iPhone 4: Everything you need to know in 10 minutes [video]

A quick, 10-minute video walkthrough of everything you need to know about iOS 4 on the iPhone 4

If you're aware of the iPhone 4 hype but haven't really gotten a handle on it yet we're here to give you a quick 10-minute walkthrough and show you everything you really need to know about Apple's latest mobile phone.

The fancier, thinner hardware includes chemically strengthened glass on both sides, a stainless steel antenna banded around the side, the incredible 960x640 Retina Display, and impressive 5 megapixel, LED-equipped camera that also shoot 720p 30fps HD video. There's also a VGA-quality front-facing camera that's used for Apple's new FaceTime video calling feature.

iPhone 4 also comes with iOS 4. While most of the features, aside from FaceTime and a new class of apps like iMovie, aren't unique to iPhone 4, Folders look great on the Retina Display, and multitasking is snappy on the Apple A4 processor for everything from 3D games to streaming music.

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If you're updating from a previous iPhone, make sure you read our iPhone 4 upgrade guide. If you're moving over from another smartphone like Android, Blackberry, Palm, or Windows Phone, take a look at our switcher guides.

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iPhone 4: Everything you need to know in 10 minutes [video]


I was messing with my phone tonight and noticed that you can take a screenshot by pressing the home key and the lock button at the same time.. Pretty cool and will come in handy for those unusual problems.