivate and picked up the iPhone 4. I've also had the 3G and 3GS in the past.

iPhone 4 here. Still have my mint 2G that I'm keeping solely for nostalgic purposes lol! However, I kept the 2G for 2 years, upgraded to the 3GS, and now the 4.

Not surprised. If you follow this site, more than likely you're an early adapter on all things Apple, especially any and all iPhones. I skipped the 3GS just because it didn't look like much of an upgrade to me ( I was right ). iPhone 4 is light years ahead. Best phone I've ever had or held ( some of the new Droids are nice, but still can't compare) My 2 cents...

iPhone 4G, this is my 2nd. I had a 3G(S) at first. Love the FaceTime calling and the updated camera with flash

iPhone 4. I'm really enjoying facetime with my friends (a few already have the iphone 4 too), but i just with apple would enable it over 3g!
Maybe next year when the iphone becomes available on other carriers in the US

3G still. It worked perfectly fine until iOS 4. and I'm not going to sync my iPad till I read tipb forums first. 3G is my workhorse, my brain, so maybe steve's tryin to tell me something. Hmmm.

iPod touch (4th Generation), I used to own a 3G iPhone but I couldn't stand AT&T's network. Chicago is pretty user heavy and I would drop at least one call a day. So I own an Evo now, but very happy with my new iPod touch! This thing is a beast!

I like my 3GS and have since I switched from the Bold however my wifey is rockin the iPhone 4 which is S-W-E-E-T !! when she gets the new white one I'll take the hand-me-down.

iPhone 4 here. When just out of the box I was set back by the feel but since have gotten used to it. I have it in a splash case from amazon and sometimes like to take it out just to hold it. Use has been excellent for me since I got it. Very few dropped calls, not that I ever did. But I have had every new iPhone on launch day or in the case of this iP4 since the day prior to launch. I have drank the Apple Koo-Aid and am hooked on all flavors.

Had iPhone 123& now I love my 4! but becareful ppl pixels seem to pop and leave like stains when you reboot your iPhone

I have the 3GS while my wife has stuck with the 2G. If Apple EVER releases the white iPhone 4, I'll snag that and give my 3GS to my wife. And probably put the 2G in a museum somewhere.
So, will Apple ever release the white iPhone 4? There simply can't be a legitimate and reasonable explanation for its delay. On this issue, Apple = Fail.

I use and iPhone 3GS but I also have and use an iPad wifi. I love my iPad for it's real estate and therefore use my iPhone for phone purposes only.

I'm on an unlocked Samsung vibrant. I was an iPhone 3g user then a launch adaptor of iPhone 4. Then I got really tired of living in a box. And having to be behind on updates waiting for jailbreaks and such to the "free" still like the iPhone 4 wish I could have both Sonia could use all the apps I had to abandon

Rocking my white 3GS here and loving it. I love the look and feel of the 4, but my upgrade date isn't until February :(
And to all the people mad about the white 4 not being out: do you really think Apple doesn't want to sell you one? Unless there are still flaws with it, Apple would have released it by now. Be patient, and feel comfortable knowing that when it does finally come out, it won't be a broken phone cough Samsung Fascinate cough

@JJ - If you're tired of waiting for updates you picked the wrong phone should. Samsung is horrible at updating phones and released their flagship model on an old version of Android. Plus, you still have to wait until the new root exploit is found when the new version if released. How is that any different than waiting for the latest jailbreak?
iPhone 4 user here. I used the first three iPhones then a Droid and a Droid 2. I like the 4 the best so far.

lmao at the 7 people claiming to be using an iPhone 2G? Does that sync with your Apple IIe?
I mean seriously, they have to be joking right. What's the point of reading this blog if you are still using one of those. Surprised Rene even left it as an option.

I've had the iPhone 2g, then the 3G, now I have the iPhone 4...I loved them all...but the 4 is awesome

I switched from the 2G to the iPhone 4 recently... Personally, the original iPhone worked perfectly for me. The only reason I upgraded was that BB King autographed my old one and I didn't want to ruin it!

iPad and iPod touch 3G/4G...All the apps of an iPhone, with no $100/mo bill. There's wi-fi 80% of the time now, so I can't bring myself to pay so much for data/3G...

