iPhone 3.0 Walkthrough Now Updated to Beta 3

We covered some new finds in iPhone 3.0 over the weekend, including MobileMe data merge and commercial Wi-Fi auto-join, but we've also updated our complete iPhone 3.0 walkthrough with all that and more, so if you haven't checked it out lately, go take a look.

It's still months from Apple's nebulous '"summer" release date, so more will change, and maybe even a bit more will be added before it drops, let us know if there's anything specific you're looking for, from Apple, or from us!

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.0 Walkthrough Now Updated to Beta 3


Headphone with volume support is one i can think of right away because I have the headphones with the volume on it.
Theres other things like having dates , for example, launchable in Calender so i can create an event I would like to have.
A problem they should fix is giving users the option to change the calender that an event was created on. After I created an event, I cant move the event from one calender from another unless I change it in iCal after I sync.
When email / street address and numbers etc are entered anywhere in a calender event, it should be launchable.
I use the calender a lot to remind myself to do a lot of things. I probably use the Calender the most out of all the apps i have.
Also street addresses should launch in Maps the same way email addresses do in Mail
Launchable dates and street addresses should be supported by Mail, Safari and Messages at least.
These features are in OS X and I know it would be a great feature for the iPhone. It would make life easier

I want the 3G switch in the main menu aswell or turn the WIFI menu to change to Network. 3G should be switched on and off as easily as WIFI is switched on and off.
General > Network is too much. Call me lazy but I only use 3G certain times when Im browsing

It would be great if the icons on the home screen acted more like widgets than just icons. For example:
- actual weather
- actual clock
- actual calendar date
So on and so forth...

I think if ToDos and Tasks were coming in 3.0, they would've mentioned it in the preview (since they did bring up two more calendar types being added). I cant see them considering it one of the lesser significant features that just wasn't worth mentioning. I wonder what the big problem is with it.
I don't think video is going to be supported on the 3G. The reason it wasn't mentioned at the preview was probably because they had to keep the new iPhone secret without 3G owners asunming they'd be getting it.

Maybe expanding the perma dock from 4 apps to 8 apps, or the option to do so would be good. Especially given 11 pages of app. There are often more than 4 that are the go to apps (phone, Safari, email, messages, ipod, maps, dedicated voice mail, contacts, etc) and 12 apps per page is still plenty.
Plus, since I mentioned it, option to segment out within apps (like voice mail, or phone keypad) as individual app type things.
Plus, one touch turning on of wifi on the main screen. I don't keep wifi on most of the time (does that save batteries?), but do so when I know I'm in a trusted wifi area, and it's a hassle to go into settings, turn on wifi, etc), as well as turning it off.

I want a playlist option for my alarm clock!!! I would even program it myself, this can't can't be a problem...
So c'mon apple, pleeeaaasee!!!

I would like to see Calendar colors that match with iCal when synced with iTunes. Also I miss (dare I say it) my O2 XDA, in that Calendar Appointments would chime until Snoozed or Dismissed, so that during a busy day at the Office I would not miss appointments, if not at my desk for the measly one chime!
I also miss the ability to to select Calendar dates like "The first Tuesday every month." If your not going to allow for this feature atleast allow us to COPY a Calendar entry and PASTE it every month!

Oh.... and I love the new Volume/ Pause/ Back/ Next Headphones on the new iShuffle. Can we have one with a Microphone for future iPhones?

Also , the calender should al least warn us about confilicting events. I often do have over laping events because there are tasks I do during other events. However, when i dont want events to over lap , I want go know.
Also , i need them to change the default time lf day from AM to PM. You have no idea how many times I left it on AM and forgot to do something. Thats extremely annoying. I dont know why they havent caught that.
I also want them to enter new vocabulary to the dictionary from the name of apps. I also want to add my own words to the dictionary. There are some words that the dictionary will never learn.

The SMS needs updating by adding an option to forward messages also the option to disable the SMS preview without the need to use passcode lock. I dont really like the conversation style of messaging. I know that O.S.3 will add MMS so thats a start!