iPhone 3G in the US: Unlocked and 32GB Refresh?

Apple Insider in reporting that a new option has popped up in US-based Apple (Retail) Stores: Home. Previously, the only options were Upgrade existing iPhone, New AT&T Single, New AT&T Family, and Additional AT&T Line. They conjecture this may mean a new, contract-free, unlocked take your iPhone 3G home and do what you want with it. They rightly point out that this is already an option in some countries which require unlocked handsets by law, though the price is typically as astronomic as the freedom that comes with it. Will this happen? And will it be "unlocked" meaning it can run on other US carriers only (i.e. T-Mobile), or truly SIM unlocked to run with any card, in any county, around the GSM world? We'd love it, but we've been learned not to let our expectations get ahead of corporate avarice before...

Also, they point to a possible capacity bump in time for the holidays. With 8GB supplies running low, they say, 32GB might just be on the horizon. This, of course, would require Apple to switch from the current NAND flash chips they're using, which max out at 16GB on the iPhone and 32GB on the iPod Touch (which lacks the radios and hence has double the space for the memory). Apple bought tons of the old NAND chips before the 3G slipped, and we haven't seen any rumblings of them ordering the higher capacity ones yet, but the same thing did happen last year, so...

Who wants an unlocked 32GB iPhone 3G (in Product Red, no doubt!) wrapped up for them this year? And who's got the probably close to $1K to drop on it?? Let us know!

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iPhone 3G in the US: Unlocked and 32GB Refresh?


Jesus Christ...
Love my iPhone and all, but for a thousand bucks just buy a MacBook.

I would, I've been patiently waiting for the iPhone 3G in any capacity so I would definitely pay quite a bit more to have double the storage!

Since I can play all 4000 of the songs from my home computer...
and then 6000 more from my office computer...
all without putting ANY of the songs on my iPhone first...
why do I need to double my phone's memory?
I can also play MILLIONS of video from the Internet,
without having to copy any of them into the iPhone first.
I have about 60 apps installed... and 55 ring tones...
and I'm only using about 1 gig of memory.
What are we going to do with all that unused memory?

You can buy an unlocked iPhone in Australia for AUD$800 for teh 8gb. and $900 for 16gb. Go aussies.
In response to jill, i'm sure you might want to listen to your music when your not working aswell.

During the whole time I went on my anti-ATT rant, I wrote to Apple suggesting they ditch carrier exclusivity and pump out unlocked iPhones. I also urged others to do the same thing if they agreed. I was thinking that to compete against Android, Apple should sell the iPhone unlocked at a discount and write an iTunes store app for android, among other things. I'll be interested in seeing what develops.

I have a 16 GB and it's almost full. I use my iphone more than my laptop, so.. I would probably buy one. although i do think the price is a little steep. However I have about 105 apps and about 15-20 are over 100 MB the rest are fairly big also. I have nine home screens and I add more apps every week. I also have 9Gb of music and who knows how much video and photos. I use my iPhone everywhere. most teens like myself use our phones more than computers. it is the future of mobile computing. something like this would be perfect.
i just wish they'd come out with an iphone that has a 3.2 MP camera with video recording. and a 2.0 mp cam on the front for video calls. a better wifi chip. faster processor (1.2 GHz would be sweet) 32 GB SSD. and more ram. I also wish they'd maximize the screen resolution to compete with euro and asian phones, and improve battery life (ppl asking for a swapple battery are stupid) and why can't we download music over wifi or out of email attachments. and have appleworks. iPhone has the ability to do more. and i think all phones will soon replace computers

16gb is PUH-LENTY for me. My only gripe is that someone needs to get this thing unlocked for me!!! I refuse to pay AT&T world roaming charges.

I don't want a 32GB iPhone but just wish that Apple would sell the phone unlocked. I am in England and have a 16GB Black 3G iPhone on an o2 contract. I would like a white one to use with a T-Mobile sim all I can do is look on ebay for one that someone has bought unlocked in Italy etc. Not great no back up from Apple.
All UK networks offer sim only contracts and this is the way they look to be going. They want to spend more time selling service and data plans than phones.

First of all,
No way would anyone in their right mind spend a Grand for a damn iPhone....
Unless you are one of the following:

  1. Buyer of the I'm rich app for the iPhone.
  2. Buyer of a Vertu phone...But those are high end phones anyways, this is just a regular iPhone no diamonds of any kind attached to the phone.
  3. Just a die hard APPLE fan who has just about every Apple product out there. I guess these people would definitely buy the phone.

In Norway you pay 950 bucks for an unlocked iPhone 3G 16GB. So don't complain, Americans!

It's true younger people use their phone more than computers. More storage please. If you are not using your 16gb to the max, then maybe you should hae just got a regular cell phone instead.

Dammit, I'd pay $1k to anyone who can permanently unlock my present iPhone 3G. I have to use damn turbosim card to have service and they screw up the phone. why? I got the iP as a present. It was bought in the US, given to me and IT DOES NOT WORK. Thanks to Apple's stupid network policy. If I had a choice and the phone would be unlocked I would pay...

I been waiting for this moment since I first heard about the iPhone and been holding out until it happens!
I want a 32gb iPhone 3g and Unlocked.. PLEASE APPLE!

Roadkill you can unlock he iPhone for free... use WinPwn or ZiPhone to unlock it. Just google it and download. The rest is easy b/c steps are given. Enjoy you new unlocked iPhone :)

I did it with ZiPhone for the first one I had then sold it. My 2nd one, I have right now, it was done by WinPwn and its nice b/c the starting apple logo says "I PWNED" with a colorful apple

I need to buy one I am from saudi arabia
any one can help me ???
PLEASE Ineed iphone 3g 32gb
thank you.

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