Updated: iPhone 3G in Canada: Regarding that Probably Fake Leaked Rogers Memo...

Sarumon Consults the Eye of Rogers on Canadian iPhone 3G Data Rates

There's a memo being circulated everywhere from TiPb's comments to some of the biggest sites on the blogsphere, that purports to contain leaked information on Rogers -- the GSM monopoly with de-facto exclusive iPhone 3G rights in Canada -- rate plans, including data rates, which have historically been a HUGE issue for Canadians.

The information in this memo gives the impression that Canadians, at long last, might just get the same data rates as AT&T. In fact, the memo seems nearly identical in almost every find-and-replace way to the AT&T memo that leaked a while back. This has led many, myself included, to believe it's just another hoax, another way to toy with the battered-consumer syndrome sufferers north of the border.

(Of course, none of this would be possible if Rogers would just release their own plan info -- like almost every real carrier has already done!)

UPDATE: There's a second theory circulating which suggests that the memo may be both legit, and also an almost find-and-replace match for the AT&T memo, reason given Apple influence/wording or just similar contract terms agreed to with Apple.

I'm still not sure. This would be such a radically good departure towards fairness and competitiveness that I just can't bring myself to believe Rogers would do it. Please, PLEASE, prove me wrong! $30 unlimited for data, even given the more-evil 3 year term, would be industry-shifting good.

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Updated: iPhone 3G in Canada: Regarding that Probably Fake Leaked Rogers Memo...


AT&T as Sauron, Rogers as Saruman is Genius, BTW. We really need to fill out the cast:
Jobs CLEARLY has to be Aragorn -- left his home, refused to take his mantle as King, then suddenly comes back and destroys all who face him.
Ive: Frodo?
The one ring? hm..

It comes from a reliable source and from what I know about them, they would have nothing to gain by making this up. They have accurately said numerous things would launch this year which did. It has been backed up by another employee at Fido.

@Dieter: Spoken like a true free person of middle-earth, and not a poor Orc bred in the Rogers monopoly pits, twisted and tortured by high data rates until we can't even believe the mere glimmer of sun...

I have always been uber-critical of Rogers and they data rates, but if this is true then I'll be happy. As terrible as a 3 year contract, $30/month for umlimited (and it better f-ing be truly unlimited, not unlimited up to a 1GB limit), it is waaaay better than anything I ever expected from Rogers.

Here's my guess. It'll be unlimited, but only up until 1GB (at most), after that, Rogers will start charging you for "excessive usage" (wait, I'm paying for UNLIMITED data, so how does 1GB/Infinity (inverse of infinity is ZERO :) )constitute to excessive. Also, you'll have to download a Rogers branded browser from the app store, which will not be nearly as good as Safari. And finally, there will be Rogers branding all over the entire product. Like the simplistic, iPod-esq box of the iPhone. Not any more you don't, now you get a nice red and white Rogers box. Take out the iPhone, and you see that the Rogers logo is laser engraved onto the phone's back. Finally, turn it on, and the entire black theme of the spirngboard will be replaced by the same red and white theme as the box. Sound crazy? Go talk to anyone who has bought a BlackBerry on Rogers. They pull the same stunts. And now, I rest my case. Nuff said.

It is legit, no further evidence as to why it wouldn't be, Apple insider took down their claim that it was fake.

I just analized the "leaked" memo and itunes.
IT IS legit.
By the way there are actually 3 different "iTunes modes"..
Normal Mode.
StoreActivation Mode.
StoreGenius Mode.