iPhone 3G Leaked Pictures: Video Conferencing !?

Another day, another leaked picture.  These pictures add another layer to the already interesting pie that is the iPhone 3G. The leaked images show that there will be a front facing camera used for video conferencing on the iPhone. iPhone-to-iPhone video calls would be made possible with the 3G network while iPhone-to-iChat video conferencing will require WiFi.

As the images say, "The video calling revolution has begun".

Other interesting tidbits from these leaked photos is the back-facing speakers, the tapered edges, and the color selection (black or (product)red). The tapered edges make a lot of sense with the thicker vs thinner rumor battle: thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges (guess we should have seen that coming). The speakers were probably moved because of the edge's thinness. And for the color choices, Apple has always been in line with the (Product)Red campaign, so it's not too surprising. Also of note, iChat is supposed to be released for Windows (XP2 or Vista), so everybody can join in on the fun.

Personally, I don't think mobile video conferencing has matured enough in the US for Apple to include it in the iPhone 3G. What do you think? Let's start a manhunt for Carlos Rodriguez? Or should we RUMOR SMASH this already? 


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iPhone 3G Leaked Pictures: Video Conferencing !?


Well I'm kind of torn here because I would love it if it did have iChat but then again I would also hate the design. It seems like it has a similar shape to the itouch which would bug me because I feel like the corners on the touch are to sharp. Either way I dont think this is real and neither does engadget and they apparently have gotten the 3G iPhone firmware and there doesn't appear to be any new camera mentions in it.

I'm in agreement that it would be great if it happened but call me from Missouri. While AT&T upgraded their network I don't think that the upload speeds are anywhere near what they need in order to make the video quality sufficient. Then there's the amount of increased data running through their network that would have to be managed - especially at peak call times. AT&T may be getting better but I seriously don't think that they're there yet. Still, it's not going to prevent me from getting one.

There is nothing wrong with future proofing a device though. At&t may not be there, but that doesn't mean that Apple can't be there, ready and waiting for when At&t arrives. I take every new shot with mountains of salt, but I can honestly say that if it does end up looking like that, I won't be upset.

cool but it seems that the front camera is 2MegaPixel and "maybe" the rear one will be 3.2MegaPixel
wait & see :)
thanx for the img

I think these are legit... As for someone mentioning that nothing was found in the firmware regarding another camera mention. Quiet possible there will be two different firmwares out on release. One for the current phone and one for the New one. Just my guess.

It looks real and fake at the same time. The missing sleep/wake button was a good catch Nathan. Doesn't seem like Apple would miss that one. Also Mr. Rodriguez doesn't strike me as one of Apple's typical models. Not because of his ethnicity but simply because I don't see Apple featuring ANYBODY waring just a plain white tee.

I have just recently purchased an iPhone from an Tmobile store butI am not happy with video and photo quality.
Do I have to download something to fix the problem.