Updated: iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 Now Available

Apple has once again iterated on the iPhone 3.0 beta, with version 3 now available for registered developers to download via http://developer.apple.com/iphone/.

iPhone SDK 3.0 beta 3 and iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3 are now posted to the iPhone Dev Center. These versions are for development and testing only and should be installed on devices dedicated to iPhone OS 3.0 beta software development. Please read the iPhone OS Pre-Install Advisory and the iPhone SDK 3.0 beta 3 release notes before downloading and installing.

As a reminder, you can now test your applications that will use the Apple Push Notification service. Team Agents can log in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and proceed to the App ID section to create the components necessary to begin testing applications using the Apple Push Notification service.

The Beta 1 was widely showcased at Apple's iPhone 3.0 Sneak Peek Event, and Beta 2 was almost as widely deconstructed by code divers to find new hardware version codes, video support, voice command, and a host of other unannounced features. What will Beta 3 hold? Stay tuned!

Reminder: iPhone 3.0 is a real Beta intended for developers and testers, not for daily use on a primary phone. If you don't need the beta, don't install the beta, and for Jobsake don't buy it off of eBay. Yikes!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 55 comments. Add yours.

JustinHorn says:

Installing now! We'll see how it goes.

Omari James says:

I hope it has more features.
I'm actually requesting more features now more than before, hoping they makes the final cut.

Ash says:

Darn, My internet is down so cant download :(
Beta 2 is fine for me atm, i use it daily.

JonoMacDono says:

In on beta 2 now, and its on my daily use phone. I love it, the only thing troubling me at the moment is that I'm still waiting for MMS to come out in the beta. Anyone know if its included with beta 3?

Hakala says:

Not a dev member but always good to stay posted on the betas. I'll be checking this post every ten minutes until I see more of this.

KunchDiesel says:

Please Seed to Mininova (or hook it up on your idisk and email me a link: stevep3501 at cox dot net!!) my wife is out of town on business and she took the Macbook. =(

earless puppy says:

Remember a lot of Apples betas are time expiration betas. What I mean is, if you don't have a dev account and you choose to update a buggy beta, if the beta expires and you can't get your mitts on the next version, you coukd have a temporally dead iPhone. do what you will, but just consider this possibility before updating, being without a phone for a day or two could suck...
Just a thought, not a preach...

spidesol says:

I knew they were gonna release beta 3.0 3 today!!! Yes!!! I hope they release a new one every two weeks like they have been so far

JustinHorn says:

No MMS out of the box yet and just a couple of small settings updates to mail I've found so far.

MANGU says:

iPhone Betas expires??
Can u confirm this with link to where you got this information!

MANGU says:

What is the version number???

Rene Ritchie says:

@MANGU: All beta versions expire. I believe last year Apple didn't release a new version of 2.0 beta until after the previous expired and developers had the dreaded "pink screen of death"

MANGU says:

Any pink screens of dealth with 3.0?

Matt says:

anyone restore the backup from beta 2 or do you suggest doing a new device and re-setting everything up? i have read positives of doing it both ways

Jay says:

does anyone have the link to 3.0 beta 3

MANGU says:

Mattyfresh isn't it 7A280f ???

Jay says:

Matt I always just do an update. That way I wont have to restore or backup.

Matt says:

Jay - you just do an update with iTunes? I always did it using Organizer in Xcode like the instructions said, but when I went up to beta 1 my phone got all crazy and i read somewhere that it was better to set it up as a new device then put the settings back in.
Anyone else just upgrade from iTunes? That would save me a lot of time.

Jay says:

I just update it from iTunes and it worked fine. but whenever i take to set it up as a new device then try to go back and restore from backup, it doesnt even put all my crap back on it

Rene Ritchie says:

For betas, a clean install always seems to work best. Restoring from backup can leave cruft and cause errors. More of a PITA, but worth it.
ALT-Restore in iTunes, choose firmware.

Matt says:

clean install it is ... gives me something to do on my bus ride to work tomorrow.

Jay says:

im searching but cant find it anywhere, beside torrents files. I dont mess with those ;(

MattyFresh says:

intresting in the files i downloaded there were 2 files a 7A238j and a 7A280f weird i accidently used the j but it dosent seem to work but ive only tried to restore it not update i wonder what this fw is anyone want it let me know

Jay says:

i want the 7A280f thats the new one. 7A238j is the first beta

Rene Ritchie says:

Get it from Apple's developer site. If you're looking elsewhere, it's a big alarm bell that it might be more trouble for you than it's worth in the long run.

RB says:

I only use iTunes for installation. On Vista no less. No problems with beta 2 or 3.

Phil says:

Guys, you can download it from here if you don't have access to dev site!
[Removed -- Please don't post unofficial download sites in comments]
(Caution, for activation you will need to be registered on a developer's list...)

