iPhone 3G Release Date: July 11th. Price: $199. GPS Too.

image credit: iPhoneBuzz

Headline says it all, don't it? The iPhone 3G is going to be released on July 11th, 2008. It will be $199 for the 8 gig version, $299 for the 16gig version. It will come in black and white (in the 16 gig anyway). It has 3G speeds for data, 2.8 times faster than EDGE. It has GPS. It will have 3rd party software.

Mark your calendars!

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Reader comments

iPhone 3G Release Date: July 11th. Price: $199. GPS Too.


im a bit shitty they didnt improve the camera..... 2MP is pretty standard, especially considering 5MP is happening in phones now

Price is great but I am really disapointed on the features: no front facing camera for video conferencing... + cheap camera

What are you talking about. This is the phone ever and you can't wait a little less than a month for it. Patience is a virtue, you know.

I'm a bit disappointed in having to wait a month as well. I guess after waiting out a 2 year sprint contract and waiting this long for iphone 2.0 one more month isn't the end of the world.
Would very much like for it to be much sooner though!

@ animal; it's not so much patience is not a virtue it's more about closing down stores which signals that release is imminent and then not releasing it for a month. All the pre-interviews that I read were signaling "days" in response to questions by reporters. I feel it's misleading. I agree this appears to be the best phone ever. Bye Bye Tilt.

Nothing really surprising about the iPhone 3G, except for the price. I'd consider upgrading my current iPhone if I could get $200 for it. I paid $250 for it.

It seems like this price should help the market share explode. No word yet whether or not the Data plans will cost more though?

Question to current Iphone users. Does the current (non 3g version) have threaded testing. I went from a Treo (with threaded) to a Tilt (without threaded) and I have to say texting is not nearly as usefule without threaded messaging. TIA.

rogueinvogue, current iPhone has threaded texting.
climbing narc, data plans don't change just because you make a shift from 2.5G to 3G -- they're all the same, at least in the U.S.

what a joke. Same camera! No flash! Only thing that is good is the price but wait till you see the data plan! Apple dropped the ball. Stock will hit 150 by friday!

After seeing all the features it has, I think this phone is awesome! Having said that it is awesome, there is one thing I don't like. AT&T wants $30 for the data plan plus $39.99 for the voice plan, and $5 for text messaging, which adds up to $75 minimum for iPhone service with minimum text messaging. That is A LOT of money per month to be entering into a TWO-YEAR contract for just a cell phone! AT&T is going to turn off a lot of people over this!

One more thing ... does anyone know how difficult it is going to be to get an iPhone 3G during the first few days? Will each store only have ten phones, or will there be thousands? Does anyone know?

now everyone is gonna have one. Kinda kills the antsy public fame from having one. Its like having a Ferrari - just like everyone else on ur blokk......

wow $199 tht is pretty cheep 4 an iphone... i wonder y they made it so cheep... but now i can aford it.. by by razr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just can't believe that it will not available in indonesia this year. It's a country with more than 230 million people! Even nokia always release their latest one in indonesia. I'm definitely sure if iphone available this year in indonesia, it will hit nokia market!

the iphone will not be sold unless
u sell ur soul to at&t n sign the 2yr
contract wich is the main reason why at&t lowerd the price on the fone, best way to do it is buy cancel the plan after 30 days then
unlock it so u can whore out the fone

4rk4ng3l Says:
July 6th, 2008 at 2:26 pm
the iphone will not be sold unless u sell ur soul to at&t n sign the 2yr contract wich is the main reason why at&t lowerd the price on the fone, best way to do it is buy cancel the plan after 30 days then unlock it so u can ***** out the fone
But if you cancel the plan, won't they give you a huge fine?? And doesn't Apple sell them without a plan (and for how much??) I am leaving the country at the end of this month, and want to take the new iPhone with me... without plan! Please advise

I just want to know? When does iPhone 3g is being released officially in the international standard? Cause i really are curious, about when it could used internationally and officially? Rumor has it that the present iphone have not be officially been sold as a official goods, while people have jack it and do all sort of stuff that the apple industry have notice. So when?

