iPhone 3.0 Drop Time Update and the Great iPhone 3G S Delivery Date Debate

wolfram alpha iphone drop date fail

Years past it was lining up outside Apple Stores days in advance, this year it's staring feverishly at LCDs, hitting little buttons like mice at a combo food dispenser/electro-shocker, and hoping beyond hope that iPhone 3.0 is finally ready to download and the UPS dude is a couple days early at the door.

Relax. Breathe.

No one really expected iPhone 3.0 to hit at 12:01am Cupertino Prime Time, and no one truly believed Brown would roll up with an iPhone 3G S at the exact same moment -- and a couple days early. Hope perhaps, dream indeed, but Steve P. Jobs like his events both maddeningly unpredictable and elaborately choreographed.

Doing some elaborate time zone gymnastics, Engadget figures 1pm EDT/10am PDT is the magic moment for iPhone 3.0. Hey, it's the typical start time for an Apple Keynote/Special Event, so why not?

Meanwhile, huge hulking piles of email and tweets tell us all those with early UPS delivery dates are seeing those dates disappear and change faster and more frequently than glowing Apple logo rumors, with the latest being: it looks like UPS is holding packages until their originally announced release date of Friday, June 19.

So, get comfy people, keep your virtual sleeping bags tucked and your coffee, cyber or otherwise, warm. It might just be a long day ahead -- or few days ahead for hardware -- for all of us.

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iPhone 3.0 Drop Time Update and the Great iPhone 3G S Delivery Date Debate



Well I guess us Australians will just have to go to sleep and wake up with a little present...

Just release the damn update already. Why make it available when everyone and their mother will be awake and looking to update? Wouldn't it make sense to release it at midnight so Apple's servers don't all crash at once. You know that is what is going to happen once 3.0 is released in the middle of the day. Boo to Apple!

Well. I guess the iPhone developers need some sleep too. Too bad we're all losing sleep over it.

The last update didn't become available until Apple headquarters opened at 10am. This seems to be an intentional (and intelligent) move on their part to not have software installing without tech support ready for the inevitable problems that will ensue.

Here's something strange. I woke up this morning to an email from Apples stating:
Shipment Date:
Jun 17, 2009
Delivers by:
Jun 23, 200
Obviously bothered, I clicked on the tracking information and UPS says:
Scheduled Delivery: 06/18/2009
Why so many games Apple. When will this thing arrive? Guess I'll know somewhere in the next week.

@Josh - Apple should really start to cater to their customers instead of dictating to them. Bring your IT people in early and let the downloading begin.

Well it's 8:00pm in China and I'm from Chicago. It's been Wednesday for quite a while here and I've been waiting for this all day. I hope I won't have to wait until Thursday China time. Come on Apple let's see this sucker!

Apple would have been wise to embed the iPhone update into the latest 8.2 iTunes update (a few weeks ago) as a sleeper. It would have spread out the stress on their servers. Maybe next time?

Why the heck can't they just do something that is freaking automated? I just want my update so I'm not antsy all stinking day! Blah, I guess I'll wait another 5 freaking hours for it to come out. GAY!

That's the Singapore version of the page...they have to wait, not us here in the US...

I say its comming out at 6am Cupertino time. Right now its 5:05am in california and i woke up at 6 last year for the 2.0 update and i updated then so I say at 6

Well folks the official word has hit, due to tech. difficulties at Apple HQ 3.0 will not release for another two weeks.

Sigapore gets it at the same time as US. They are like 10-12 hours ahead of us which by the time it rolls out it will be June 18 in Singapore......

June 18th! Really apple? First you and att screw 3g owners about upgrading to 3gs, but say it's ok, you get 3.0. Now you lie about the date of 3.0? You have just alienated the last remaining iPhone customers who weren't mad about the update apple tax.

Who said they lied?
It'll be out today, relax.
Other countries websites say June 18th, only because they're on a different time. Disregard those.

C'mon guys! Stop moaning and wait a few hours more...
Does it make any difference if you get it now or after 2-3 hours..
And it's NOT tomorrow, it's TODAY!
P.S. Be happy you have your phones, some of us still DON'T.

