iPhone 3G in Canada: Apple Doing to Rogers What Rogers Did to Consumers?

Just Say No to Rogers iPhone 3G Data Plans for Canada!

The iPhone 3G on Rogers saga continues! Crazy Canuck Rogers Rumor du jour? Apple, upset about Rogers disgustingly high price plans for the iPhone 3G and the negative press towards what should have been a triumphant launch for both parties, is cutting its losses and giving Rogers the same shaft Rogers has given Canadian consumers.

How so? By redirecting much of the iPhone stock once destined for Canada to Europe, leaving Rogers embarrassingly short on launch day, causing them to lay off the temp staff they'd lined up.

Caveat: So far this is only coming from a single blogger with no named sources and no history of iPhone or Rogers rumors, true of false. We're also only a few days from launch, the peak time for hoaxes and attention seeking.

And lets not forget media manipulation. Couldn't Rogers just as easily be panicking over the negative press and, desperate to make sure they don't lose fence-sitters or people who might have held out on the first day just to make a protest. Nothing like false scarcity to scare up some business, eh?

Either way, we'll probably only know for sure on Friday. Though nothing (but lack of common sense) stops Rogers from stepping up and introducing some reasonable rates before then. Monday will do. $30 on top of voice for unlimited data.

Make it so.


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Reader comments

iPhone 3G in Canada: Apple Doing to Rogers What Rogers Did to Consumers?


It's obviously a rumor with no documented sources, BUT I sure hope Apple did that to Rogers. I guess if there's been sudden firings are Rogers for temp staff, there must be some truth to this "rumor".
I was going to buy the iPhone, 100%, no doubt... until I saw the rates.

Thanks for posting about this. I can completely understand your reservations, given the fact that any tech rumours should be taken with a grain of salt (and Apple rumours with two ;) But I can promise you one thing: I didn't write the article for attention. Heck, I didn't even think it would get any traction. It's not my blog's usual subject even, but the journalist in me just couldn't resist writing something about it, given what I'd heard from a close friend.
In any case, the most interesting thing of all (to me, at least) is that we may never know what truly happened and continues to happen behind the scenes. I do trust my source to be completely credible, but who knows, this could just be a case of distribution or manufacturing delay blown out of proportion... anything is possible. We'll have to wait and see, a lot could change in a week. Hopefully it will be for the better.
Smithereens Blog

Scarcity, false or otherwise, isn't going to matter much when a significant percentage of their customer base who was planning on getting an iPhone has since changed their minds as a result of their ridiculous voice/data plans and prices. Why not just go for the Samsung Instinct from Bell instead, or buy an unlocked v.1 iPhone off of eBay?
I'll hang onto my unused hardware upgrade and my current phone until September and if things haven't changed, then bye bye Rogers. Enough is enough.

Obviously, it's just a silly rumor made up by a single blogger.
In addition, business the size of Apple and Rogers are not run by fools. I'm sure Apple is contractually obligated to provide a certain number of iPhones to Rogers. But I guess we won't let little things like business reality get in the way of a juicy rumor.

Falkirk, you would do well to read both the article you're commenting on in full and the comment directly above your own by the author of the original post (yours truly), before randomly flaming and accusing me of flat out lying. Just a polite suggestion.

If there are any folks out there who were going to be Rogers temporary employees we would love to hear from you to know whether this is true or not.

Wow this is great news if it is somehow true. Sucks for the people that really wanted the phone in their hands on July 11th, but is good to screw Rogers and hopefully convince them to play nice or not play at all.

At least Canadian customers know packages, here in NZ (the first place in the world to put the iphone on sale - 19hrs ahead of LA) Vodafone hasn't announced prices or packages yet, and we're all getting a little nervous as Vodafone has poor data packages.

I worked for a consumer electronics chain years ago, and although I can't say for certain if the Apple rumor is correct, I do know for a fact manufacturers HAVE done this before in the past. They will usually never admit to it on the record, but it definitely goes on.
In Rogers case, it would not surprise me one bit since they have thrown a big wrench into Apple's launch in Canada. Many are angry at Rogers, but the negative press also rubs off on Apple, which of course is the last thing they want.
Apple wants people to own their products so they can sell them more products in the future: iPod, iPhone, iMac, iTunes, apple tv, etc. The iPhone could have been many people's first apple product, but Roger's has messed it up even before the launch. Try to find a recent news article about the launch of the iPhone in Canada, WITHOUT a mention of angry consumers and the petition site. You can't escape it.

Supposedly, Rogers has scheduled a press conference for Monday. It's Do Or Die time. They have this one last chance to reverse all the negativity surrounding this launch. Their future is possibly at stake. DON'T BLOW IT! 2year contract/unlimited data/300 minutes for $60 or it's curtains for Robbers!

Is it rational to compare Canada's market to another country's market? Out of all the countries with iPhone, Canada is probably one of the smallest markets with the largest geographical land mass. I'm sure it costs more for infrastructure here than it does in Europe, or USA (where they have 10 times our population). Maybe I am wrong, but to me more people = more money, and more money means more options. Go ahead and compare country to country once Canada's other wireless dealers get on board and create competition. For now, go buy the iPhone because I'm sure you really want it. If you didn't, you wouldn't complaining and feeding rumors.

I own a MacBook Pro and an iPod. Now because of Rogers greedy pricing, sadly I will not purchase an iPhone. Apple I hope you find some way to make Rogers accountable for turning this launch into an embarrassment.

The rumor is true, at least the short supply of iPhones. A family member of mine works for Rogers and he in charge of the cell phone section. He's been told (by Rogers management) that there will be a total of 2,000 iPhones for Canada. Thin pickings.

2,000??? I better wear bullet proof west in the line up. You know whats gonna happen in small hours of the morning? People will be shanking each other...

Rogers is a corporate bully! They get what they want because no one stops them! There were enough feathers flying between Rogers and Apple to get to this deal, I sure there is some truth behind this dirty little rumor! That said, it take a bigger bully to beat up a bully, Apple has that clout! I hope there using it!
Some one wrote here or in another blog, "it's nice to see someone doing to Rogers, what Rogers does to their customers!" Reminds me when the Greater Toronto Airport Authority turn off their repeaters in the terminal building because they didn't like the new rent costs. Rogers whined like a little school girl over it all!
Please do not buy an iPhone from rogers and enable this sort of corporate behavour!

Various Rogers stores are now being contacted and told they will not be carrying any iPhones on the release date.
If you really want one, go to the 330 Bay or 130 King W locations in downtown Toronto. They will carry the lions share of iPhones. (Couple hundred each)

I spoke to the local Rogers store who said that nobody will be able to leave the store without an activated phone. If you've ever gone through this process before, it can take 20 mins or more to get everything sorted out with activation details, packages etc. You won't be able to simply get the phone and activate it online as they did in the US. What a nightmare.

check the fido and rogers plans for $20 ..... the add on plans, fido gets early evens at 5pm, where rogers get thems at 6pm... everything else is the same, why is this when rogers owns both companies.