JayPogi says:

Just upgraded from beta 2 to beta 3. I noticed Cellular Data Network Tab was blank. Cant set my 3G APN settings so my 3G not working at the moment. Anyone who experience this?

Brian says:

My cellular data network is blank too i wonder if that means no more tethering

frog says:

Blank cellular data here too. Problem is, my network carrier sets it to the incorrect setting - which needs changing each time, so no network data until this is resolved!

JayPogi says:

i got mine working already. I created a custom bundle for M1(Singapore), update, reboot then BANG! MMS baby!

waanz says:

How did you create and installed your custom M1 bundle. I'm on M1 as well and get a blank APN setting page....

waanz says:

actually found this tool to generate ipcc files http://www.volkspost.de/carrierbundle/
then install by ALT-click on check updates in itunes.... (might be SHIFT-click in Windows)
cellular data is back for me as well with M1 Singapore...
However, JayPogi, any specific settings for MMS inside your IPCC file? mine is super simple.

Fluffy Adonis says:

i have slots left on my developer account 40.00 a slot via paypal email me

peter d says:

Just tried to install beta 3 and my iphone bricked on me .....can anyone help?

dawees says:

hey i have a question..
if i install the iphone 3.0 beta as a new phone (as most people have recomended), will my contacts still be on the phone?

nate8it says:

please! I hope no one is going to pay fluffy $40! I found someone who did it for $5 and i have seen people offer for slightly more, but $40 seems rather unreasonable. dyt? Shop around if you want to be added but dont let guys like fluffy here rip you off!

Jay Walker says:

I use two routers at home, one is an old graphite airport. It has never got more than 2 bars on my wifi even hovering above it. It now shows all three although I don't notice any greater reception , yet. I will say the beta 3 version 3 is running much superior although remote pad is crashing. Can someone post access using fugu or cyberduck, I can't get in with root login and alpine pass in any 3 beta. Is it true my old G4 500 MHz Mac has a similar speed chip as this sweet free iPhone a Canadian carrier gave me? ----still waiting for an iPod classic interface, Ill pay a dollar, sharethatapp at yahoo. Com seriously....

sean says:

when u go to music and slide to what part of the song u want to it says move ur finger up and down for speed of scratching??? whats up with that??

Steve says:

I will add your iphone for Dev. Site for $5. If anyone interested, please email me at stevenny@gmail.com

afb20 says:

activate more than 10 iphone or iPod Touch for os 3.0 beta for 20$ afrika_boy20@msn.com

MIggs says:

I'd like to install Beta 3 version 3 - will I be able to keep all of my informtation (mail accounts, wifi settings, music, applications, etc...) on the phone or do I need to reload everything and build settings from scratch. I've got so much on my phone I'd prefer to NOT have to do this.........

Shan says:

no, u dont actually have to re-do all those stuff. u can make a back up on your beta 2 and use it in the beta 3. the easiest way is actually to sync any application to ur current iphone on the current beta, it actually will back up ur phone/ data. then restore to the beta 3, and u will have an option to restore. this will restore to the "automatic" back up on ur computer to ur iphone. so, go ahead and try the beta 3! cheers

jova says:

I've a big problem with iphone os 3 beta 3.. i don't have a carrier so i don't have a phone.. any ideas about that problem?
Please help me
Thank you in advance,

MarcosR says:

did anyone add the new beta and had it jailbroken?! cause i did and it worked fine but when i restarted the phone it just shows the apple symbol and it says iphone welcome to the future 3.0 jailbroken and it wont leave that screen...any questions?!

Willy says:

I can add as many iphones as possible for 15$2155278@gmail.com

Attila says:

I updated my 3g today to beta 3 , and now is not sync anymore with Itunes, I can't sync back my numbers and my data!
Any suggest?

Chunk01 says:

Hi guys...... my update expired today and i finally got it fixed but now ive lost my cellular data.... im on pay as you go.....can anyone help :(

Jon says:

Hey. I am willing to add a couple off people to my developer account for free, because I know the pain of having a bricked phone. Anyone interested please email me at: coolmusicman123@gmail.com

Brandon says:

Will there be a 4th beta released? Or any updates?

dloveprod says:

I think the developer that added me to their account might have been deleted, is there a way to find out before I try to install beta 4?

mattraisin says:

[@ attila]Did you install anything from icy? don't under any circumstances do this unless you have conformation that the application or modification will work on beta 3. To solve this, follow your jailbreak and install method, again.

mattraisin says:

I dont think the perks of 3.0 are worth the hassle of installing without a developers acount, so many problems and i lost the ability to use any of my apps, woul rather have the new apps for 3.0 in appstore, sounds like there going to be awseome.