I just refreshed the site reporting June 18th and they had updated correcting that the 18th is for Australia and Asia. I'm calm now.

Yeah my tracking has been updated with the following:
Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description

Everyone, From a GD source the update will be lunched 5pm GMT london
It will be lunched by 5? So it will be released what, an hour before that? And turned to binary mush by crashed servers by then?
I think everyone's going to have a nervous breakdown, and all out of curiosity, unless you've got something really really important to cut and paste I suppose.
What fun.

If I was in Bsngkok I'd be peeing my pants too, oh what, that was Phuket. Release the update so these nerds has something to do besides hit refresh on their computers all morning. Dorks. I'll stay in bed with my girl. Let me know how it goes.

Wow am I losing alot of sleep because of a stupid update come on aple I wanna go t bed already jesusssss!!!!!

Current GMT: 1:13:41
Only 3 hours 46 minutes 19 seconds left--if that.
Go forth to Pete's or Starbuck's.

I kinda figured it would be avaliable around 12 or 1 because that was the same time the WWDC started even thou I was hoping to wake up and be able to update to 3.0 I guess I will be waiting here at work till 1 hopefully, but I keep checking before 1

I was so sleepy after waiting up last night, I went to bed with my contacts on, of course woke up fresh and excited to see the news, only to be greeted by more waiting, what's a few more hours right

OS 3 could be very close to being released to the servers. I installed OS 3 GM last week and I just fired up itunes and clicked "check for update" and it told me that "OS 3 is the current version". I haven't seen that message before even after I upgraded to OS 3 GM.

You can guess that the software will be released sometime just after noon NY time. The reason? Well, if you check out the India website, it says iPhone 3.0 comes June 17. But Singapore/Hong Kong are saying June 18.
Midnight in Singapore is noon in NYC, so it must come online AFTER that point.
Midnight in Mumbai is 2.30pm in NYC, so it must come online BEFORE that point.
Therefore, it will be available sometime in the next five hours or so. It is now 18.53 in Mumbai, 21:23 in Singapore.

It is 1:30 A.M. Friday morning here in Oompappamaumau... I've been watching for this update for 48 hours. Still nothing.

Apple Oz iPhone page has just been updated ... Date has been changed to an 'Updating is Easy' button ... !!
Graphics don't work ... (- Apple ? Experts ?)
But it's a sign !
Surely ?

I received my delivery notice today, says it will be delivered on 6/22. I wonder if the release is going to get pushed, or if I'm just one of the unlucky ones that will not get an iPhone on launch day?

Let's be honest. We're all lonely. Our mutual love of the iPhone strikes an even deeper chord than LiLo's Twitter photo.

The O2 web site here in the UK have just published their instructions to enable O2 users to still get free web access via the iPhone with 3.0 installed.
Shouldn't be long now (I hope).

Download the 3.0 Software Update.
Available June 18th.
This is in the apple website!!!!!!!!! I live un Europe wtf?!

That's for the SG software update for a phone that releases tomorrow (the 18th).
Try going to the regular iPhone site which still says the 17th.:
Nay-saying is annoying as hell. Even if we did have to wait, who gives? We've been without cut and past for how long, now?

This is a big freakin nerdfest. And I'm happy to be part of it.
Oh yeah, and my prediction is 10 AM Pacific Time.

ok, for the technologically challenged of us:
if we have 2.x jailbroken, do we just get 3.0 from itunes, or need to go through the motions again with the snow thingy?

Uhh thank you THunt. I am counting seconds and i have clicked check for update 3000 times :)

it is now 9:50 am NY time.
still nothing.
have been checking since about 12am.
it would of been funner to just guess when the update
was coming instead of waiting with fatigue at my computer

No problem, visi.
Someone finds something not paying attention and all hell breaks loose. Would have thought the world was ending. I'm glad I could set the record straight.

I'm surprised by all the posts from readers stating they're on pins & needles waiting for this update. I googled the 3.0 file over a week ago. It's all over the net on torrents & even as a web download. You just need to make sure you download the correct update depending on your phone (1,1 (original) 1,2 (3G), 2,1 (3GS)) I upgraded my phone and have been playing with the final version since then. If you're that impatient, get it. It's out there.

