Just get an iPhone 4? Here's what you need next!


Today Apple's iPhone finally went on sale which means a bunch of you either just got one or are just about to get one. Unboxing done, device powered up, new features explored, you're looking at it and trying to figure out what you need to do next. Don't worry, TiPb's got your back:

  • Get up to speed. We have a complete iOS 4 feature walkthrough up and waiting to help you figure out all the new stuff Apple has jam-packed into their latest OS. Save yourself some time and check it out.

  • Get apps and games. There are 225,000 iPhone apps in the iTunes App Store and while not all of them have been updated to really show off that new Retina Display, more and more are all the time. We're keeping track of iOS 4 optimized apps for you, and review iPhone apps on a weekly basis. Check them out.

  • Get accessories. The iMore Store has just started offering iPhone 4 accessories for pre-order. If you want to protect that big, beautiful screen or wrap something over that stainless steel antenna band, be sure to check them out!

  • Get talking. If you just want to talk about your new iPhone 4 and all those apps and accessories, or if you need help getting started (or to trouble-shoot bugs), or advice and recommendations, we have the best dang community on the web waiting for you: iPhone Device and Help Forum and iPhone Apps and Games Forum.

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Just get an iPhone 4? Here's what you need next!


Some of the developers also need to update their App icons. Some are horrendous on this incredible display. That means you Yahoo...

mine says "on the truck for delivery"! I work across the street from the SLC Apple store and the line is pretty long. Glad mine's getting delivered to work!

I got to the Keystone Apple Store (north side of Indianapolis) at 6:45 and was out the door by 9:30 with my new 32GB iPhone. The line was about 500 people long when I got there and was still 500 people long when I left (however obviously I got through the line).
I have to say once I got IN the Apple store the process only took around ... 3 minutes. I had reserved my iPhone on the 15th - there were people there that had been there for 16 hours in the non-reservation line that were still there when I left (and nowhere near the front of their line).

The antenna issue seems to be isolated to when you hold the phone and place your finger at the bottom left corner where the two antennas meet. Try to avoid that or get a bumper. Any other thoughts.

Here's what you need next: Is a New network that works, Like the largest reliable network that actually has 3G coverage.

My family preordered three of them at an AT&T store. One 16 gb and two 32gb. Despite the fact that we were the only ones to reserve at that store, and we reserved them at 11:00 MT on the 15th, the 32 gb's shouldn't be here until the 29th and one of those is mine. Boo!

I've had no issues w/ my new iphone 4. Just love it, same with all my friends, no issues and love it. Figure most of the noise over the next few days are from people who dont even have the phone, seeing as how only a few have them anyway!

Does anyone else get tired of the fact that a great thin design and awesome feel of the new phones (iP4, DroidX, Evo, etc) gets a little ruined since you have to cover it with a rubber or plastic case? It would be great if these things were designed just as nicely, but used even more durable materials for daily use. Kinda negates the benefit of a thin design. I don't use a cover since I like the thin design, but if it's dropped...game over.

Bethesda Row App Store in Maryland just said there sold put of non preorders. Sent 100 people home. Atleast 100 people in the preorders line. I'v been here for 3 hours in the preorders line and now inside the App Store

This signal dropping issue is not a iPhone 4 problem. If you have a 3GS and hold it the same way as people are holding the iPhone 4 you will see the signal drop to no bars. And when you put it down on a table without touching it all the bars come back. If you don't believe me try it yourself. So all this bad press for nothing.

Question for you guys. If I lightly tap on the back of the phone near the camera lens it makes a light clicking sound, like something is hollow or broken inside, anyone else experience something similar?

Anyone else having problems with the phone not vibrating at all? Mine won't even if I slide the silent switcher over

Get is actually correct here. Just imagine the words "did you" preceded the word "just". You wouldn't say "did you just got an iPhone" now would you?

guess i missed the whole, need OSX 10.5.8 or later stipulation... Im home now with an iPhone 4 I waited on line 5 hours for and a Mac running 10.4.11...

That now poses a question, can i put the sim card back into my old 3G and having a working phone until i upgrade to 10.5.8.?