iPhone 3GS Recognizing FaceTime URLs?

iPhone 4 FaceTime one tap call

It seems one sharp reader over at AppleInsider has noticed that the iPhone 3GS does indeed recognize FaceTime URLs under iOS 4. 

Now most people familiar with how these URLs work will understand how this is possible.  Ever noticed if you're in a regular web browser and there's a link to e-mail someone, you'll see in the bottom progress bar a path that contains a URL that will say something to the effect of:  mailto://user@emailaddress.com?  Well, Apple uses a similar interface.

A reader by the name of Felipe Baez started to look a little deeper into how FaceTime was actually working and figured out the scheme is quite similar to the typical schemes Apple uses for apps such as the phone, e-mail, and SMS apps.  If you try and use one of these links on a 3GS running iOS4, it will recognize it as a FaceTime link but won't currently do anything.

Could this potentially lead to hacks for FaceTime to work on a 3GS? Obviously a 3GS does not have a front facing camera, that doesn't mean it couldn't be opened up to where 3GS users can view and converse with iPhone 4 users.  As of now, the audio on the 3GS won't even work, but I'd guess it'd only be a matter of time before another sharp reader or developer finds a way around that.  Whether or not it would require a jailbreak is anyone's guess.  Hey maybe a way to use the regular camera in the 3GS could become an option.  The jailbreak community is strong and I don't doubt this is something that could potentially interest a lot of them. Thoughts?

[Apple Insider]

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Ricoe320 says:

With this knowledge in hand I strongly believe that hooking up a camera to a iPhone that this could be done

Steve says:

Give it a month after jailbreaking becomes available on iPhone 4... It'll happen

isaac65 says:

I can't find the link for the life of me, but I remember seeing something that could be used for this. It was a front facing camera attachment for the 3G or 3GS. Basically, it attaches to the back and is like a little periscope that reflects your face off a little mirror and into the camera. This way you can be looking at the screen while the back camera sees you. If I find the link I'll post it up. If not, I'll make my own attachments and make dozens! MUAHAHAHAHA!

isaac65 says:

Well I couldn't find the link to the little attachment I saw, but here is a larger, uglier version.http://macdaddyworld.com/2007/08/12/two-way-video-conferencing-for-iphone/

Luiz Carlson says:

I hope somebody find a way to make FaceTime work on 3GS. I would use my iPhone in front of a mirror using the back camera at the same time I can see my display ;)

I_AM_THA_1 says:

How about they make a case with a front facing camera?
Then we would all have the ability to utilize FaceTime.

John says:

I intend to make a fortune selling iphone 3GS facetime kits. It will consist of a handheld mirror and an instruction booklet. "Hold your phone up to a mirror and initiate videochat session." :)

pendragyn says:

I take it with this type of URL a Facetime session will not need to be initialized with a phone call?

Limegrntaln says:

Worse case scenario, you could get the iPad camera kit working with the iPhone enough to hook a USB camera up to it. Even though it wouldn't be as portable, but it would work for some.

Jon says:

It's called a protocol.

Paul says:

I would like to see an attachment that plugs into the docking port at the bottem with a camera in it. Then we could use the face time on our 3GS phones. It could be like a mini web camera.

Wil says:

An iphone 3GS and a mirror?

allan says:

wait till da iphone 4 jailbreak ckmes ot
so dat hackers can c the inner system files of the iphone 4

Geohot says:

I'm already working on this and am making progress. I will figure out how to access these URLs first before Comex.

Carson Turnow says:

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Abe Freckleton says:

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Ratlover12 says:

Can the iPhone 3 FaceTime with the iPod 4th gen??