I keep hearing 10AM Pacific repeated everywhere. This is idiotic, though; I remember that last time they did this the server went down because it got pounded. If they would have started at Midnight Pacific, they would have spread out the traffic. You would have the hyper-enthusiasts at midnight and the trickling down to the casuals. I'm probably analyzing it from a US stand-point, as that might create a large traffic push over seas.

DAMN WTF... Why cant they just release it... I just called CRAPPLE and they are like we dont know when its going to drop... Steve Jobs needs to wake his ass up and and pull the trigger.......... WTF

Come 1 o'clock I hope Itunes doesn't come crashing down or we get a stupid message that pops up because everyone is trying to update all at once.

I'd have to be an idiot to download this via torrents - I just can't trust that the image hasn't been screwed with & something added that I don't need, like a trojan or virus.. Call me paranoid but I find it hard to believe that someone hasn't done something malicious to at least one of the images out there - It has happened before, remember yellowsn0w, so I'll just wait till I know I'm getting an image that's straight from Apple..

Well something is up as the support forum area for the Apple iPhone is down - it just has a message stating that "they'll Be Back Soon"..

Interesting to see how people are going crazy over estimating what time the iPhone 3.0 update will be. It seems likes its a worldwide craze. I've found so many sites with commentators that are making guesses. We should start making bets.

the support is down because of the overwhelming phone calls asking where this update is... i doubt anything other than that has happened as this has been planned for a while

Call Apple yourself direct. That's what they will tell you.

Steve Jobs and the people at Apple are very sick people, they enjoy having their customers suffer at their will.

Bon-chod that AT&T, Apple and their iPhone hype, those bhoses shouldn't have posted the release date because now everybody's lodos are up and waiting for that agar! It's 11am EST and nothing yet!

2 text messages that i have received from apple, one about the USB adapter, and the other about the 2.2 update came at 2:32pm ET and 2:29 ET.

I just fell on the floor laughing...
There is a way to txt sideways, but it ends up hurting your neck after awhile....

damn waiting here in Australia.. 12.53 am here
does anyone know where I would be able to download it from the webbrowser itself not itunes?

WOW! We are all a little excited waiting for this release but that's a bit much. Best day I had in ages, beets thing about work all day! City or rainbows hey ;)

...it will either be released in 7 or so minutes.... or it will be released in an hour and 7 minutes.... thats what im guessing

WOW! We are all a little excited waiting for this release but that's a bit much. Best day I had in ages, beats thinking about work all day! City or rainbows hey ;)

Somebody check my logic here... Aren't we all connected to the same internet? Whether you're in Miami, Texas, Cupertino, London, Bora-Bora, Kalamazoo, Honolulu, or Pyongyang? Do you really think Apple has scheduled a targeted release time for [your town here]? If it isn't released in Toledo, then likely it isn't available yet in Timbuktu either.

If the websites for the various countries are correct, the release window is between 9am and 11:30am PT. For me, being in Chicago, that means between 11am and 1:30pm.

im calling apple about this and its talking forever im guessing lots of people are calling about this stupid delay i the iphone 3.0 but im guessing it will be avablible at 10 am california time caues thats what time it came out last year and thats also when apple opens in cupertino ca so this is when tech support will be avablible.

Apparently, a carrier in Hong Kong is informing it's customers that the update will be available at 1am local time on the 18th. That translates to a 10am PT release. Noon for me. I'd put my money on that, if I were betting.

You guys, really -- find something else to do for a few hours. The longer you sit here clicking "check for update", the longer it's going to seem to take. :) It'll drop when it drops, and not a second sooner. No amount of whining or bitching or pleading or calling is going to make it happen any earlier. You could always kill some time by sending nasty emails to AT&T regarding the MMS debacle.

