Updated: iPhone 3G in Canada Redux: Are These the (Much More Expensive) Real iPhone Data Rates?

Sarumon Consults the Eye of Rogers on Canadian iPhone 3G Data Rates

This morning I mentioned the so-called "leaked" Rogers memo, which outlined almost find-and-replace identical data plans to those AT&T is offering for the iPhone was too good to be true, and now Kevin from our sister-site Crackberry.com brings us a Rogers presentation which puts another nail in the "we hope for fair data rates" coffin:

Non-flex plan: $15 for 2MB (hitting the YouTube button once?), $25 for 4MB, $30 for 300MB, $60 for 1GB, $80 for 3GB, and $100 for 6GB?!

Flex plan: $50 for 500MB, $65 for 1GB, $85 for 3GB, and $100 for 5GB?!

(Remembering the US in $30 for UNLIMITED!)

A 5GB cap, similar to caps some European countries have put in place for the iPhone 2G is annoying enough, but charging 3.33x more money along with the cap? Outrageous.

Kevin points out that Rogers currently charges $60 for 25MB, and this is better. But being slightly less @#$%-up is not really better. Sadly, unlike Vader or the Hulk, my hatred renders me no more powerful.

I hope these aren't the iPhone rates. I hope we get something better. But this stinks to high heaven of Rogers historical behavior, and there's no better indicator of future behavior than that.


Engadget Mobile is saying there will be exclusive plans for the iPhone on Rogers.

X1Zero over on the iPhone in Canada forum has posted the following under "tasty" news, based on what he claims is new Rogers training material:

Here were the prices listed for [iPhone] plans [including voice and data]: "$60, $65, $70, $75, $80, $85". What I gather from this is as long as you have at least a $30 voiceplan, you then pick your poison of either $30 or $45 iphone data, and youre golden.

Gander at the original Rogers slide in question (after the break)...

Rogers horrific data rates

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Updated: iPhone 3G in Canada Redux: Are These the (Much More Expensive) Real iPhone Data Rates?


There's talk of the spectrum being opened up to American carriers. And if that happens, hopefully the damn 3-yr vendors (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Mike, Fido, etc.) will quake in their "no such thing as unlimited data plan" boots.

Spectrum auction has one $2.3billion over the expected rate. Which new winner will ahve additional 0.5-1 Billion to build the GSM network and then offer cheap plans?? Slim to none chances.
I guess I'll just stick with my voice plan unless I ever move to States...or Asia...or Africa...or Europe....guess ANYwhere but Canada

@ RsB:
Seems you're not well-educated on the subject. 40% of the spectrum being auctioned was ONLY available to companies who did not already control 10% of the telco industry in Canada. So none of the current companies can touch it. It HAS to go to a new entry.

I apologize for my not being "well-educated on the subject"...I was refering more so to the new "cost" (versus original business plans) to build an entire network after having paid a subtantial premium for the spectrum. Finances will always play a factor in launching another carrier..

These are not iPhone plans, they are blackberry plans, winmo plans, and unlocked phone plans. The $30 unlimited is the iPhone plan.