iPhone 3G in Canada: $199 + 3 Year Contract + Illegal to Unlock?!

iPhone in Canada

Although Rogers Wireless, the GSM monopoly and hence both de facto and exclusive iPhone 3G carrier in Canada has yet to announce rate plans for Apple's second generation data monster, they have let slip the following in their PR:

Starting July 11, iPhone 3G will sell for $199 for the 8Gb model and $299 for the 16Gb model, on a three-year plan.

That's right, 3 (three!) big years for the contract as opposed to 2 years in the US, or 18 months and even Pay-as-You-Go in Europe. Who said we were the new world?

We've already discussed some of the challenges that previously faced the iPhone in Canada, now we have confirmed release date, confirmed handset price, and all that remains is confirmation on what have been, until now, globally ridiculous data rates.

Come one Rogers. You've come this far. Don't spoil it now with something silly like $100 a month for 1GB. Give us the 3G Unlimited for $30, just like the US.

I'd have more faith, but it's not like the Canadian government has anything remotely resembling consumer interests at heart, not with their new DMCA -- set for introduction today -- which includes provisions "Making it illegal to unlock cellphones or copy music from protected CDs to iPods."

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iPhone 3G in Canada: $199 + 3 Year Contract + Illegal to Unlock?!


I hope the current auction brings in a fourth carrier...and Telus/Bell convert to GSM...only that can provide fair competing ground for mobility and hopefully reasonable plan rates in Canada.
1. If I buy a phone at FULL price, why could I not unlock it?
2. If I buy a cd, I am buying the rights to listen to that music anywhere and any how I please
This is akin to me buying food and ONLY being able to eat it at home...or buying a shirt which I can ONLY wear at home OR work but not both...
Welcome to new age of discrimnation..against our freedom...

Rogers is totally going to rip people off. I have little optimism the plans will be the same as in the US. They are going to milk the iPhone revenue until there is competition. Rogers needs to realize that if they don't gouge us and give us unlimited there will be way more people adopting smart phones. Duh!

I think im going to get the first gen iphone and unlock it. after all, most of the new features are software based. I can live without 3G and GPS