I'm ready for them to release all the new apps with push enabled, no more late responses to instant messages, yah

well its past 10:am central time here and still nada.
and apple is still holding the curtain down.

looks like apple is updating there website.. It first said Coming 17th of June.. Now it says Learn how to upgrade.. Any minute now i guess. Also the australian apple website got updated

@tgar: You beat me to it... I was just going to be a dick & say "It's OUT! I'm downloading it in iTunes right now! Hooray! I got it! Yeah!"

the more you all wait, the more you will be disappointed.
its only basic stuff in the update you've all seen it before. your waiting on the release of old toys ;)

yea, its a joke sorry guys...........man i'm ready to skip work for this........still waiting.

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is the GM issue? I didn't see anything in this thread about that. Don't flame me...just trying to help.

O2 UK says 3.0 will be out this evening in the UK on their website. Guessing anytime after 5pm BST, that's 4pm GMT. Currently 4.30 BST.

You guys know that the GM 3.0 has been available for a week now on the interwebs, right? Just get it and update manually. lol

Here are the file names to search for:
iPhone OS 3.0 Gold Master Final for iPhone 1st Generation: Search for iPhone1,13.07A341_Restore.ipsw
iPhone OS 3.0 Gold Master Final for iPhone 3G: Search for iPhone1,23.07A341_Restore.ipsw
iPhone OS 3.0 Gold Master Final for iPod Touch: Search for iPod2,13.07A341_Restore.ipsw
I found it (for the 3G) at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=30D7BWES
Have fun!

I think it is a bad idea to wait this long for the update and cave to downloading a non-Apple approved torrent...anyone else think this is crazy?

I would have to agree with 3.0, it's time u sheep stand up for your rights. Tmobile customers have way better rates...not to mention their loyalty plan. So slaves take a stand and tell AT&T to stop nickle and diming us. My services with AT&T suck! Always droping calls

I'm still guessing it's an hour and twenty till the release. Why download the GM - which, as I understand it puts the phone in testing mode - when you're going to have to download the released version anyway?

If you’ve been tethered to your Mac since midnight, obsessively pressing the “Check for Update” button in iTunes, you can give it a rest. At least for a few hours. Engadget has deduced that today’s iPhone 3.0 update won’t get pushed out until around 1pm ET.
Its rationale?
Reports that carrier 3 in Hong Kong sent a network-wide SMS notifying iPhone owners that OS 3.0 will be available on June 18th, 01:00 local time. That’s 1pm on the 17th in New York, 6pm in London, and 1900 in central Europe.
So there you have it. Another three hours to go.

Tap tap . . . Tap Tap Revenge . . .
Stupid song stuck in my head. . .
Whenever 3.0 does drop, it's going to download at 1kb/s and take forever. Then Apple's the servers will crash, and the iPhone-apocolyps will by upon us...
I love Lamp!

i am so obsessed with the iphone!!! I pre ordered it and was so excited it would come today because that was the ups delivery date but right now my phone is in kansas waiting to be delivered till the 19th :(

Finally! Got up at 8 am ET to check been clicking update ever since. Finally out..enjoy guys.

i have been waiting all day and still no sign of hope but thats how apple works u think that they r stuck in the same habit then they completely change up the whole game! so be patient i think the most reasonable time will be 1 o'clock because most people are working then so not everyone can get to it immediately so people do not overload the system it all makes sense as to why they do this.

Hey i just called apple they said they didnt know what time its being released but u need to close out of itunes for it to pull the update right thats just what the tech guy said dont know if it right or not

u put money on it to come out at 1201, i ust checked still nothing, yall just wait itll be 1pm shese lol

well, going by the world clock and dates posted on the international apple websites, we're simply waiting for india to cross over to the 18th. that occurs in just under an hour.
oh and i'm in australia. im supposed to be studying for an exam tomorrow morning, but meh.

My iTunes just had a real think about dropping the update!! Dialog box popped up saying contacting Apple update servers with scrolling bar. Then informed me my version was up to date. cruel...

Since Morning I've been waiting to get my iPhone Updated and right now it 17:10 hrs at London and my iTune says dat' 2.2.1 is the current version.
Am kinda getting mad... any one knows wot time it'll be out?

