UPDATED: iPhone 3.0: Code References iPhone Gen 3 and 4 Hardware? And iPod touch Gen 3? And iProd 0? iFPGA?

UPDATE: Ars Technica has found references to an iProd 0,1 (iProduct prototype? Could that be the iTablet?) and an iFPGA, which they say may be something to do with "field-programmable gate array" (yeah, us neither). So Apple is either really busy building out their Mobile OS X offerings, or are having a load of fun punkd'ing the blogosphere...

ORIGINAL: We pretty much know there will be new iPhone hardware. Apple is likely always working a generation, two generations, three generations ahead. What we don't know is what and when.

The first iPhone 2G (2007) is references as iPhone 1,1 while the iPhone 3G (2008) is 1,2 -- which indicates it wasn't a significant hardware revision (3G and GPS not significant? Okay!)

The first iPod touch (2007) was 1,2, however the iPod touch Gen 2 (2008) was 2,1 -- which indicates a more significant revision (external speaker and volume controls, Nike+ are significant? Okay again!)

Now BGR is reporting that deep delving into the iPhone OS 3.0 has found references to future models. iPhone 2,1, which we've heard about before, makes it look like Apple has a more significant hardware revision on its way for the iPhone. No idea what that is yet (we've guessed iPhone HD). What's new is a reference to iPhone 3,1(!).

Does this mean there are 2 new hardware models coming? And soon as in this year (2009)? Or will 3,1 follow a year or more after 2,1, like Apple does with iPod models?

Speaking of which, the code also reveals an iPod touch 3,1. Could that be an iPod touch HD? A large size iPod touch iTablet? Or should we quiet our fanboy hearts for a moment?

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UPDATED: iPhone 3.0: Code References iPhone Gen 3 and 4 Hardware? And iPod touch Gen 3? And iProd 0? iFPGA?


omg, I'm excited, 'tho all I'd want is 32GB and A BETTER CAMERA and video recording thrown in (even though I know it's software related)
what else could apple throw in to a 2,1 or 3,1?

guys what if they are just throwing around all these #'s just to leave us guessing? kind of seems like a brilliant way to spread around disinformation and rumor talk.

Personally, I still don't compare the iPhone to iPods. What's so hard about cranking out new iPods every year? Cranking out a new iPhone every year, however, is a different story... IMO.

seriously?, what is up with all this "iphone HD" crap?
sorry, i dont want to sound rude but you guys are the only ones i know of that are predicting this. and IMHO, i really dont think that would be necessary and dont think it would be a big enough change for the device. as in if there were a new device, and it did happen to have higher res screen, it would come along with other features and not be the main selling point (ie 3G) everybody wanted 3g on the iphone and we got 3g, not very many people would care about HD. theres just never been any sort of complaint, none.
but my point is that it just doesnt seem likely to me

"the only ones i know of"
Ah, the inevitable "that I know of". There actually ARE other people talking about a higher res screen as a possibility/likelihood for the 2,1 iPhone. I doubt its THE thing that leads to the 2,1 designation, but I think its relatively safe to assume a higher res screen as that's the way forward. I might add that it could be some form of OLED to save juice and look all prettified, but I don't understand why one WOULDN'T expect a higher res screen. There was lots of talk of 800x480 or 854x480 stuff in development at the time the original iPhone came out and now there are plenty of 800x480s that were shown off at MWC this year. Its not far-fetched at all.

I want.. External storage via sdhc/xc slot. And btw video recording is a little more hardware than software. Writing video to the internal storage risks wearing it out. External storage fixes this :)
All I want from the camera is autofocus and more options. Megapixels are irrelevant.
I really would like a faster processor (which is likely in the cards if they're talking about hd), more ROM memory (or RAM whichever is more significant).
Another thng I'd like is mobile finder, and the ability to hide items on the homescreen that aren't used often.

I suspect that we will see a new processor, possibly multicore, new multicore graphics (given the support for OpenCL, you could have a single core main processor and offload work to the graphics cores as needed), a bump in RAM and internal storage and the new screen. I suspect there will also be an 800-ish x 480 screen, possibly OLED and a further refinement of the speaker is definitely not out of the question (also a more matte back).

@Steve - well, mate, its not ENTIRELY offtopic since the topic is gen3 and gen 4 iPhone hardware :)))

This seems like an ongoing thing with Apple. And, it seems like 3.0 proves this, at least to me. Apple released the iPhone 2 years ago, and as cool as it was, it was lacking alot. Along comes 3G....and the same lacking. Now, Apple puts out a few upgrades, but no major changes. Meanwhile, the complaints build. Seems Apple knew this phone was lacking what the people wanted, but had a problem. And the fact that 3.0 will not work in the original phones sort of proves that out. All of the "fixes" that should have been there from the start would not work on the original phones, and for some reason, Apple was trying to "keep them even". Guess they didn't want the "old" phones to seem "less". Now, since they have been on the market for 2 years, and at ATT you can upgrade after 18 months, they are sort of forcing the issue. My probem with it is that they made us wait, while shutting the door on apps that could have fixed these holes. I have had my 3G since July, and seems like it will be almost exactly a year for it to be able to do what it should have out the box. 3.0 shows that it could have been done at any time.

My guess is that they are planning to split production at some point in time between 3G and LTE. Makes sense. They sell the iPhone in over 75 countries. Not all carriers in all countries will migrate to LTE as soon as the equipment becomes available. So Apple will likely have to launch a iPhone some year really soon that is compatible with both and sell 3G to 3G carriers and LTE to LTE carriers.

@Scott - I strongly disagree. There is only one single function that was advertised before the release of the 3G that will not be implemented until 3.0 - national Swedish keyboard. The rest of the phone is just as advertised, which means it is and has always been more or less exactly the way it should have been.
With release of 3.0 there will be very little left to complain about. Except for fixing that keyboard that should have been there all the time, they also added a whole heap of new functionality that the device was never promoted as being able to provide.
IF there is a new hardware revision (2,1) this summer, I believe that the reason for it being a major revision is that there will be a higher resolution screen.

3.0 only shows that the first iPhone wouldn't even be coming out until this summer if it was "able to do what it should have out the box." I'm glad there was a lacking iPhone in 2007, rather than waiting until 2009 for a first gen to be "what it should be."
They spent a lot of time innovating the old-style functions that have behaved in klunky old-style ways on other phones (and still do). But, now that they've revolutionized that, it's on to more features to surpass the other guys.
My god, it's like inventing a time machine and having everyone bitch because there's no cup holders.

hope the new iPhone comes out after my 18 month contract. :-p. Sure we will here something in may/June like we did with the 2gen iphone

•Qwerty keyboard
•Better Battery Life
•Microsoft Word/Excell
•Better Camera with More Options

Needs more memory and better battery life, hopefully OLED but also a new design would liven everyones spirits and make everyone take notice again. Oh and the camera of course

I'm wondering if it would be possible for apple to integrate it's technology for the 8 hour battery on the MBP on a smaller scale for the iPhone. This would really bump up battery life while OLED technology and new lower power chips would continue to save power.

Microsoft Word/Xcell/Ppt. Would be great... But their microsoft, and this is an apple phone!
More likely an apple equivalent or something like openoffice!

No matter how many times Apple upgrades their iPods and iPhones, there is really no chance in a HD version of each anytime soon. Simply, cuz it cost too much. A camera I could see happening. An OLED display, I cannot. Samsung will be the leader in OLED displays like in their Impression Phone. Who knows though. Wait n see what happens.

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