iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad - VoIP, External Displays, Shared File Directory, 6 Apps in Dock

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MacRumors is reporting that the new iPhone 3.2 SDK, now available via developer.apple.com, but (currently?) only supporting the just-announced iPad, brings a couple interesting new features to the table tablet.

  • External displays, which had potential but no official APIs in previous iPhone SDKs, looks like they've gone legit. Video out to come? No word on an HDMI cable still...
  • Shared file directory, which mounts on both Mac and PC. It isn't the Mobile Finder we've wanted, but it sounds like it might make getting docs on and off a whole lot easier.
  • Universal apps, which means developers can make a single build that will support both the smaller iPhone and iPod touch, and the bigger iPad.

In addition, MacRumors says iCall Free VoIP [Free - iTunes link] has told them:

With the latest revisions Apple has made to the iPhone developer agreement and Software Development Kit, iCall for the iPhone and iPod Touch now enabled unrestricted free local and long distance calling over 3G data networks.

Finally (for now), 9to5mac shows that while the demo iPad only had 4 apps in its dock, like the iPhone, the SDK simulator has room for 6. Makes sense given the extra width. (Pictures above

We'd wondered what happened with VoIP over 3G. Will iPhone 3.2 be the answer?

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad - VoIP, External Displays, Shared File Directory, 6 Apps in Dock


This is excellent. I'm excited for the mobile finder esque feature.
I hope this has a lot more to do with the iPhone than I think.

VOIP over 3G is nice. Too bad you can't multitask and run your VOIP phone call in the background while you use the device to do other things. I would think this would be MORE useful on the tablet than on the iPhone which allows you to do this with traditional wireless calls.

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If Iphone SDK 3.2 is for ipad only--iphone users will be left holding the bad again--no VOIP over 3G. Bet they might make it available in their 4.0 version with the new phone. Thanks Apple.