iPhone 3G: Rumored Hands-On?

iPod Observer Image- Black iPhone

Chad brought us a look at the rumored back-in-black iPhone 3G a while ago, and now Engadget claims to have some confirmation!

So we've got it on authority that the second-gen iPhone is already well into testing, and numerous units are floating around in super secret pockets. A trusted source got a chance to check one out.

According to Engadget's source, the iPhone 3G is roughly the same size and shape, has GPS for realz, the glossy black backing we see in the pic, chromed up volume buttons, no removable battery ('natch), flush(!) headphone jack, same screens size and resolution (what? where's my Nano-res 200dpi 640x480?!)

July is rumored, but who outside the jobspod knows for sure?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 3G: Rumored Hands-On?


I like the black, but I don' see the chrome volume buttons. I am not sure that would look very good.... black case, chrome volume controls? Ewe.