I have a flight to from Chicago to Frankfurt at 6:30 PM. This puppy better be out by 1 PM central or I can't get it today.

First iPhone 2G customers bitch and moan that they have to pay $400+ to buy the iPhone, and still sign a 2 yr contract but can upgrade a year later (eligible for the 3G when it came out July l1th 2008). Then customer's bitch because they have to sign a 2 yr contract again in 2008 when they buy the 3G model at a DISCOUNTED price $199 & $299...on a $599 and $699 phone?! The standard at AT&T is 20 months after your contract, you are ELIGIBLE for another upgrade. So everyone bitches about not being able to pay $199/$299 for the 3GS. Face it people, you're all brainwashed by the "new technology". Do you go out and buy a new car every year too? You guys make me sick. Unlike you suckers....I have so much debt, that never got around to buying the 3G, and can now buy the brand new video capturing 3GS!! Sucks to be you guys! hahahaha

Haa haa! Crappy! I just imagine someone sitting at their computer, getting all excited, "Oh my God, this is it!.... oh... wait... no." And then massive disappointment...

so i think that apple just needs to release everything at 12 o'clock in the morning no matter what your time zone is

Man I werked all night last night expecting to b able to get tha update when i got off at 7a.m CT-US ! :( Broke ma Mouses clicker, checking for updates a billion times ! ! ! Still nothing I've been up since 5 pm yesterday ! ! ! wish I could take a nap, but I can't sleep ! ! ! :) tooooooooo excited ~ ~

i just got an email from my service carrier (optus) about the update. i got it just past 2am so im assuming it'll be out at around 3am melbourne time.

Unlike you "sucker", I have so much money that I bought the 3G outright, and now I'm going to buy the 3Gs outright and throw my 3G in the bin.
Sucks to be you in so much debt! hahahahaha

10.00 AM Cupertino time is the time when the floodgates shall open and millions and billions of hungry, OS-thirsty people of this world shall let loose upon Apple Software Update 3.0...is my guess

@ Alex: Wow... can you imagine what Russia, Mexico or any number of Latin country's annual income from organized crime is?

Just had an SMS from O2 in the UK stating that the update will be available "this evening"; whatever that means?

did you know when you brag about your money people find you arrogant and youll never no true happiness! just a thought

I did not know that. Did you know that organized crime accounts for 100% of the mobster population?

OMG everyone is just sitting around tweaking their nip.ples in anticipation... Can anyone else feel their iPhone trembling?

Last night my wife told me I was crazy for getting excited about an update. I am starting to believe her.

last night i stayed up till 12 just in case and i got bored so i made chicken nuggets woo!!!!

When it comes, I just hope Apple's servers are ready. This is going to be on for the record books!


I did not know that. Did you know that rats can distinguish between their own language and the sound of garbage trucks passing?
Yeah, I was up until 2am (midnight PT). When it didn't happen then, I just went to sleep... but it was very restless... kind of like this:

this update better be worth it I have apps that havent been updated anyone knows if that will cause issues, the last update i launched an app and I had to restore my phone

So what is the concensus? Do we need to close iTunes before clicking 'Check for Update' each time? How big is this file supposed to be?

Why does everyone have their panties in a wod? The update for the regular 3G isn't even gonna have that many "new" features, all the good updates will be on the new 3Gs...

probably no need to close iTunes as long as your signed in to your account, they should give a prize to the first download

@entspeak yay i couldnt watch the vid my comp. is being dumb... its microsoft so no surprise ther...... :D

I think you have it wrong. It is the 3GS that doesn't have that many "new" features compared to the 3G!

its 18:50 in denmark.. still no update yet :/ im not mad.. but sad.. hope it'll arrive as soon as possible :D

@ Jocko: That is a 3Gs file. Wont' do anyone here any good.
@ DLo: Yes, but unfortunately, I'm not eligible to upgrade to the 3Gs for another year (at which point, there will likely be newer version of the phone coming), so I'll take my thrills where I can get them.

I really can't understand why people keep posting that 3GS firmware that won't work when we're going to get the 3G firmware in 2 minutes.