Still rocking the 3G, with the latest OS update plus Memstatus app it's still usable. The iphone 4 is still impossible to get in Canada anyways. I figure I'll wait patiently for iPhone 4GS/5/whatever they're going to call next year's model. :)

I upgraded from my 3GS to the 4 and couldn't be happier. I do a lot of video recording and farmville on it and it's perfect. The one and only wish I had for it was that the screen was a little larger.

I recently upgraded from my white 3g to the iPhone4. I was trying to hold out for the white one, but I need the awesomeness of the iPhone4.

On iPhone 4. Apple's best phone yet! I've had each model since Apple first introduced it. VERY happy apple products user too! Just wish Apple would get along with Adobe and have flash on their devices...

My 3GS is still rockin' pretty good. I can't upgrade until late February, so I might just wait until iPhone 5 comes out.

I'm using an Ipad 32 GB wifi now and switched my 3G for a blackberry cause I think iphone 4 price tag is ridiculous and I need a business phone as of now and iphone just doesn't suit my needs anymore

Have had every generation. I thought there'd be more 3Gs and 3GSs. I just got the 4 yesterday and I'm stunned by the screen and build quality. Can't believe how amazing the retina screen is.

Still using my 3GS and getting very frustrated with it. It needs a reboot at least once a day and everytime I want to take a picture. I have the 32gb with 6gb remaining storage. I refuse to get an iPhone 4 at this point because I want to get 2 years out of a device.

iphone 4 here (love it). My husband is about to inherit my 3GS, coming over from an ancient flip phone on Sprint, he's in for a treat. I also have a MacBook and an ipad (3G, 32g) which I didn't really need, but wanted. My bad.

I am seriously mashed off about how slow my iPhone 3G is. That's why i won't buy the iPod touch with only 256GB of RAM. In a year or two, it'll be creepin' like my phone.
Apple, make your devices more lasting!

Had an iPhone 1 for 2.5 years (on TMobile the whole time).
Now on iPhone 4 since June (on AT&T)
Still happy. Love my phone. AT&T has been good (despite bad press).

3G for over two years now. I am a finicky person who wants a major upgrade. I do not feel that the iPhone 4 is good enough. It's still an arm a8, it's not able to run an original office suite. So I am waiting till iPod touch 5 and hoping for that elusive 4" screen.

iPhone 4. Upgraded a couple weeks ago from a 3GS. Had a 3G and 2G before that. Love my iPhone 4

I have a 32GB iPhone 4 and before that I had a 16GB iPhone 3G S. I had to use my Dad's upgrade to get it ha ha... Also, I traded in my 3G S at Radio Shack for $200 and only had to pay $100 for the 32GB... So that was awesome ha ha. I love my iPhone 4 and I feel that even though the 3G S was an amazing device the 4 is a vast improvement. I love all of my Apple products (and I pretty much own it all ha ha).

3GS is my first iPhone. I love this thing. And since I can afford to get the iPhone 4, I'll be waiting to see if there is an iPhone 4gs or iPhone 5. Then, maybe I'll get that one.

How do I vote on the iPhone? I can select my choice but there doesn't appear to be a button to actually place the vote.

Greyscale, rotate your iPhone 90 degrees to landscape and you'll see the "vote" button appear in the bottom right corner.
Rene, you should include that reminder at the bottom of every poll.

Thank you very much MIKE =)
Still using the 3GS at the moment, can't afford the 4 and I'm still in the middle of my contract. Finding my 3GS can be a little more laggy these days and apps seem to crash more often. Still, works better than the 3G did when the 3GS came out.

I upgraded to the iPhone 4 from my 3G. What a difference between the two phones. I do wish i never updated my 3G to iOS 4 though. Its so slow now. I cant tell you how many people want to buy my old 3G but i dont wa t to sell it. It has sentimental value. I love the iPhone and cannot imagine using anything else. Although Android devices are pretty nice. But i still would not switch.

Got my iPhone 4 in July absolutely love it... But I really miss the form factor of the 3GS, though the build quality on the 4 is so much better

I am using my 3G that I got back in May of 09 without knowledge of 3GS (sigh.) Thought about going to the captivate or aria when my contract expires ; figured that out after 5 mins at the AT&T store ;). Going to wait for the iPhone 4GS or 5.

I LOVE my iPhone 4, but really do hate the new shape. My 3G was MUCH more comfortable to hold!