I've seen this phone in Asia, somewhere in the Philippines and Europe countries last Christmass, Why USA are always late on technology? I mean you can see this high tech machine first somewhere out there.

dude, check out your itunes, go to itunes store, country = indonesia,
it tell dude, iphone will be in indo .
hehehehehh (no illegal/ crack iphone any more.... soon)

Why Iphone 3G didn't come to Malaysia as we have been waiting for ages already. When will it onboard here? We don't even have agent here too. Why?

All iphone 3G lovers in India...all of us will have 2 wait 4 much long coz the new iphone 3G cant b hacked..its noway possible 2 hack the new iphone 3G..so u can only have a iphone 3G with a contract with either vodafone or airtel..n this contract will cost u a lot..we eill have 2 pay a genuine sum 4 d next 24 months..wich may costs extra rs.10000..haha...but that is really sad..

iphone a very interesting phone but its price cant be that
they r gonna increase it i think when it releases out
they r not gonna give it for only $200 never this is not possible

apple is fooling us they will increase the price of iphone it will cost a $150 more than the original version

hei...i think all of you r wrong...its 200$ bcause its made of plastic instead of metal. APPLE's motto is cheap but sell many! hey..rumours r telkomsel will bring iphone 3G to indonesia. NO RUDE COMMENTS PLEASE THANK. BTW DYUUHHH, IT WILL PROBABLY COST 2 MILLION RUPIAH. CHEAP!

Can you please let me know how much does the Iphone 3G 16GB cost and how do I go about ordering on line. I'm writing you from Athens,Greece. Thank you for your time.

okay, im on a contract with my mom who has a razr and i an old iPhone which broke, wanna get a new 3G 1 but cancel data and just use voice like i did with my old iPhone. what i've heard so far:
1: Get the phone and plan for a month so they actually SELL it to you with no fuss, after 30 days or whatever tellem you broke it, and that you switched to your old phone (lol razr). but keep using the iPhone 3G anyway but block all data (what i did last time but just cancelled it, without the lieing story)
2. If you do that you are baaahhhd! apple will get you and make you give it back but for a 10% refund- Apple wins! (im thinking here people mean to say if you cancel the ENTIRE plan)
3. you wont get wifi or edge OR 3G if you cancel the data plan!
4. Suuuure, cancel the data part,you just pay a one time fee (yea- OOFFFF????)
"i've changed my plans all the time and found that they don't charge you for taking data off"
ANYWAY it would be nice to get some advice from someone whos ACTUALLY done it, but i will take anything. my original plan was the first idea above. and if that didnt go well sell the phone on ebay:unlocked (which i can do) and make an easy $700. no lie people, look foh yoh self, theenn switch back to old iPhone, just pay $250 to repair the cracked screen, sigh.

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At last!! Iphone 3G enter Indonesia!!! The Grand launch will be held on March 20th on Pacific Place. And it's price is so expensive !!! Non-contract IPhone 3G 16GB cost IDR 11,000,000 or almost US$ 1000 !!!

Have Apple looked at these postings, I doubt it, as they really HAVE NOT upgraded the phone sufficiently, but just gone for the kill in order to open up their share of ther market, I bought the 2nd generation phone and I have used it almost every day, ( battery life sucks ! )
I have been buying ,studying and using mobile handsets since Motorla carphones were the norm. I have tried and tested them all, this Apple phone is a gimmick, and well worth having for the simple reason, it's a state of the art gimmick, a must have. Forget the camara, Apple did,forget the bluetooth,Apple did,forget all the other bits & pieces that you'd expect to find ( or SHOULD FIND... ) APPLE DID. After all, Apple DO know what they are doing. Best point, the music facility, it has finally taken my focus away from Sony walkmans after 30 devoted years to cassettes and cd's.
mp3 / 4 is the future. iPhone leads the way & nothing can beat it if you don't consider anything else.
Coolest gimmick on the market. One day it will be complete, by then something new will have come along...

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